‘From’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap And Ending, Explained: Where Are Tabitha And Boyd?


After having been picked up by MGM+, the mystery horror series “From” begins its 2nd season right from where it left us at the end of season 1. After being led by Jade and Jim into building a makeshift radio tower in order to connect with the outer world, the townsfolk’s plan failed when a horrible storm destroyed the machinery. Jim could connect to a voice over the radio, but one that mysteriously told him that his wife Tabitha must not dig the hole under their house. It was all too late, though, as Tabitha had already dug a lot and fallen into a chamber where she was met by Victor. On the other side, Sheriff Boyd and Sara were caught up in the storm when Sara told Boyd to climb through a “faraway tree” to save himself, and the man then found himself at the bottom of a deep, dry well. Episode 1 of season 2, titled “Strangers in a Strange Land,” now picks up on all these fronts and also heightens the tension as a new group arrives in town aboard a bus.

Spoilers Ahead

What Is Up At Colony House Following The Storm?

As the sinister storm hits the skies above Colony House, chaos breaks out as the wind, thunder, and rain start to wreak havoc over the electrical equipment strewn all across. Although the batteries, which were a major part of the electricity circuit built for the radio tower, are mostly saved from the rain, the light bulbs inside the house start to shatter. As quite a few people get hurt by these bursting light bulbs, Jade is left with Donna to manage the situation, as Jim had already run out to save Tabitha. Realizing that her father has left the building amidst such dangerous weather, Julie also runs out of the Colony house in order to save her mother. Taking a glance out towards the diner, Jade now sees the new bus arrive by the diner, and he informs Donna about it. As the Colony house is gradually cleaned up by the residents and Donna leaves with a group in order to deal with the newcomers, Jade is seen to be frustrated and demoralized at his failed attempt with the radio tower. But the man keeps seeing the strange symbol that he had been coming across in the previous season, still unable to understand what it means. While rolling up a smoke inside one of the rooms in the Colony house, Jade sees the symbol suddenly appear on the wall in front of him and then sees a creepy doll with a suit on shout out at him. Soon enough, this entire matter seems like a hallucination, as neither the symbol nor the doll is actually there, but then the doll probably has some significance, as we will find out later.

Sitting by himself, all dejected by the failure, Jade is approached by young Ethan, who is also left alone at Colony House, as the rest of his family have left to look for Tabitha. With his childish innocence and encouragement, Ethan says that Jade and the others should try again to escape the town and even try some other way since the radio plan has failed. Ethan keeps claiming that this entire place and their presence here are part of a quest that they have to finish, and he also draws parallels with the Cromenockle from his bedtime storybook. Jade asks the boy to take him to Victor’s room in the Colony house in an attempt to find out anything about the man and his possible connection with the symbols. Jade explains to Ethan what he is looking for and, in the process, rounds up the entire thing for us viewers too. The diary in which Jade had found drawings of the symbol had possibly belonged to a man who is seen in the Polaroid photograph holding the diary. A young Victor can be seen in the photo, too, making it clear that Victor is surely the oldest resident in the town among everyone. However, nothing new about the symbol can be found yet, other than Ethan claiming that a symbol can signify a good thing or a bad thing, and Jade grows confused about whether the ones he is seeing are good or bad.

What Happens When The New Bus Arrives In Town?

Early on in “From” season 2, episode 1, we see a new group of people aboard a bus traveling through the same road leading up to the town. It is only their first trip down that road, so nobody finds anything suspicious about their situation, but one young man, Elgin, suddenly seems in shock when he looks out of the window. He hurriedly asks the driver to stop the bus immediately, saying that they would be in grave danger if they kept driving, but nobody listens to his panic-stricken claims. Out of fear, Elgin throws up on another passenger, causing the bus to ultimately make a stop by the diner. Elgin later claims that he had woken up from a horrible nightmare at the time, and it is seemingly in his dream that he somehow understood that they were already stuck in the loop. He also somehow has the feeling that driving on further would get them into trouble as it would be dark within some time, and they would be attacked by the monsters. How exactly he predicts all of this, or even the fact that he is the first character to be able to predict something like this, is not further discussed in the episode. However, Elgin also goes through a seizure, the same way that young Ethan and Sara had seizures in the previous season. It is probably clear that those having such seizures are somehow able to know and understand more about the place than the others (for example, Ethan and Sara are able to see the mysterious boy in white who leads them toward apparent safety). In this regard, the character of Elgin will be interesting later in the season.

As the rest of the passengers take a break at the diner, Donna tries to explain to the bus driver that they are stuck in an impossible loop and that they need to take shelter at the diner before dark. When Jim arrived at his house to check on Tabitha, he saw that the hole in the floor that they had been digging was now covered with debris and broken chunks of the walls that had been falling in. He now calls for help, and some of the passengers from the bus agree to rush to the place in order to save Tabitha. Together they start trying to clear the debris, and ultimately Jim is able to understand that a chamber has opened up below all the stuck rubble, and he is hopeful that Tabitha might have survived the disaster had she dropped into the chamber. But in the end, Jim and the rest of the men helping him get into more trouble as the entire house now collapses, possibly because the construction is unable to hold on from all the digging in the basement. The men are stuck at the place and have to spend the night there, too, as the sun starts to go down.

On the other side, the rest of the passengers and the bus driver are all determined to leave, as they do not believe in what Donna tries to tell them. Unable to see any other way to help the situation, Donna shoots the bus tires, making the passengers all forcefully stranded, but it further worsens things. People start to scatter and run away, fearing that they might get shot too, and ultimately they all need to be rallied inside the diner, where they are going to take shelter for the night. Another very interesting aspect of these newcomers is the arrival of a pediatric nurse in the group, whose name is not yet revealed. The nurse is very generous and caring towards the people, especially Elgin, after he falls sick. The woman is then revealed to be the lover and fiancée of Kristi, whom the latter had been talking about, and the estranged lovers are now reconnected once more by sheer luck.

Where Do Tabitha And Boyd Find Themselves?

After falling down into the chamber underneath their house, Tabitha realized that the place was actually a network of tunnels that probably ran all across the town. When Victor showed up at the spot, he claimed that he knew Tabitha would come here and also said that these tunnels are extremely dangerous, for this is where the monsters live. Victor now continues to say the same, telling Tabitha that they must bravely walk through the tunnels to exit the place. Navigating through the narrow, dark passages, the two come across a suitcase at first, which Tabitha opens to find a white dress. Moving on some more, they find more objects, like a wheelchair and an old television set, and then spot apparently lifeless bodies. These bodies have mutilated faces, and it is quite clear that these are the monsters that come out after dark to haunt and kill the townsfolk. Certain chambers that Victor and Tabitha walk through almost seem like big rooms with multiple sleeping (if we may call it so) monsters inside, as if they live in communities too.

It is Victor who then shines his torchlight over a doll wearing a suit, and this is the very same doll that Jade had hallucinated earlier. The doll is somehow linked with Victor’s past, maybe his childhood, as the man is extremely scared and perturbed to have seen it. As he sits down with panic and anxiety, Tabitha tries to comfort him and encourage him to move on with her. Walking some more into the tunnels, they are met with a very eerie happening when a ball seems to roll out of nowhere, tumbling down a neatly arranged pile of rocks. Tabitha goes to investigate some more, and she sees a child monster barred behind what seems to be a small compartment shut off with some wooden sticks. The situation grows even more tense and frightening as the monsters in the tunnels now slowly start to rise and move, and the two characters need to hurry out of the place. Victor and Tabitha are finally able to exit the tunnels, and they now find themselves in the forest.

Sheriff Boyd had followed Sara’s instruction of stepping into the hollow of a “faraway tree” and had then found himself at the bottom of a small but deep pit. He makes multiple attempts to climb the stone walls around him, but doing so is not possible due to the long distance that he has to climb. Toward the end of “From” episode 1, a voice suddenly calls out to Boyd, asking if he is real or not. Boyd responds, and then the man on the outside says that he can help him if Boyd agrees to help the man. The sheriff agrees to the plan without any hesitation, and a long rope is then thrown down to him. Boyd makes use of the rope to climb out of the pit and realizes that he had somehow been transported to the bottom of a dry well. He now sees that the well is inside a dungeon-like room that is seemingly locked from the outside, and the man who had helped him with the rope is kept chained to one of the walls. The man is extremely old and frail, and he now tells Boyd that he must keep his word and help him. But what Boyd cannot expect is the man’s wish—he wants the sheriff to kill him.

What To Expect In Episode 2 of “From” Season 2?

So far, the major questions in “From” have not been answered yet, particularly with regard to what the strange town actually is and how the residents are to escape from there. Hopefully, season 2 as a whole will answer some of these questions, if not all, and we will learn more about the monsters and the amulets that seem to keep them away. From the scenes of the tunnels that Tabitha and Victor walk through, it seems like the monsters also have belongings and items of their own, perhaps hinting at the possibility that every human killed by the monsters gets turned into a monster themselves. In the more immediate episodes, the fate of Jim, who is still stuck under the debris of the house along with others, will also be seen. We have not seen Sara yet, and whether she will come in to play an important role is something to look forward to. Where exactly Boyd has reached after stepping into the “faraway tree” is also not clear yet and will have gradual revealing. Finally, the emergence of Kristi’s girlfriend can also reveal some more about the town with regard to how time moves here with respect to the outside world.

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