‘Friends: The Reunion’ Trailer Breakdown – Everything We Know So Far!


Friends !! It’s not just a sitcom. It went beyond that. It became a phenomenon in the mid-nineties and even today. Nobody knew, when it started, that it would become such a success. Now that HBO is finally able to have the much-awaited Friends Reunion, let’s take a look back and try to understand if it was just a fluke, or was there some other aspect that made Friends ride the tides of time and cross generations to become the most loved show of all time. 

What was so Special About ‘Friends’?

Friends took us to a place where we always wanted to be. They showed us a dream that was too good to be true. 6 friends, meeting every single day after work, sharing apartments with each other, and living a life away from the complications. There were no inhibitions or pretentiousness they had in front of each other. They were real and authentic. They were good people and deep down had immense love for each other. They were not perfect. They were not heroic or didn’t have any special capabilities. They were normal people with flaws. And that’s what made them so special. They went on vacation together, had their Halloween dinners together, celebrated their good times together and most importantly they were always there for each other in bad times. 

They showed us that life was not always about doing something great or building a billion-dollar business or becoming the most popular man on the planet or finding the formula that would save mankind. Sometimes it was just about hearing out your friend who meant the world to you, or maybe understanding what he wants without even him uttering a single word or just believing in him or her when the world put them down. All these little things together made friends what it is today. It is by far the only show which is still viewed as much as it was when it was released on 22nd September 1994. With HBO releasing the Friends Reunion trailer, the internet was taken by storm. There were a lot of things that the fans wanted to know and speculations started as soon as they saw the trailer. So here are a few things that got revealed. 

Mathew Perry’s Slurred Words

It is not hidden from anyone that Mathew had a problem with alcohol addiction. He had it even before the show. He did attend rehab but couldn’t completely get rid of the addiction ever. In the trailer, Mathew is seen having a slurred speech and the social media went frenzy over that. What we say is just let the man be! Yes, people have problems, yes they age, yes it’s normal to have wrinkles or grey hair. It’s all part and parcel of life. I mean judging how he looks or the way he speaks should be the least of our concerns. He showed courage and was able to make it to the reunion. I mean do we Want anything else!

Were Rachel and Ross on a Break?

Yes, finally the cast addresses the elephant in the room. It had been a question that hovered in the mind of the fans since the episode aired in ‘97. Ross just after breaking up with Rachel (which he believed to be a breakup) makes out with a young woman and he says that they were on a break so basically, he didn’t cheat. After that Rachel did put the relationship on hold as she gets hurt by the event. All of them believe that they were indeed on a break till the time Matt Le Blanc finally says the golden word and the cast bursts out with laughter.

The whole cast does the scene readings and visits the sets where they had made infinite memories. Memories that are surely going to stay with them throughout their life. Mathew Perry almost breaks down in the middle. They question each other about how much they remember about what happened in the episodes. We see Maggie Wheeler who played the character of Janice and Tom Selleck who played Richard Burke. One thing is for sure that when Friends Reunion Special is premiered on 27thy May it is going to take us down memory lane. The generation before mine watched it, we watched it with the same zeal, and I am pretty sure that the generation to come will still find it utterly relatable and comforting.

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Friends Reunion (also marketed as The One Where They Get Back Together) is a 2021 special reunion episode of the cast of popular Television Show, Friends. The film is directed by Ben Winston.

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