‘From’ Season 2, Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Victor Reveal About The Past To Jade?


Episode 5 of the MGM+ mystery thriller series From plays out more on the emotional and internal feelings of the characters as the town is shaken up after Sara’s return. There is comparatively less action in this new episode, as multiple people question Boyd’s decision to keep Sara safe instead of punishing her in the Box. Jade and Victor come together once more in a plotline that shows potential to make some big revelations, but the series once again disappoints by not delivering. Along with all this, episode 5 also presents a new personal secret about Kristi’s fiancée, Mari.

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What Happens To Randall?

Last week’s episode 4 of From season 2 showed Donna finally stepping up against the bullish Randall, who seemed to have a problem with everyone around, even in this time of emergency. Randall had previously wanted to carry around his own gun, which was against the rules created by Sheriff Boyd, and he did not want to share his belongings with anyone at the County House. Since this was against the very basic principles and rules of County House, Donna lost her patience and made Randall go live inside the bus, which had arrived at the beginning of season 2. Although Randall seemed to be in a lot of trouble, Donna had also given him one of the protective amulets, fixing it up inside the bus. Seeing Randall die a horrible death would perhaps be satisfying due to his selfish nature, but that is not to happen anytime soon, it appears.

When night falls, and the monsters all gather around the bus, knocking on the door and taunting the man inside, Randall manages to survive quite well. Instead of feeling fear or nervousness, the man taunts back at the monsters, which makes them go away after a while. The next morning, Randall is seen to be alive and perfectly well. Since he has been banished from County House, the man detaches one of the seats in the bus and fixes it on the roof, making himself a comfortable seat to spend his day in.

How Do People React After Learning About Sara’s Return?

Episode 5 begins with Tabitha and Jim rushing to the church with great anger after they have heard about Sara’s return and also about how Boyd has been protecting her. It is clear that Kenny has told everyone about how the sheriff has been saving the murderous Sara for all this time, and like everyone else, Jim and Tabitha also want the young woman to be punished in the Box. The fact that Sara tried to kill Ethan is naturally a matter of extreme anger to the parents, and they now demand to speak with her. Although Boyd tells Sara to stay hidden forever in the church basement, the woman now comes up, as she, too, is ridden with the guilt of having killed multiple people. Seeing Sara, Tabitha threatens her never to come near her family again or face death, and Sara acknowledges the warning very seriously.

Back at Kenny’s house, where the Matthews family has been staying after their house collapsed, young Ethan is shaken up and afraid for his life. He had overheard everyone speak about Sara’s return to the town, and the boy was extremely scared that she would try to harm him again. It is only when Jim compares the situation to the Cromenockle from Ethan’s story books that the boy gathers courage and unlocks his room’s door. Once again, drawing inspiration from the book and its characters about facing one’s fears, Ethan now asks his parents to take him to Sara. Although Tabitha is absolutely against such a meeting, Ethan is able to convince Jim that he needs to face his attacker to feel safe once again. When Jim finally takes the boy to meet with Sara, Ethan talks about how she has broken his trust and promise of friendship and has acted like a true monster. Sara, once again, can only quietly listen to these words and silently acknowledge them.

Now that the whole town has gotten to know about her return, Sara decides to leave the church and visit the house where she and her brother Nathan used to live, last seen together in season 1. After killing her brother in the previous season, Sara had to stay away from the house for all this time. Now she returns to collect some items that used to belong to them, but finds the house occupied by new residents who had come to the town aboard the bus. Sara desperately looks for some of Nathan’s things so that she can keep a memory of him at all times, but she finds none at the house. She is told that the new residents had turned in everything at the storage at the diner, and one of Nathan’s coats had been taken by the new man. Despite Sara’s best efforts at begging for it, she is not given the coat and is almost thrown out of the house.

Sometime later, Sara strikes up a friendship with the new member of the town, Elgin, when the man visits the church. The two share stories about their memories with loved ones, and this friendship is mostly possible because Elgin does not yet know about Sara’s past actions. When he inquires about her beloved brother Nathan, Sara admits that she had killed him, that too, quite intentionally, and Elgin is shaken up by this. He immediately leaves the church, but then it also becomes clear that the man does really believe in absolute forgiveness. Since the ceramic ornament that she is desperately looking for is the one last reminder of her childhood days with Nathan, Sara goes to the diner to collect her stuff. She knows very well that Tian-Chen, Kenny’s mother, would not be happy to see her since she had gotten Tian-Chen’s husband killed, but Sara still steps into the diner. Tian-Chen’s reaction is quite moving, for she refuses to forgive or talk to Sara but also acknowledges that she has come to gather her things. Giving Sara the box, the woman tells her never to come to the diner again, and Sara has to leave the place immediately.

As she steps out, though, Kenny spots Sara and immediately runs towards her with a clear vengeance in his eyes. Seeing that she has collected her things, Kenny throws down the box and also gets hold of the ceramic ornament and bashes it against the ground. The agitated man wants to give Sara a small taste of how it feels to lose something close, and understandably so, even though it is not the same as losing his father because of her actions. But the fact that Sara is also extremely hurt at having killed her own brother, which is an even worse thing to do, is not taken into consideration by Kenny or anyone else in the town. Threatening to put her in the Box if Sara comes near Tian-Chen ever again, Kenny goes away, and it is now only Elgin who rushes to help Sara. Without saying anything at all, the man helps her put all her things inside her box again, showing that he is more sensitive to her situation than anybody else around.

What Does Victor Reveal To Jade About The Past?

After going through Victor’s things in the County House room and not being able to find anything substantial, Jade continues to try and solve the mystery of the strange symbols on his own. The hallucination-like visions that the man had been having for quite some time now happen once again as he sees the man from the photograph he is trying to find out more about appear in front of him and hold the diary containing the symbols with blood dripping from it. Once Jade gathers himself again, he is seen to have created a large symbol out of the empty alcohol bottles at the bar, and now Victor comes to him. The man says that he can tell Jade more about the symbol only if Jade first plays the violin for him.

It is revealed that the violin in Victor’s room was actually a reminder of his mother, who used to play the instrument whenever young Victor would be scared. Even though Victor now keeps the violin as a prized possession, he cannot play it, and after hearing Jade play it perfectly in the last episode, he now wants to hear the music once again. Victor now leads Jade to a place on the fringes of the town where old and abandoned cars have been gathered together. The man admits that he had moved many of these cars here after he was alone at the place and did not like the cars to be lying around on the roads. A calm scene follows as Victor sits on his mother’s car, remembering her, while Jade plays the violin for him.

When it is finally Victor’s turn to keep his promise to reveal more about the symbols, he once again grows scared and does not want to speak about it. It is already very clear that Victor is genuinely afraid of whatever this mystery is, but now it looks like From is trying to oversell it way too much just to keep away from the revelations for some more time. Victor does say something, though, as he states that the man with the diary seen in the photograph was called Christopher. Because of his charming ability to lighten the mood and make people laugh, Christopher was quite a popular man in town until he suddenly changed. Victor says that once Christopher started to see the symbols, he became a very changed man and even possibly turned violent too. One night, Victor’s mother had asked the boy to hide somewhere new where Christopher could not find him, and young Victor had done so. When the boy came out of hiding the next morning, he saw that everyone in the town was dead.

How Do Tabitha And Jim Go About Their Own Ways Of Trying To Investigate The Situation?

As the matter of Ethan’s fear of Sara is put to rest, Tabitha finds the time to investigate the strange wooden toy that she had seen inside the underground tunnels and now that Ethan plays with at their house. She heads back into the forest with the toy and then creates the structure out of the pieces, placing it in front of the opening that leads to the tunnels. Tabitha is certain that the ghostly children, some of which have been appearing to her, play with this strange toy, and now she calls out to them. Surely enough, numerous children, who are all evidently monsters, come out of the forest uttering the word “anghkooey,” and they all gather around Tabitha. Moving closer to her every moment, the children then start touching Tabitha’s body and face, much to the woman’s horror. She shouts out, telling them to stay away, but then, in an instant, Tabitha is seen sitting at the place all alone, nervously trying to push some invisible thing away. She also now sees that there are no children around her, and it seems like Tabitha has just had a hallucination. Jade, who was nearby, comes to her rescue and presumably takes Tabitha back to the town.

On the other side, Jim now approaches Sheriff Boyd with the same theory that he came up with in episode 4. Jim tells Boyd that he actually felt that Sara was just a helpless woman who had committed the murders against her will and ties this to his theory that the whole town and the situation could be a cruel experiment that was entertaining the people who were running it. Jim even talks about how much-twisted amusement had been thought of even during WWII, and now he asks for Boyd’s help to investigate this matter. It is not very clear whether Boyd is convinced that people are watching them, but the man now goes to the diner looking for Tian-Chen. Calling out to the woman, Boyd says that he has something to talk to her about.

What Can We Expect In ‘From’ Season 2, Episode 6?

As expected, the investigation into Jim’s new theory will continue for some time, possibly all over the second season. What Boyd has to discuss with Tian-Chen, and whether it is something beyond just a heartfelt apology for protecting Sara, will be revealed in the next episode. Why Tabitha has suddenly started to see the children around her and how this is linked to her visit to the underground tunnels will also be revealed in the upcoming episodes. Along with all these matters, episode 5 also reveals that Kristi’s fiancée, Mari, possibly suffers from cancer, because of which she steals some liquid morphine from the medical center and consumes it. More drama in this regard can be expected, along with Sara’s overbearing guilt, which might make her do even more dramatic or unexpected things. Lastly, more about Christopher and the past will hopefully be gradually revealed in the upcoming episodes.

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