‘Frankly Speaking’ Episodes 9-10 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Ki-Baek And Woo-Ju Share The Truth? 


It seems Frankly Speaking is suddenly pivoting from lighthearted to emotional. As the series draws to a close, I’m not really sure why they’ve decided to add so much drama before the last week of the series. It’s as if we’re not meant to see these characters have their ultimate happiness. Plus, I’m not sure why so many new themes had to be explored in the last four episodes of the series when the show was already entertaining as a slapstick comedy. In episode 8, we saw that Ki-Baek finally accepted his feelings for Woo-Joo and decided to confess them to her; however, by the end of episode 8, he notices Jeong-Heon and Woo-Joo hugging, causing a little misunderstanding. With all that said, I’ll dive straight into the latest episodes of Frankly Speaking.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens to Jeong-Heon? 

In Frankly Speaking episode 9, Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo rush Jeong-Heon to the hospital because it turns out he’s fainted on Woo-Joo. It seems Jeong-Heon simply wanted to apologize to Woo-Joo and say his final goodbyes. Woo-Joo also admitted to him that she really likes Ki-Baek. At the hospital, they learn that Jeong-Heon was just fatigued. In the two episodes, we get the hint that Jeong-Heon is really struggling mentally, and I can imagine it’s going to have a dramatic reveal in the last two episodes. When Jeong-Heon’s awake, he tells Ki-Baek that he shouldn’t waste time on him and go meet Woo-Joo because she likes him very much. Ki-Baek rushes back home, and on the way, he learns through text that Woo-Joo already believes they’re an official couple. Of course, they hide this fact from the world because the show they’re on becomes very popular and everyone is in love with Ki-Baek. 

In episode 9, Ki-Baek finally feels somewhat content; however, Woo-Joo is the one struggling with a bitter truth, and everyone in the industry now sees her as an actor rather than a writer. Apparently, nobody really wants her on the team. Additionally, since the show is going to become a regular broadcast, she has to quit as a writer, as she promised. On the other hand, Ki-Baek and Jeong-Heon get stuck working together, including Ki-Baek spending a day at Jeong-Heon’s house. When the director tries to pester Jeong-Heon about revealing a secret room, Ki-Baek defends him and tells the director to allow him to keep personal things personal. It seems Jeong-Heon isn’t able to open up about his struggles to anybody, really, but what is he hiding in there? Memories with Woo-Joo? His childhood trauma? we’ll probably find out in episode 11. One thing is clear, though: Ki-Baek and Jeong-Heon share a deep-rooted friendship.

We then learn that Woo-Joo was adopted when she showed up in front of her adoptive mom at a tough time. Woo-Joo’s mother had wanted to take her own life, but seeing the hungry kid, she decided to give her one meal, which then turned into a lifetime of living together. It seems like the abused woman who showed up at the salon is actually Woo-Joo’s biological mom, trying to contact her again (sigh, completely unnecessary). 

While Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo struggle to find a spot where they can freely date alone, the production finds Cho-Hui to persuade her to return to the show. She’s then told that Ki-Baek said he doesn’t want to work with Cho-Hui again. In a fit of rage, she creates a video with fake news stating that Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo were dating before the show and that Woo-Joo was the one who threw Yu-Yeong off the show so she could replace her and become famous (ridiculous). 

Why Do Ki-Baek And Woo-Ju Share The Truth? 

When Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo learn of the drama, they rush to work. Woo-Joo decides to apologize to the production, though it’s not really her fault. However, there is a chance “Couple’s Paradise” will get canceled because of the fake news. What’s more astonishing is that one of Jeong-Heon’s fans attacked Woo-Joo because she hurt her “oppa’s” feelings. Fortunately, Ki-Baek and Jeong-Heon are around to save her from serious damage (the girl threw a brick through Woo-Joo’s mother’s salon window!). Seeing what happened to Woo-Joo, Jeong-Heon spirals further into an existential mess. 

Ki-Baek is then invited to do interviews regarding his relationship with Woo-Joo. His team tells him that he’s got to lie about his relationship to save face, but Ki-Baek is unable to. Finally, he starts answering the questions honestly, in his typical “frankly speaking” manner. Woo-Joo comes to his rescue then and also admits the truth. She even has proof that Cho-Hui was the one who threw Yu-Yeong out. Ki-Baek is overjoyed by the situation, and the duo becomes known as the “hurray couple.” Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo’s news dies down soon enough. In the meantime, Ki-Baek plans a family outing because his mother exclaims that she wishes she could go to the spot they saw on TV. However, Ki-Baek has to join the family a little late since he’s got another shoot planned. Ki-Baek goes up the mountain to do a shoot with his dear friend from work. They have great fun up in the mountains, and it seems like Ki-Baek is finally living the life he deserves. At the same time, his parents also exclaim that this luxury stay would be like a reward for their 30 years of hard work. 

At the end of Frankly Speaking episode 10, Ki-Baek ruminates about the idea that one must let misery pass them by normally. Basically, if one’s hit by a storm, one must learn to dance in the rain. Ultimately, Ki-Baek’s joyful mother makes a sudden turn with the van that the family is in because a truck appears out of nowhere, causing the family to get into an accident. I’m really not sure why this show is changing genres like this so close to the end of the show. Maybe his family will be alright, and we’re just meant to get jump scares at the beginning of the penultimate episode. 

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