‘From’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Sara Myers Alive? Who Was Brian Kelly?


Episode 3 of “From” season 2 is the least exciting episode so far this season, as it seems to take a breather before more action resumes in the upcoming parts. Slightly moving away from many new developments or expositions, episode 3 tends to focus on human relations and the effect of previous events on the mental stability of the characters. The previous episode 2 ended with Sheriff Boyd receiving some strange powers from the old chained-up man in the forest, but what exactly these powers or curses are, for that matter, is not yet revealed. On the other side, though, Tabitha now starts to see things that nobody else can see.

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How Are Personal Bonds Reinstated?

“From” episode 3 seems to put a special focus on the personal bonds that had been marred over time but are now better. The episode begins with Sheriff Boyd having a conversation with his son Ellis, in which the man tries to explain what had happened to him after he had left for the forest in search of answers. Ellis is not very convinced by whatever Boyd says, for the man intentionally hides most details about his strange trip, most possibly because Boyd himself is not sure about how true the events were. There is a sense throughout the episode that Boyd questions whether he has been dreaming everything and whether any of it is real or not. Nonetheless, the man spotted Ellis being on edge and irritated at the fact that his father was not sharing much with him, and Boyd realized that something was up with his son. He asks Ellis about this, and the son shares about Fatima’s waning mental stability from the previous night when she had confessed that she was finding it very difficult to keep living in the strange town with the monsters haunting the outside every night. Boyd and Ellis finally recovered their supportive father-son bond, which had thinned during their stay in the town.

Fatima had indeed been very stressed, unlike her positive self in recent times. Her almost having a meltdown the previous night, when she was affected by the taunts and jeering of the monsters outside, was all evidence of her has shaken mental condition. Fatima does keep working her role at the colony house, as she welcomes the new member Elgin and shows him around the place as is tradition. Ellis, on the other side, goes through some intense events throughout the day and perhaps realizes the momentariness of existence. While Ellis and Fatima had already gotten engaged in the previous season, they had decided to put off the wedding until they returned to their normal lives. But Ellis now says that he does not want his happiness to be determined by the strange, unexplainable town and situation they have been living in. The two happily decide that they are going to marry right away, meaning that marriage celebrations are on the way in the upcoming episodes.

Kristi and Mari had a confrontation in the previous episode when Mari expressed her disbelief at the fact that Kristi had abandoned her family and Mari to come and live in the town, which was only a couple of hours’ drive from their home. Mari clearly did not believe in the strangeness of the town that she was being told about or the fact that one could not leave the place after once entering. She remains angry with Kristi over this even now, as she believes her fiancée intentionally abandoned her. However, Mari then finds a painted rock that holds a sentimental value between her and Kristi, and Kristi had carefully kept this rock beside her bed, signifying that she had not wanted to ditch Mari. While this softens the two up a bit, Kristi has to rush away to tend to an emergency and then has a horrible time along with Ellis. When Kristi returns, visibly shaken and upset, she breaks down in Mari’s arms and asks her to stay with her. Mari is affected by this, and it seems that the couple has truly reunited once more.

What Happens To Kelly And Brian?

Out of the newcomers to the town aboard the tourist bus were a couple, Kelly and Brian, who had gotten separated from the rest of the group after Donna had shot her gun. The couple was seen in episode 2 taking shelter at the local pub, which was now empty, but they had no idea about the monsters that lurk around outside after dark. They had heard a knock at the pub’s main door, but what had happened after this was not revealed last time out. Now in episode 3, it is revealed that the knocks on the door were indeed caused by two monsters, which caught hold of Brian and then forced Kelly to come out and watch her boyfriend get killed. All this information seems to be there only to prove that the monsters have been growing more powerful and intelligent with time, as they now not only kill but also torture. As Ellis and Kenny take a walk through the forest, they find Kelly in a devastating condition, as the woman has been nailed to a tree but remains alive.

What is more horrific about Kelly’s situation is that the rod keeping her bound to the tree has been pierced through her head and brain and then into the tree’s trunk. As soon as Kenny fetches Kristi from the town, the makeshift doctor reveals that even with high-end medical equipment at a hospital, Kelly’s injuries would require a fifteen-hour-long surgery, which too would surely not keep her alive. Therefore, in this secluded town with no connection to the outside world, there was no chance to help Kelly survive. After some time, Kristi, Ellis, and Kenny discuss how to relieve the young woman of her pain by killing her in the most peaceful manner. Kenny feels that the best and quickest way to do it would be to shoot Kelly dead, but Kristi does not approve, saying that she does not want the woman’s last memory to be of someone holding a gun at her. Instead, Kristi wants to pull out the rod, which would result in a shock to the internal organs and therefore kill Kelly.

But it is not like Kristi wants to give Kelly any false hopes either; the nurse clearly tells the patient that she is about to die. Around this time, Sheriff Boyd comes to the scene, and Kelly seems to hear him from quite a distance, which scares her. Although nothing of the sort is directly mentioned, it seems like the dying Kelly can hear or sense something sinister inside Boyd from a far-off distance, and it could be that she can hear the strange organisms that have now been crawling under Boyd’s skin. Ultimately, Boyd decides to pull the rod out, killing Kelly and leaving Kristi, Ellis, and Kenny shocked and wrecked from the whole incident.

Has Victor Returned To Town?

Victor now returns to County House after his mysterious journey through the underground tunnels with Tabitha. The man is furious to see that his room inside the County House has been searched by someone, and upon realizing that some of his things are missing, Victor asks around about who had been in his room. He learns that Jade had been the one to go through his personal belongings, and Victor angrily goes over to Jade’s house to bring back his violin. Jade apologizes for his actions and then tells Victor why he did so. For a moment, it seems like Victor might reveal something about the photograph of the man holding the diary, behind whom a young Victor could be seen. However, Victor decides to keep up his mysterious self, and therefore, nothing new is revealed in this regard.

What Is Happening With Tabitha?

After returning to an injured but safe Jim, Tabitha reports the final conclusion of her search for the electricity wires. Tabitha had been digging under their house in order to find where the electricity had been coming from, and now she states that there was ultimately nothing connected to the wires, and therefore the source of electrical power in the town still remains a mystery. The woman next goes through the storage facilities of the town to get hold of clothes and other items since her family has lost all their belongings in their collapsed house. But as Tabitha walks out of the storage along with Julie, she sees two young children, very evidently monsters, standing and staring at them with some evil intent. Tabitha quickly goes away from the place and later tells Julie about it. The woman claims that after she and Jim lost their child, Thomas, Tabitha would still hear the boy’s cries or even see him at times. Although these were surely the imaginations of a hurt mother, Tabitha would always feel a sense of calm after such unusual incidents. While the two dead kids that she sees now might also be imaginary, she reveals that there was no sense of calmness when she saw them. Only a few minutes later, while Tabitha is with Ethan, she realizes that a new toy that Ethan is playing with happens to be very similar to one she had seen in the underground tunnels. Tabitha then sees the two kids once again staring at them, and she frightfully takes Ethan back inside the house they are staying in.

Who Was Brian Kelly?

Sheriff Boyd also notices a very strange matter as he reports to Donna. When Boyd was in the US Marine Corps and was serving overseas in Iraq, their convoy had driven over some IEDs, resulting in a severe explosion. While Boyd and most others survived unscathed, one young corporal got shrapnel pierced through his chest. This man died in Boyd’s arms, crying and pleading for help, just like Kelly had died some time ago. This was the first time Boyd had seen someone die, and the strangest thing about it all was that the corporal was named Brian Kelly. On the other side, Boyd had just caused the death of Kelly, whose boyfriend, Brian, had already been killed by the monsters the previous night. While the names might be a massive coincidence, Boyd cannot agree with this, and he starts to believe that something more peculiar must be going on.

How Did Kenny Find Sara Myers?

At the end of “From” episode 3, Kenny goes to the abandoned church to look through Father Khatri’s belongings. As Kenny goes through the place, he notices the underground chamber that had been turned into a full-fledged room by the late Father Khatri, where he had kept Sara Myers captive. Kenny enters the chamber to investigate more, and surely enough, he sees Sara there, who recognizes Kenny and calls out to him.

What Can We Expect In ‘From’ Season 2, Episode 4?

The ending that episode 3 provides makes it very clear that Sara has returned, and soon she will be back in town. However, what had happened to Sara and for how long and for what reason she has been living in the underground chamber all need to be revealed, which we can expect in the upcoming episodes. Tabitha has now started to see the monsters in broad daylight, it seems, or at least she is able to see the specific two dead children. But why these figures make an appearance to Tabitha and whether she is about to face more strange incidents can be expected to be revealed in the next episodes. Finally, we are still not privy to what is going on with Boyd or what power or curse he has received. With the wedding between his son Ellis and Fatima about to take place soon, Boyd’s new abilities might be revealed around the same time.

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