‘From Black’ Ending, Explained: Was Noah Dead Or Alive? What Happens To Cora?


Directed by Thomas Merchese, “From Black” revolves around the life of a recovering drug addict, Cora. Cora struggled to cope with the loss of her baby boy, Noah, and she went to extreme lengths to undo her past mistake. Seven years after losing Noah, Cora was found in her house covered in blood. Her house was ransacked, and the candles and symbols on the floor indicated that she had been a part of a ritual. Cora could barely speak after she was brought to the police station. Her sister, Sergeant Allison (also named Bray), comforted Cora and asked her to disclose what led to the incident, and the truth left her startled.

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‘From Black’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About? 

The day Cora lost Noah, she was busy getting high with her boyfriend, Wyatt. The police searched all over for him, but Noah was never found. Cora decided to quit drugs and wait for her son to return, but that day never arrived. She tried to remember the past, to find any clue that would take her closer to Noah, but all she remembered was getting high. Cora had joined a recovery group, and on his birthday, she expressed how broken she was from within for the first time. She was slowly losing hope of ever finding him, and the hopelessness pained her. Allison tried to stay in touch with her, but Cora was bitter about the police’s failure to find her son. She barely had anyone to talk to and lived alone in the house left by her mother. Allison had dedicated a significant amount of time to gathering evidence to find Noah, and in the process, she, too, had become extremely frustrated and lonely.

Abel was a member of the recovery group, and Cora was a little taken aback when she found him seated at the bowling arena where she worked. Abel came to visit her at her house soon after. Cora had lost all hope of finding Noah and was considering drug abuse once again. Abel offered to help her end her suffering, but his solution seemed impossible to be true. He offered Cora not just a chance to heal her trauma but also a chance to fix her past. He had brought his daughter back to life, and he was ready to help Cora bring her son back into the world. Cora initially rubbished his claims but later went up to him and asked for the details. Abel met a woman soon after losing his daughter, and she offered to help him bring her back from the dead. It was an age-old method, and Abel wanted Cora to trust the process. Cora brought home bags of kosher salt, and she fixed a metal chain to the floor as per Abel’s instructions. Abel formed a circle with the salt and tied Cora to the metal chain after she took a salt bath. Cora was a little hesitant about being tied down, but she realized that the ritual was her only hope. Morning turned into night, and Abel kept on chanting the verses. Finally, after hours of prayers, Cora experienced a supernatural force within her that lifted her off the ground. From that day on, Cora dedicated herself to the ritual of bringing Noah back.

Why Did Noah Disappear?

One of the most important steps of the ritual was grieving. Cora and Abel sat in the circle of salt and asked for grief. Cora was transported to the past, and she saw herself lying on the sofa in an intoxicated state. The day Noah disappeared, Cora realized that he wanted to play with her, but she was not in her right mind. He packed his little bag and left for the park. A nefarious man spotted Noah at the park and kidnapped him. Cora wanted to stop the car and rescue Noah, but she was helpless. He was kept locked in a room, and Cora watched Noah die at the hands of the kidnapper. Cora gets the chance to grieve after learning the truth behind Noah’s sudden disappearance.

In the next step, Abel tied himself to the metal chain, and they chanted verses together. Abel was possessed by the devil. Cora was frightened, and she stepped out of the salt circle as Abel pulled out bones from his mouth. She ran for her life and hid outside her house. Cora realized that she was not ready to give up, and she walked back into the house. She found Abel lying in the salt circle, and as he tried to reach out to her, Abel’s body was dragged away by force. The devil spoke to Cora and asked her to continue the ritual if she wanted Noah back in her life. She followed the instructions written in Abel’s diary and made an offering to Satan. She stepped back into the circle after rewriting the verses, and she was transported to a different reality.

What Was Abel’s Motive Behind Helping Cora?

Cora found Abel in the imaginary field, and he remarked that it was the day of payment. He walked Cora to a table and instructed her to eat the meat and the blood of the goat. The three pieces of meat were meant to symbolize the flesh, blood, and bones of Noah, and it was only after Cora consumed them that the devil could bring Noah back. Abel handed Cora the goblet of blood. She was desperate to be reunited with Noah, but her impatience frustrated Abel. She wanted him to confirm that she would get to meet Noah, but Abel was only confident about Noah’s return in flesh and blood. He could not guarantee that Cora would get a chance to meet him. Abel never got the opportunity to meet his daughter, and that was a payment he made to the devil. The ritual remained incomplete as Cora coughed up the blood she was offered. The rule of the ritual was to pass it down to the next soul who needed it. Abel handed over the vessel to Cora and freed himself but she refused to continue with the ritual. Cora was not ready to prey on another soul to complete the process, but that was what she had signed up for. Satan brought her back to reality and promised to fill Noah’s life with endless suffering, pain, and despair. Cora could save Noah’s fate by finding another vessel.

‘From Black’ Ending Explained: What Did The Devil Do To Cora? Did Noah Come Back To Life?

Cora called her junkie ex-partner, Wyatt, and offered him to the devil. Wyatt was a tainted vessel, and the devil was not impressed by it. Cora ran for her life, and she safeguarded her room with kosher salt. She called the police, and that was when she was rescued. Cora was confident that the devil would return to get what he was owed. She refused to live alone in her cell, but even Allison could not help with the procedure. Since Wyatt’s body was not found, the police could not blame Cora for his murder. After browsing the internet, Allison found out about the existence of the ritual that Cora discussed, but she was not too sure about its success. She believed that the pain of losing her child resulted in Cora acting out in a certain way. Allison decided to take a look at her house once again while Cora was left alone in her cell. She cried out for help, but the police officer was not too keen on helping Cora after she flipped the finger at her. Cora pleaded with the devil to spare her life, but it would not leave unless the payment was made. Cora wanted to resist the devil from entering her body, but she had no other choice. We can assume that to keep her son safe, Cora allowed the devil to enter her body. Just like Abel, she, too, would search for a broken soul to pour the devil into. It was a vicious cycle that went on for ages, and Cora had joined the devil to deliver souls.

At the end of “From Black,” Allison finds Noah hidden in the cupboard of his room. Even though we did not get a look at his face, his one missing red shoe indicates that it was Noah. Allison was terrified upon finding the boy in the most unexpected place. She did not completely believe Cora when she discussed the ritual, but with Noah standing right in front of her, she realized that it was all real. Her doubt about the entire case was triggered when she found evidence that proved Abel’s daughter was alive and living in Boston. Her body was retrieved from the crime scene, yet there was a girl living in Boston who looked exactly like her. Allison only believed in logic, and it seems she might have trouble explaining Noah’s sudden return. Perhaps Allison will keep it a secret and take Noah somewhere far away to start over again.

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