‘Fukrey 3’ Ending, Explained: Did Hunny & Choocha Defeat Dhingra? Did Zafar Appear In The Mid-Credits Scene?


Mrighdeep Singh Lamba’s Fukrey 3 revolves Bholi Punjaban’s new-found pursuit to become the head of Delhi’s Water Resources Department. She is being backed by the water mafia lord, Dhingra, who wants Bholi to win by hook or by crook so that he can run Delhi’s water levels into the ground and make a lot of money. But Bholi apparently doesn’t have the means to run an entire election campaign and attract large crowds. So, she employs Hunny, Choocha, Lali, and Panditji, and the “fukras” take the deal because they are struggling to make ends meet. However, while assisting Bholi during her public appearances, Choocha inadvertently manages to one-up her, and he becomes a favorite amongst the masses. Hunny sees this as an opportunity to make the “fukras” as influential as Bholi wants to be, and he pushes Choocha to become Bholi’s rival in the election, thereby setting the stage for a battle of stupidity and wits.

Spoiler Alert

Bholi Punjaban Fools Hunny, Choocha, Lali, and Panditji

Choocha’s candidacy was supposed to be a surprise so that Bholi couldn’t make any sudden moves. But since Choocha is an idiot and he is in love with Bholi, he goes to Bholi and spills the beans. It seems like Bholi’s chances of winning the election are dwindling because Bholi’s bodyguards betray her and join the “fukras” to help them take the lead. Given that the Hunny, Choocha, Lali, and Panditji don’t have the money to fund the campaign, the bodyguards tell them to travel to South Africa and use the “Deja-chu” powers to help their relatives find diamonds in a mine and become millionaires. The “fukras” can then sell those diamonds, and that money can be divided between the three parties: the “fukras,” Bholi’s bodyguards, and the bodyguards’ relatives, Shinda and Prakash.

The relatives in question happen to be Punjabis. Then there’s a cousin sister named Mombasa, who ends up falling in love with Choocha. Choocha doesn’t reciprocate Mombasa’s feelings. It’s a mess, I know. Anyway, the “fukras” spend around 10 days searching for the diamonds, but they find nothing. Hunny, Lali, and Panditji are ready to blame it on Choocha’s malfunctioning “Deja-chu.” That’s when they realize that Choocha isn’t in the wrong. Actually, they’ve been duped by Bholi Punjaban. Her bodyguards didn’t betray her. They came to the “fukras” to deviate them from the election after Choocha told her about Hunny’s electoral dreams. Since they’ve wasted so much time already, the “fukras” decide to get back to Delhi as soon as possible, restart their election campaign, and regain Choocha’s popularity before it’s too late.

Choocha Gets Kidnapped

Before leaving South Africa, Choocha is hit with a “Deja-chu,” and he sees that there are diamonds around the mines. After doing some digging, Choocha does find a diamond. But since they are discovered by Mombasa, Choocha panics and swallows the diamond. To avoid getting nabbed by Shinda, since he’s working for Bholi Punjaban, the “fukras” make a run for it. They seek refuge at a dilapidated park. While sleeping, Choocha grabs onto a live wire, and he touches Hunny, too, thereby electrocuting both of them. Panditji and Lali manage to strike the live wire out of their hands. Exhausted from the ordeal, Choocha and Hunny drink a lot of water. Hunny starts sweating, and Choocha feels the urge to urinate. So, Lali passes a bowl of water to Choocha, and he urinates in it. As he is about to discard the bowl, Panditji wrings a rag that has soaked Hunny’s sweat into it.

Later on, after lighting his “beedi,” when Panditji throws the matchstick into the puddle of water, sweat, and urine, it catches fire. I am not making all this up. This is exactly what happens in the film. Anyway, Hunny figures out that the electric shock, the diamond in Choocha’s body, and the sweat from his body have somehow given the two of them the ability to make gasoline out of their body fluids. Armed with this gimmick, the “fukras” decide to fund their campaign by selling this biologically produced fuel while winning over the people who can’t buy regular petrol. Dhingra orders Bholi to take care of the “fukras” immediately because Choocha is getting way too popular amongst the masses with his lovable personality and his cheap petrol. In a desperate attempt to win Choocha over and learn his secret to appease the public, Bholi essentially marries him. When she relays Choocha’s little secret to Dhingra, he gets Choocha kidnapped.

Did Hunny and Choocha defeat Dhingra?

Dhingra has access to all the water in Delhi. So, he plans to bring it to his water kingdom, mix it with Choocha’s urine and Hunny’s sweat, and create an endless supply of fuel. Dhingra is aware that this will harm the common folk who are already suffering due to the scarcity of water, but he doesn’t pay any heed to the alarm bells. This leads to a casualty. When one of the bodyguards sees that, he refuses to help Dhingra anymore because his actions are leading to deaths. He orders the “fukras” to run away. But instead of fleeing, Hunny tells Choocha to record a video about unity and rebellion, and he sends it to the public along with the location of the masses. After that, Choocha, Hunny, Lali, Panditji, and Bholi are captured, and Lali and Hunny are forced to let out their body fluids. If they don’t, they have to witness the deaths of their friends. It seems like all hope is lost, and Dhingra has won.

However, at the end of Fukrey 3, the masses unite and break through the walls around Dhingra’s water kingdom. They take the water that rightfully belongs to them. They knock down Dhingra. And they free the “fukras.” Despite his mother’s disapproval, Hunny marries Bholi, officially this time. Then, the “fukras” and Bholi travel to a fuel research center in Bangalore to test this unique mixture of sweat, water, and urine. That said, when Hunny throws an ignited matchstick into the mixture, it doesn’t work. They eventually realize that on the flight from Delhi to Bangalore, the diamond exited Choocha’s body through his excreta. That means he doesn’t have the power to turn water and Hunny’s sweat into fuel anymore. The “fukras” are chased out of the institution, thereby bringing an end to this escapade.

Did Zafar appear in the mid-credits scene?

During Fukrey 3‘s mid-credits scene, Choocha’s stool, which has now been turned into ice by the plane’s waste disposal system, drops on an island. No, that’s not how planes deal with their waste, but for the sake of the plot, we have to accept that this is how it works. A familiar figure notices the puddle of ice. He starts digging into it and finds the diamond. As he brings the piece of rock closer to his face for inspection, we learn that that’s actually Zafar. Now, the official explanation is that Ali Fazal couldn’t reprise his role for the entirety of Fukrey 3 because of scheduling conflicts. That’s why he appears in a small cameo. The unofficial explanation (by me) is that he is stranded somewhere and, much like the other “fukras,” he doesn’t have a lot of money in his pocket. So, Zafar has been blessed with that diamond, which will hopefully help him resolve his issues. Of course, he doesn’t know the story behind it. Maybe he’ll learn about the connection between the diamond and Choocha once he reunites with the “fukras.” It’ll be lovely to see Zafar’s reaction to that revelation in a potential sequel to Fukrey 3.

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