‘Frankly Speaking’ Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Ki-Baek Confess To Woo-Ju? 


Episodes 7 and 8 of Frankly Speaking are mostly about the reality show “Couple’s Paradise.” Episode 6 ended on a cliffhanger that Woo-Ju is going to be the new participant of the reality show because one of the old participants unceremoniously left the show without as much as a word. In these two episodes, we start to understand Woo-Ju and Ki-Baek’s true feelings about each other and how they’re going to have to get through the misunderstandings and make it work. There’s a lot on Ki-Baek’s mind, and despite his “frankly speaking” disease, he’s unable to communicate his feelings to Woo-Ju easily. Additionally, it’s quite disappointing to see yet another female feud in the K-drama world. There was no need to make Cho-Hui a villain because without her character, the show was doing just fine, and it just made the show look tacky and old-fashioned. In the meantime, there are other blossoming romances in the show, and even more plot lines have been added for the sake of making it more dramatic. I’m not sure where it’s going at this point.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens in “Couple’s Paradise?”

Frankly Speaking episode 7 mostly focuses on the shooting of “Couple’s Paradise” and all the exciting games the contestants are playing. In the first pair game, Woo-Ju and Ki-Baek team up and win the game, leaving everybody shocked by their enthusiasm and teamwork. At the same time, Woo-Ju is also quite awkward on the show at first and forgets that she is not the writer anymore. For Woo-Ju to have joined the show, they had to remove her writing credits from the show, and this comes to bite her in the back later when all the producers of the channel start to treat her like an actress or performer rather than a writer, which is not what she wanted. 

On the other hand, it seems Ki-Baek saw Cho-Hui threatening Yu-Yeong and sending her away, so he uses the date that he won with Woo-Ju to talk to Cho-Hui privately and ask her why she did it. In episode 7, we see a very dark side of Cho-Hui, and her ambition isn’t hidden from Ki-Baek. Later on, when the participants had to choose dates, Cho-Hui chose Ki-Baek, and Woo-Ju chose Jeong-Heon. Cho-Hui tells Ki-Baek in front of the camera that she wants him to choose her, though she knows how he really feels. He wonders why she’s pestering him so much, but Cho-Hui seems to be playing with his feelings at this point. It’s not even clear if she likes him or if she is simply doing it to get viewership and become more popular than she is. On the other hand, Jeong-Heon takes Woo-Ju on a trash-picking date, and afterwards, they go to a beach where they get rid of all the trash. Jeong-Heon then tells Woo-Ju that he brought her there because he wants her to forget everything they’ve been through together before and start afresh.

At the end of episode 7, Cho-Hui threatens Ki-Baek with ruining Woo-Ju’s life if he doesn’t choose her in the final episode of “Couple’s Paradise.” Ki-Baek then rushes to Woo-Ju and tells her that he likes her, giving her a full rundown of his feelings in a rapid-fire session just before the final shoot is about to begin. He tells Woo-Ju that he wants to protect her, but he doesn’t know how, and then finishes off with an apology, making it known who he is going to choose. Ki-Baek ends up choosing Cho-Hui, and Woo-Ju says she doesn’t choose anybody, leaving Jeong-Heon disappointed. A month later, when the show starts to broadcast, the two families watch it together. Ki-Baek then tells Woo-Ju the truth about Cho-Hui, and Woo-Ju ends up kissing him, reciprocating his feelings. 

Are Woo-Joo and Ki-Baek a couple? 

In episode 8, we get to see the first awkward dating stage between the two main characters. They want to spend time with each other, but Woo-Ju’s got a lot on her plate. At the same time, Ki-Baek can’t stop texting her. On the other hand, we learn that the child in the show is actually the director’s son, not Woo-Ju’s, leaving Ki-Baek relieved and Un-Baek worried. But she’s a single mom, so he can still try to get with her. Ki-Baek’s father keeps stumbling upon Woo-Ju and Ki-Baek when they’re trying to have some alone time, and later in the episode, Ki-Baek asks his father to keep it a secret for a bit. His father says this is the first time he’s asked anything of him, and he’d gladly do it. But he also tells Ki-Baek that, between women and men, you should always be sure of what the relationship is. Ki-Baek spends the entire episode trying to figure out if Woo-Ju feels the same exact way as him or needs things to go at a different pace, etc.

Jeong-Heon is suffering from depression and anxiety, which seem to have gotten worse recently. He just needs closure from his situation with Woo-Ju, and he spends the whole episode still wondering if they’ve got a chance. We learn that he lied to his mother about Woo-Ju’s living conditions back in the day because he thought he was protecting her. However, Woo-Ju thought he was ashamed of her and her family, which is why he lied. Later, Woo-Ju did wonder if he really did it to protect her and tried to understand it, but it was too late already. On the other hand, a woman who is being abused by her husband keeps showing up at Woo-Ju’s mother’s beauty shop. It appears she may have gone through a similar trauma, and so she helps the woman spend as long as she can at the shop instead of returning home. 

At a special shoot for “Couple’s Paradise,” Jeong-Heon and Woo-Ju are paired up, and Ki-Baek feels jealous. However, Woo-Ju tells him not to interact with her on the set because it would look bad, considering he chose Cho-Hui on the show. In the meantime, Jeong-Heon’s manager sees potential in Ki-Baek as a variety show announcer and asks if she can manage him. She sets up a meeting at a fancy salon and gives him a hair makeover. It looks like she knows he’s going to be popular after the show progresses a bit.

At the end of Frankly Speaking episode 8, Jeong-Heon apologizes to Woo-Ju’s mother after getting a haircut as an excuse to meet her. Woo-Ju hears the whole thing and ultimately forgives him, giving him the closure he desperately needs. However, at the same time, Ki-Baek rushes home to ask Woo-Ju exactly what they are, and the episode ends with him finding Woo-Ju and Jeong-Heon embracing in front of their house (fortunately, the previews look like they will subvert the misunderstanding phase, but I could be wrong).

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