Boro Polonia In ‘FUBAR,’ Explained: Is Boro Dead Or Alive?


Luke Brunner was happily finishing his mission at the beginning of FUBAR Season 1, as he knew that it was going to be his last, and after that, he could go back to his family and try to compensate for the time he had lost. But the CIA didn’t want to let go of him so easily, and they had one last mission for him before he retired.

Spoilers Alert

Luke Brunner had never expected that he would have to become Finn Hoss once again and confront the horrors of his past life. Luke had killed a terrorist named Omar Polonia, a long time ago, who ran a paramilitary organization named Lape Pa Lanmo in Guyana. Omar had a son named Boro, and Luke felt responsible for him as he was the one who had killed his father in the first place. Any kid who has seen such horrors so early in his life was bound to be impacted by it. Omar’s death had traumatized the young boy, and no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t erase his past and block those memories. Luke provided the best education to the boy, hoping that he wouldn’t turn out like his father, but he probably knew that what he was trying to do was almost impossible.

Boro graduated from Oxford and went on to do his master’s at another prestigious institution, but then left everything and came back to Guyana to fulfill his father’s dream. Boro had no clue that Finn Hoss was an undercover CIA spy whose real name was Luke Brunner. He had idolized Finn his entire life, as he believed that the man had stood beside his father during the tough times and also made sure that Boro was taken care of. Boro knew Finn as the most skilled mercenary to have ever existed, and he used to geek out on his combat tactics, often telling his followers that what they knew to be a common practice now was once initiated by the legend himself. Luke had gone to Guyana to rescue a CIA agent codenamed Panda, who happened to be his daughter, Emma. When Luke saw the Lape pa Lanmo community, he realized that Boro needed to be stopped as soon as possible because he was not only a threat to national security but to the entire world.

What Were Boro’s Inner Conflicts?

Circumstances played a very important role in making Boro the personification of hate and vengeance. He always said that he wanted to fulfill the dream of his father, but somewhere down the line in FUBAR season 1, we realized that more than that, it was his ego that was the driving factor. Boro had become greedy over a period of time, and he didn’t want to lose out on whatever he had been able to create. He was worshiped in his camp, and the sense of power he got when he could make people do whatever he wished was so addictive that he just couldn’t imagine not being in that position anymore.

Boro was unpredictable, and when he lost his temper, he could go to any extent to teach the other party a lesson and demonstrate to them the repercussions of backstabbing him. Boro couldn’t gulp down the fact that the man whom he had idolized was responsible for ruining his life. He loved and respected Luke like his own father, and when reality struck and his illusion broke, it unleashed a beast that was not going to stop before it reduced the world to ashes.

During an interrogation in FUBAR season 1, Boro asked Luke if he ever felt guilty for the fact that he had killed his father. Luke told him that, though he believed that his father got what he deserved, he did feel guilty for what Boro had to go through because of it. Had there been any other option that wouldn’t have caused such great trauma to Boro, Luke would have definitely opted for it. But the fact was, there was no other way, and Luke had realized that it was useless to give any sort of justification to Boro, as nothing was going to change his mind. Boro’s wounds ran deep, and he was willing to make the world for it. Luke had seen an innocent kid turn into a predator, and as much as he sympathized with Boro, he knew that when the time came, he would have to execute him. Had it been anybody else, Boro wouldn’t have been so affected, but because it was Luke, Boro made it his mission in life to kill him with his own hands. Boro was soaked in vengeance, and his psychotic behavior made him even more dangerous. His own men were scared of him, as they knew that he was a madman who could give the cruelest of punishments for even a small mistake. In one of the scenes, he got annoyed as Cain Khan did not bring the flowers that he wanted, and the kind of look he had in his eyes made us feel that if Khan had tried to argue with him any further, he would have killed him there and then, no matter how rational his arguments were.

Was Luke Responsible For Boro’s Fate?

A nuclear reactor existed in Sardovia in 1989, and Boro had purposely gone there as he knew that the radiation from the abandoned and dysfunctional reactor would be able to cover the radiation of his suitcase nuke. But the CIA was able to get the better of him, and his plan to sell the nuke to the highest bidder was spoiled. Luke saved Emma, but he left Boro to die in the facility. Boro begged Luke to pull him up, but Luke knew that if he saved him, he would keep wreaking havoc on the entire world without realizing that he was wrong. The facility exploded, and Luke believed that Boro had died. But it wasn’t so, and once again, he came back to take revenge on his idol, Finn Hoss. He said that he had survived because the hate inside him didn’t let him die. He looked into Luke’s eyes and told him that he was responsible for creating the monster that he had become. But it was not true, and Boro was just finding an easy way out by blaming others for his own doings.

From the beginning until the end of FUBAR Season 1, Boro always had the option to do the right thing, but he chose to become this psychotic megalomaniac who just wanted to carry out his own will and establish his authority. There is no denying that Boro was unfortunate, and probably if things had been right, he would have been an exceptional scholar, but one can’t always blame the circumstances. It wasn’t easy for Luke to shoot the kid, with whom he had been so attached in the past, but he knew that it had to be done, and there was no other way around it.

How Did Boro Die?

Luke had tried to make him a good man, but even after receiving such an exceptional education, Boro had thrown it all away, and that was when he determined his fate. Out of nowhere, Boro arrived at the church where Tally was supposed to get married to Donnie. Boro’s half-face was burned, but somehow he had managed to survive the explosion. He had the intention to kill each and every one of them and get done with the chapter of Finn Hoss once and for all. But before he could do so, Tally was able to hit him with the medal that Luke had given her earlier. Boro got distracted and took advantage of the situation. Emma and Luke shot at him multiple times and killed him. It seemed like the CIA’s worries were going to end after that. But it was not so, as some members of Boro’s paramilitary organization were still alive, and even the Russians were up to something. In the upcoming season (if there is one), we will get to know what is next in line for Luke and Emma and what kind of threats the CIA will have to face in the future.

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