‘Freddy’ Ending, Explained: Why Did Freddy Start Tormenting Kainaaz? Will His Crimes Be Discovered?


Director Shashanka Ghosh and writer Parveez Sheikh’s “Freddy” follows the titular dentist as he tries to balance whatever semblance of a love life he has with his professional life. After a failed date and a prank by the neighborhood kids (who pretend to be one of his matches from the matrimonial website), Freddy comes across Kainaaz while attending a wedding. But even that goes sideways as her abusive husband, Rustom, steps in and harasses Freddy for merely attempting to talk to Kainaaz. The following day, when she shows up at her clinic to get her wisdom tooth removed, Freddy forges a friendship with her, which turns into a romantic relationship, thereby prompting him to dream of a future with her. However, he realizes that in order to have Kainaaz all to himself, he needs to get Rustom out of the way. Little does he know that once that’s done, Kainaaz is looking to leave him in the dust.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Kainaaz Betray Freddy?

After removing Kainaaz’s wisdom tooth, Freddy gets access to her personal and private details (her allergies, her home address, etc.). So, after she leaves the clinic, Freddy starts to stalk her by literally parking near her house and trying to see her through the window. That’s when he witnesses how brutally Rustom abuses her for merely coming home late and being too tired to cook for him. The thought of intervening does cross Freddy’s mind, but he fails to act on it. He’s reminded of his parents’ abusive relationship, which apparently ended with his father killing his mother and then killing himself. Since he’s afraid that Kainaaz and Rustom’s relationship is going to end similarly, he calls her up and asks her to meet him so that she can confide in him, and he can hopefully help her in some way. He continues to stalk her, changes his appearance to seem more approachable, and keeps tabs on Rustom. Kainaaz apparently falls in love with Freddy, and that motivates him to kill Rustom. Kainaaz obviously advises against it. But seeing Kainaaz’s bruised face, Freddy sets out to do the needful.

Since Freddy is aware of when Rustom goes out for his daily runs, he follows him in his car and then runs him over multiple times. After confirming that Rustom is dead, Freddy drives away to his family’s farmhouse in Karjat (which is far away from the main city of Mumbai) to lay low there for a few days and also rid his car of any evidence of murder. When he returns to the city and goes to Kainaaz’s house, he assumes he’s going to be greeted with hugs and kisses. But Kainaaz’s current boyfriend, Raymond, opens the door, and then out comes Kainaaz in her new avatar. At this juncture, she reveals the truth to Freddy that she has merely used him to get rid of Rustom forever. Now, she and Raymond are free to live together and over Rustom’s restaurant, Light of Persia. She makes it clear that she never loved Freddy and that every time they got intimate, she only felt disgust. There’s no commentary here. It’s a regressive and dated trope that filmmakers like Ghosh and Sheikh love to use to show women in a bad light while portraying men as the victims of their innocent outlook. That’s all.

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What Causes Freddy To Flip?

When Persis Aunty (the woman who took in Freddy after his parent’s deaths and is his #1 confidant) learns about Freddy’s “breakup” with Kainaaz, she urges her to do something about it. So, Freddy goes to Kainaaz’s newly acquired restaurant, where he repeatedly eats “falooda” (even when Raymond spits into it) and demands a verbal apology from Kainaaz for her betrayal. Raymond threatens him with police action because there’s proof of Freddy stalking Kainaaz’s house and chatting about killing Rustom. To get back at them, Freddy breaks into Kainaaz’s house, sprinkles sleeping pills into their food, replaces Kainaaz’s face wash with dishwashing soap (something that she’s allergic to), and hacks into Kainaaz’s laptop as well. When they fall asleep, he breaks into the house again and deletes all the images and chats from the couple’s phones. On his way out, he slaps the hell out of Raymond and then messes with the brakes in his car. When Kainaaz wakes up, she notices his allergic reaction and rushes out to the hospital with Raymond. That’s when they nearly crash and die because of the faulty brakes.

Kainaaz and Raymond don’t suspect anything until they get a report that a customer found a lizard (something that Freddy was eyeing earlier) in his food and are notified about a raunchy post that has gone out from Raymond’s social media profile. But the proximity of these two events convinces them that Freddy is the one messing with them. Then Kainaaz and Raymond proceed to torment Freddy for a bit. Freddy torments them back. But Kainaaz and Raymond jump the shark by killing Freddy’s pet turtle, Hardy, and turning him into soup. I don’t know if you get turtle soup here in India or if it even is a delicacy here. It is popular in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. It was hugely popular in England until the 1750s. However, due to overfishing, they had to put a stop to it. In the USA, the common snapping turtle, the diamondback terrapin, and the Pacific Pond turtle are used for making soup. So, I want to know how Raymond developed a liking for turtle soup. Who prepared it? Did they take notes from a YouTube recipe?

‘Freddy’ Ending Explained: How Does Freddy Lure Kainaaz And Raymond Into Their Final Resting Place?

Freddy frames Kainaaz and Raymond as Rustom’s killers by bribing an eyewitness and recording Raymond stealing his turtle with a CCTV camera. He uses that as leverage to force an apology out of the couple. They agree to it and suspect nothing when Freddy tells them to come all the way to Karjat, that too with a suitcase, to just say “sorry.” I guess they are too desperate and drunk (going by all the beer bottles strewn over the table when Freddy calls Kainaaz) to make sense of anything that’s going on. That’s why they walk right into Freddy’s “trap” and get electrocuted by him. While “torturing” them, Freddy does reveal how much he knows about the aphrodisiac qualities of turtle soup. Does he read up on all that stuff? If so, why? Isn’t it weird to read up or watch YouTube tutorials of recipes for the animal that you have as your pet? I don’t know about you, but I think it is, and it proves that he didn’t really love Hardy.

Anyway, Freddy gives one last opportunity to Kainaaz to bargain for her and Raymond’s freedom by playing the cello (because she said that Freddy’s mother inspired her to practice the musical instrument). Kainaaz obviously fails. Freddy pulls out Raymond and Kainaaz’s teeth (all of them) and then buries them alive. As he lies atop their graves, the question arises: has Freddy covered his tracks well enough to avoid suspicion from the police? Well, the police have seen Raymond and Kainaaz as Freddy’s abusers. They have CCTV footage of Raymond planting a bullet in front of Freddy’s house. When Kainaaz and Raymond don’t show up at the police station after being called in for a “routine inquiry,” the police go to their apartment only to find it empty. When they check the CCTV footage, they see the couple leaving with a suitcase (the one that Freddy asked for) and therefore assume that they’ve fled. Now, that can mean that they’re going to go look for them because they’re the prime suspects in Rustom’s hit-and-run case. And that can lead them to Freddy’s Karjat house. If they can connect the dots, they can even dig their bodies up and hold Freddy accountable. But that looks very unlikely and going by how bad “Freddy” is, I don’t think it’s going to get a sequel to show us how the titular character thwarts the police again.

“Freddy” is a 2022 Indian Drama Thriller film directed by Shashanka Ghosh.

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