‘From’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Jim Survive The Night? What Happens To Boyd?


Episode 2 of “From” season 2 has arrived, continuing the tense scenario with which the season premiere had ended. Episode 2 is arguably a little more drab and slower than last week, with not much exciting happening. Nonetheless, we get to know about the immediate fates of the characters, along with a few new strange occurrences. Episode 1 ended with Jim dangerously stuck under the debris of his collapsed house, and he and the others had to be left behind in the dark to spend the night unprotected. Tabitha and Boyd had both found themselves in unexpected company and in strange places they had no idea about while the new people in town prepared to spend their first night at the diner.

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How Does The Bus Group React On Their First Night In The Strange Town?

As the sun goes down, the new group of people who had arrived on the bus are in for a shock, for they did not expect any of the things that happened. This actually began with Donna’s resolute decision in the previous episode to not let them leave, which she ensured by shooting out the bus tires. While this act had gotten most of the new people to gather and take shelter inside the diner, some of them had also run away from the place. Fatima and Ellis had gone after these latter few in order to protect them from the monsters that would surely devour them after dark. Although Fatima’s passionate intention is to save these people from getting killed, it is not an easy job owing to the fact that the people themselves do not believe the warnings. Ellis has to get his lover forcefully into the sheriff’s office as two monsters appear very soon after dark, and he tries to calm her down. The monsters almost mock Fatima, saying that she is spoiling all the fun and that she will feel better if she steps out of the office. Around this same time, one of the bus passengers gets brutally killed by a group of monsters that the man had willingly gone towards. Fatima breaks down mentally from all of this as she admits to Ellis that she cannot take the mental toll of such strange occurrences anymore. In context, the total meltdown Ellis’ mother, Abby, had in the first season, in which she went on a killing rampage, does not look all that impossible or absurd anymore.

A young couple, Kelly and Brian, who had arrived in the town on the bus, had fled after Donna had fired her gun, and they had gotten completely separated from everyone else. The two did not mind this, as they preferred to have a romantic adventure together all by themselves, and they now entered the building that serves as the local bar in the town. Since the bartender, Tom, was now stuck with Jim under the debris of the collapsed house, the bar was empty, with nobody to warn the couple about safety procedures after dark. While the two are clearly spooked by the shrill noises of the monsters outside, they are pleased to hear knocks on the front door, and someone calls out and says that they are passengers from the bus who need shelter. Brian decides to open the door, but what happens to the couple is not shown. While it is most likely that the voices outside are just monsters who tear into the couple as soon as they can, it could also be that actual passengers had arrived at the bar to take shelter.

On the other side, a short scene plays out to raise the horror meter in this episode when one of the monsters walks into the bus that is parked outside the diner. While the bus was supposed to be empty, with all the passengers either in the diner or somewhere outside, this is not the case. An elderly couple had managed to return to the bus and hide behind the seats, waiting for some help. When the monster spots them and approaches them, the couple thinks he is a normal human being and asks for his help. The monster quickly rips into the two, and their horrific bodies are found by the bus driver the next morning.

A different sort of action takes place inside the diner, as most of the new people are distrusting of Donna and her words, which obviously sound fictional to anyone who has only just arrived in the town. While Donna and a few of her men keep yielding guns in order to avoid any unnecessary drama, she keeps an eye on a particular man who seems to try to convince others to take some action. It does not take much time for something like this to happen, as the suspicious-looking man gets hold of Kenny’s service weapon and takes him hostage. The man now orders Donna and the others to drop their weapons and open the door of the diner so that he and his hostage, Kenny, can walk outside to take a look. The man states that he suspects Donna and the rest of the townsfolk to be some sort of criminal group who intentionally block the road with the fallen tree, making any car drive towards their town. He also suggests that the sounds of the monsters outside could be just fake noises, and it is primarily to check this situation out that he wants to get out of the diner. However, his plan fails because he was counting on the belief that Donna would listen to him if he took Kenny hostage. Donna simply denies letting anyone leave the diner, or rather, opening the doors, as it would put everyone’s lives at risk, and she doesn’t mind letting Kenny get killed for this. The man from the bus now has to abandon his plan and let go of Kenny.

The pediatric nurse, who had arrived aboard the bus and had been revealed to be Kristi’s lover, now has a personal confrontation with her. The woman, named Mari, says that she and Kristi’s parents had been waiting for her for the last six months since she had disappeared from their lives all of a sudden. This reveals that the situation that Kristi and the others find themselves in is very real and not a dream or a time anomaly of sorts. Time had been progressing in the outside world just as it had here in this mysterious town, and Mari had given up all hope of finding her lover anymore. But at present, Mari finds it hard to believe that Kristi had just run away from her life to end up living in this town, only a few hours away from their home. Mari also believes the group to be a sort of cult, but her temperament also changes after the first night is spent, and she starts to believe in Kristi’s claims.

Does Jim Survive The Night Stuck Under The Debris?

After Jim’s house collapsed on top of him and the others who were helping him rescue Tabitha, the man was left dangerously trapped inside, along with the bartender Tom and a newcomer from the bus named Brick. As Donna and the others have to take shelter inside the diner for the night, the three men are left under the debris to somehow stay still the whole night and protect themselves from the monsters. Julie was quite opposed to this plan, obviously, since she did not want to leave her father not just trapped in a menacing situation but also as an immobile target for the monsters to attack. But she cannot help the situation in any way, and Julie is taken inside the diner by Donna. Under the fallen house, Jim and Tom try to make things better for Brick mentally, as the young man starts to panic as soon as he wakes up and sees himself trapped under debris. There are multiple moments when Brick cries out in pain quite loudly, despite the two men asking him not to.

Brick also panics when he hears the monsters attacking people outside, and the man finally believes what Jim and Tom have been telling him for so long. Finally, deep into the night, Brick suddenly coughs up blood, which turns into severe bleeding from his mouth, and the man quickly dies. It is not very clear whether Brick died from fatal injuries due to the collapsed building or because of some supernatural cause. The second reason is quite possible, as Tom also gets attacked by a monster immediately after he sees that Brick has died. Despite Tom being killed during the treacherous night, Jim manages to keep his cool and stay as silent as he can throughout the time. When morning breaks and Julie is finally allowed to run out and call out for him, Jim responds and makes it known that he is alive. Finally relieved, Julie and Donna immediately started trying to clear the debris once again.

How Do Tabitha And Boyd Meet?

After managing to escape from the tunnels, Tabitha and Victor start making their way through the forest, and now as it grows dark, they realize how far away from the town they are. With the screams of monsters heard from close by, Victor leads Tabitha toward a small metal container that seems to be a cargo truck. The two climb in, and Victor reveals that he has kept the place prepared to be an emergency shelter. As he offers Tabitha food, she tries to know more about the man, especially about how long Victor has spent in the town and with whom he had come. Victor refuses to say much on the matter, saying that he does not like talking about it but reveals that he had come to the town with his mother. Then the two characters are shaken to hear something trying to open the door of the shelter and believe it to be a monster, as they do not have any talismans to protect them. However, it turns out to be Boyd, who intended to take shelter and did not know Victor and Tabitha were inside.

After Boyd had climbed out of the deep pit in episode 1, he came across an old and frail man who had helped him in exchange for the promise that he would kill him. But Boyd now inquires more from the man and finds out that his name is Martin and that he was once in the Marine Corps, just like Boyd himself. The kind sheriff now refuses to leave Martin in any danger or even kill him, and he tries to break the chains that keep the man tied to the wall. Martin tries to persuade Boyd not to do any of this and just kill him and escape, especially when a small music box suddenly starts to play. The old man says that Boyd could only escape until the music stopped, but the sheriff does not pay much heed and keeps trying to help Martin. Despite Martin saying that he cannot return to the town and that the monsters are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the strangeness of the town, Boyd keeps hitting at the chains and finally succeeds. However, the music box also stops at this time, and Martin suddenly talks of Boyd’s dead wife, Abby, and then clutches onto the sheriff’s arm. Claiming that his blood was now Boyd’s blood, too, Martin falls to the ground and seems to die, leaving a deep cut on Boyd’s arm. Escaping from the dungeons, Boyd then finds himself in the forest, where he has to hide from a group of monsters too. Although Boyd sees the monsters through severely blurred vision, he does manage to stay safe as the monsters do not realize his presence. The sheriff then comes out of the forest to find the cargo shelter and now enters the place, intending to spend the night there along with Tabitha and Victor.

At this exact moment, the newcomer who had somehow predicted the danger aboard the bus, Elgin, also runs into the scene. The young man says that he had sneaked out of the diner but was now in danger as he had monsters chasing him. Despite Boyd, Tabitha, and Victor being unaware of the bus that had driven up to the town, they let Elgin inside and allow him to rest there for the night. Boyd also tries to strike up a conversation with the strange Victor, who now says that he draws pictures in order to remember things he might forget or feel are dreams. The picture that Victor draws at present is also shown, and it happens to be of the creepy-looking doll wearing a suit that had been seen earlier in episode 1, suggesting that the doll will be significant to the mystery. Finally, as morning breaks, the four step out of the cargo shelter, and Elgin talks more about the bus in which he had arrived. It is from him that Tabitha learns that their house had collapsed, trapping Jim underneath, and the woman now hurries towards the town in order to be with her husband. Boyd now notices something very strange in his own arm, very akin to what he had seen with Martin earlier on. The old man’s hand seemed to have some sort of power or decay in the bloodstream, which looked like some small living things crawling under the skin of his hand. Boyd’s hand now shows a similar condition, and it is clear that whatever Martin had has now been transferred to Boyd. Whether this is something good or bad remains to be seen. But Victor also spots this new matter in Boyd’s hand, and he gives the sheriff a suspicious look as “From” season 2 episode 2 ends.

What Can We Expect In “From” Season 2, Episode 3?

Just like most episodes we have seen so far in “From,” and in accordance with the general style that the series has been following, episode 2 does not reveal much and instead introduces more questions. It is evident that the old man, Martin, knew much more about the place and was also perhaps in possession of some power, positive or negative, but he had died without saying much. He did manage to transfer his blood, and therefore his attributes, onto Boyd, and what exactly happens to the sheriff will be seen in the next episodes. With the newcomers finally settling in, we can also expect some more characters to become central figures in this twisty plot. Finally, whether any more revelations about Victor or his understanding of the mysterious place are made, and how Elgin might also fit into the entire matter, will also be further shown in the upcoming episodes.

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