‘Full Circle’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Was Charisse Related To Derek?


In the first two episodes of Full Circle, we come to know that Ms. Mahabir was trying to conduct a sort of shamanistic ritual to get rid of the curse that had fallen upon her family. There was a state of chaos, and almost everybody was hiding something from each other. Mrs. Mahajan was probably the only person who was content at that time, but she too didn’t know that the boy her men had kidnapped was not Jared but Nicky. Firstly, we came to know that one of the security personnel at the casino had only told Garmen Harry about Jeff McCusker’s credit limit.

Melody Harmony, Roan Jessups from the FBI, and Detective Brian Sanders from the NYPD went to question Derek and Sam, and they found a lot of anomalies that they didn’t have any explanation for. First of all, no one understood why the kidnappers were so persistent about dropping the bag at such a particular time, and they were completely oblivious to the real motive of the perpetrators. The officers weren’t ready to believe what Derek and Sam were telling them was the complete truth, and they also knew that they were hiding something from them.

In the interrogation, it came out that even Derek and Sam didn’t know everything about each other, and they knew something about the ongoing issue that they were hiding from the other. The investigators had seen a circle made on the ground, and they had no doubt that the kidnappers were involved in some kind of shamanistic practice. Sam got really irked when Harmony asked if the kidnappers had a Guyanese accent. Harmony was sure that either Sam ordered it or she had some Guyanese connection, and she was adamant about getting to the root of the matter. So, let’s find out what happened in the third episode of Full Circle and if the McCusker family and the police are able to find Nicky.

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What Was Sam Hiding?

Meanwhile, Aker was contemplating what went wrong while burying the body of Keesen and the mannequin, whom he believed to be Jared. Natalia had Nicky with her, and she also didn’t know that he wasn’t Jared, though she did feel that something was terribly wrong with him. Nicky had refused to call his parents, and he also did not reveal that he was not the boy they had wanted to kidnap. Natalia didn’t understand why somebody who had just been saved from being killed was reacting like that. Natalia told Louis that something was not right with the boy, and though they were making plans to leave New York City, they had a gut feeling that they were not aware of the entire story. Louis was of the opinion that now that they had Jared in their custody, they should extort money from his family and go back to Guyana, but little did he know that they had kidnapped the wrong person.

Everybody had their own secrets, and we got to know that Sam’s family had a Guyanese connection as her father, Chef Jeff, and uncle, Detective Gene McCusker, were involved in a scam back in the day. Sam was the snitch who had leaked information about her uncle, because of which he was dishonorably discharged from his service. Gene always believed that it was his own brother, Jeff, who had ratted him out, and that is why he never talked to him after that. Jeff, on the other hand, felt bad that his own brother didn’t stand by his side in this time of need, and he didn’t know why he always blamed him for what had happened in his life.

How Was Charisse Related To Derek?

In Full Circle Episode 3, we came to know that the woman named Charisse, whom Nicky had asked to call in the previous episode, was actually his mother. Another revelation is made when we come to know that Nicky is actually Derek’s illegitimate son, and that is why he is feeling even more paranoid. According to the agreement entered into by Derek and Charisse Henrikson, they were not supposed to meet each other, but now Derek felt scared thinking that maybe Charisse would blame him for not trying hard enough. Meanwhile, Charisse was questioned by Harmony and other agents, and she told them that Nicky suffered from some kind of dissociative identity disorder. She said that he had run away from the house when he was only 16 years old. Charisse said that Nicky was obsessed with finding his father and that she believed that he didn’t know who his father was. After this revelation, we understood why Nicky behaved the way he did. Contrary to what his mother believed, Nicky probably knew who his father was, and that is why he had been keeping an eye on Jared for such a long time.

Toward the end of Full Circle episode 3, Aak started connecting the dots as he also felt that something wasn’t right. The gang knew that someone had informed the police about their plans, and the suspicion fell on Louis as he had been very reluctant to commit the crime as from the beginning. Aked was surprised that a kid belonging to such an influential family had died, and yet there was no mention of it in any newspaper. He also remembers that when they were burying the bodies of Keesen and Jared, Jared’s hair was not like it used to be, which made him conclude that they had probably not killed Jared at all. Aked believed that Louis was the one who had betrayed him, but now it started making sense to him. What Aked didn’t know was that even Louis and Natalia were unaware that it was Nicky they had caught and not Jared. We believe that in the upcoming episodes, the truths of the different characters will come out, and they are surely not going to go down well with the concerned parties. We are very sure that in the process of finding the missing boy, there will be a lot of other scandals that will be exposed, and it will have an impact on the lives of all those who were involved.

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