‘From’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Does Boyd Find A Way To Fight The Monsters?


The mystery horror series on MGM+, From, returns with an intriguing episode 6, picking up the pace and action after its relatively slower previous episode last week. The people in the town are on the brink of a food shortage, and although Donna does not want to reveal this and cause panic among the residents, it does result in a series of events that really take the narrative forward. We finally get to see more of Sheriff Boyd’s condition, as the man now starts to struggle more before coming up with a sudden new technique to fight the monsters outside.

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What Experiences Does Boyd Go Through?

Episode 6 of From season 2 begins right where episode 5 had ended, inside the town’s diner, where Sheriff Boyd had come to speak with Tian-Chen. At the end of the last episode, it seemed like this meeting could reveal some more about the past or even the place; however, it only turns out to be an apology on Boyd’s part. Talking about how he, too, knows the pain of losing someone close in this mysterious town, referring to his wife, Boyd apologizes for the loss of Tian-Chen’s husband. He admits that the reason he was protecting Sara was because she could have come up with a way for everyone to escape and return to their normal lives. But Boyd then also contemplates whether giving the woman such protection was worth it. In the meantime, Kenny walks into the diner and stops Boyd from talking to his mother since the young man is still extremely angry at the sheriff. Boyd and Tian-Chen’s conversation comes to an end here, and the man leaves the diner.

Boyd then returns to the church building but finds it strangely empty, with all the furniture and objects moved away, and the place is now essentially just a small, empty hall. Stepping in through the door, Boyd immediately hears the sound of a music box playing and spots the box on the floor as well. This music box is exactly like the one seen inside the mysterious dungeon-like room that Boyd reached at the beginning of season 2. At that place, the playing of the music box had signaled to the frail old man, Martin, that some danger was nearby. Now it seems to be the same thing for Boyd as well, as he soon sees a young woman ballerina dancing inside the church building. The woman gets close to Boyd, still dancing, and then suddenly attacks him as her head turns into that of a monster, with tendrils coming out of her mouth. Boyd panics and falls back, and it is suddenly revealed that all this is part of the man’s hallucination, as he has not even left the diner yet.

Despite this being a hallucination, Sheriff Boyd does feel this event as if it were completely real, and it is only when he falls down on the floor of the diner that he comes back to reality. From the perspective of Kenny and his mother, they see Boyd walk up towards the door of the diner to leave and then suddenly shout out and fall backward on the floor, hurting his head from the injury too. This bleeding head injury needs to be treated, so Boyd has to go to Kristi’s clinic, but he is still not totally in control. Seeing this, Kenny finally offers to help, and he accompanies the sheriff toward the clinic. On the way, Boyd has a similar experience once again when his hand starts to hurt, and then he hears the music box before the same ballerina from before walks out and starts to dance. Once again, this turns out to be a hallucination, as Kenny, who is standing in the very same place, does not see any of this.

At the clinic, Boyd now tells everyone present about what had happened to him in the forest—how he had met Martin, who had seemingly transferred his blood onto Boyd, following which there had been worm-like things crawling under the sheriff’s skin on his hands. Although Kristi and Kenny are not entirely convinced by this retelling, Boyd is scared that he is going to face the same fate as Martin, and he asks Kristi to kill him before he turns old and frail like the man in the dungeon if the same ever happens with him too.

The pattern of Boyd having these panic-stricken hallucinations seems to be the same—a sharp pain shoots up his hand, with the worms squirming under his skin, followed by the sound and appearance of the music box, and then the emergence of the dangerous ballerina. This once again happens inside the clinic, too, when Boyd is again attacked by the ballerina. As he screams out in pain and agony, with the ballerina trying to choke him to death, Mari walks into the room, and Boyd nervously points his gun at her for a brief second before realizing that she is not a threat. While Sheriff Boyd continues to stress how real all of this feels to him, Kenny is largely of the belief that the man is developing dementia out of his Parkinson’s. Kenny remembers when his father also started developing dementia before completely losing reasoning, and he finds similarities to it in Boyd.

How Do The Townsfolk React To Dwindling Food Supplies?

Episode 6 also throws light on a new possible situation of crisis that has only just started to develop at this current stage—the possibility of a food shortage. Apparently, not much food has been growing to be able to support the sheer number of people living in the town. This can be linked to the fact that there had been a change in nature as well, as the color of the leaves on trees was changing, and they were also falling, which Boyd and Kenny noticed on their way to the clinic. They remark about how nothing like this had happened before during their stay in the town, and this could signify a change in seasons that is leading to not enough crops growing. Either way, Donna does not want people to know about this yet, as it will surely lead to panic, and she trusts only a few of her helpers with this information. Among them are Ellis and Fatima, who ensure the protection and running of the Colony House when Donna is away for a night. Ellis and Fatima have a slight disagreement of their own, as Fatima once again seems off and worried about something while Ellis tries to calm her down.

The reason for Fatima’s worries is revealed much later in the episode, as we get to know that the young woman fears she is pregnant. She nervously asks Kristi whether the clinic has any pregnancy tests, making it clear that she wants to get herself tested after having a feeling that she might be pregnant. This is the reason that Fatima has been so worried and on the edge for some time now, for she cannot be okay with the thought of bringing an innocent baby into such a world and such a life. No child had been born in this mysterious town yet, and if Fatima is indeed pregnant and decides to give birth, then her child would know this town and its strange ways of survival as the only existence.

To deliver the ration supplies for the people living in the township, Donna drives up to Kenny’s house, where the Matthews family has been staying. She also trusts them with the information of a possible food shortage, or rather, Jim figures it out by looking at the rations. Jim Matthews once again ties this to his theory that they were being watched as part of a cruel experiment and for entertainment, suggesting that the food shortage was being created intentionally to stir up more action and drama. News of the food shortage also scares young Ethan, who cannot even fully grasp the repercussions such a scenario might bring. Ethan then admits to Donna in private that he is tired of being brave and going on missions and now just wants to return home. Donna now calms the boy down, developing a seemingly strong friendship between the two.

Despite Donna not openly talking about the food shortage, the residents at Colony House did figure out that food rations had started to dwindle. One of the older residents, Dale, gets agitated when he sees Elgin take some food from his own bag. According to Dale, this food also belongs to every one according to the Colony House rules, and therefore Elgin should not eat it all by himself. On the other hand, Elgin argues that he was only taking some food from his own bag, which he had carried with him to the town. A fight breaks out, with Dale claiming that all the new residents, who had come to the town aboard the bus, should leave the Colony House, and the man is quite threatening with a knife in his hand. Ellis and Fatima now have to intervene, and in the heat of the moment, Dale stabs Ellis in the chest. With the young man profusely bleeding out, he needs to be taken to the emergency clinic, but doing so is extremely dangerous as it is already quite dark outside. It is Elgin who now bravely runs out, gets hold of the backup van, and then sets the plan in motion. As Elgin drives the van through the dark road with Fatima and a gravely injured Ellis in the backseat, one of the most tense scenes in From season 2 plays out. Finally, the three are able to reach the clinic safely, though, and Kristi lets them enter the place after their incessant knocks and cries for help.

How Does Boyd Manage To Find A Way To Fight The Monsters?

As Ellis is brought into the clinic in an extremely serious condition, his treatment needs to be started right away. Kristi is initially not willing to let her fiancée, Mari, help her out, even though the latter is also a professional nurse, and the reason for this was revealed earlier in the episode. When we saw Mari take a few drops of morphine at the end of episode 5, it was not because she had cancer but because she was terribly addicted to drugs. In episode 6, Kristi finds a medical file in Mari’s bag, which makes it evident that the woman was actually on the way to a rehabilitation center because her drug abuse had gone out of control. Because of this reason, Kristi does not trust Mari to access the medicine cabinets, both to keep her away from drugs and to protect the limited supply of medicines. However, in this time of extreme emergency, Kristi does let Mari help her out.

After a makeshift operation has been successful, Ellis still needs a lot of blood, and the only possible donor turns out to be his father, Sheriff Boyd. But Boyd does not agree to this plan easily, as he knows that his own blood is infected by some strange objects, which are making him hallucinate and lose his mind bit by bit. Boyd does not want to transfer this cursed blood to Ellis, as it would make the young man face these hallucinations. As a great offer of sacrifice, Kenny now offers his body to become a purge onto which Boyd’s infected blood can be transferred. It seems evident that once Boyd makes a cut on his hand and rubs it on anyone else, just like Martin had done to him, the worms and hallucinations will transfer to that person from him. Kenny says that he is willing to take on this curse so that Boyd’s blood will be clean again and he can safely transfer it to Ellis.

However, Boyd now has an idea that he had not thought of before, and it is based on this very offer of sacrifice that Kenny makes. Boyd realizes that instead of transferring his curse onto any of his human friends, he can just try to do it on the monsters. Without giving much thought to it, Boyd runs out of the clinic and calls out to the monsters, instigating them to come near and attack him. When a group of monsters finally approaches, Boyd cuts a deep wound on his palm and then chokes the throat of one of the monsters with this hand. Boyd feels something move out of his hand, but it also seems like the curse does not completely leave his body. Nonetheless, the monster starts to shriek in pain within a couple of minutes and then falls to the ground. As Boyd and Kenny watch the body of the monster for the rest of the night, they report that it has not moved even a bit yet, meaning that it could indeed be dead.

With his blood seemingly clean once again, Boyd transfers his blood to Ellis, and the young man ultimately survives and recovers, much to the jubilation of everyone. Kenny now also says that he was wrong to question the sheriff’s intentions so much, suggesting that he is ready to support Boyd in whatever decision he takes against Sara now.

What Can We Expect In ‘From’ Season 2 Episode 7?

With Boyd having seemingly found a way to fight the monsters with his cursed blood, what repercussions this would have would be interesting to watch. If Boyd has indeed gotten rid of the curse, then it means that the monsters cannot be fought again and that it was just a one-time affair. But if Boyd has not lost the whole of the curse yet, then it can also mean that some of it has now transferred over to Ellis as well. The matters of Fatima’s pregnancy and Mari’s drug addiction will continue as the main elements of the drama, and what new developments take place in this regard would be something to watch. Whether the food shortage actually comes and what effect it can have on the townsfolk can also be explored in the next episodes. Meanwhile, Jim is still very convinced by his theory that they are being watched, and what investigations he might start will probably be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

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