‘Full Circle’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Was The Guyana Deal?


Mrs. Mahabir thought that everything was under her control, but in Full Circle Episode 4, we realized that she was being delusional, and she was not seeing things for what they were. Garmen Harry, who was dealing with everything on the ground level, knew that the entire plan had become a mess and that there were so many loose ends that he just couldn’t understand where to start. Louis and Natalia were already missing, and now Garmen knew that they had been duped and what they had buried was just a mannequin and not Sam and Derek’s child. An order was issued to find and kill Natalie and Louisa, and from Aked to Xavier, everybody was put to the task. So, let’s find out what happened in Full Circle episode 4, and where the fate of those who were involved led them.

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How Did Louis Plan To Extort Money?

Natalia believed that Eloise, who worked with Mr. Chung, would help them go back to Guyana and leave the forsaken city immediately. Eloise agreed to set up a meeting between Natalia and Mr. Chung, hoping that an amicable solution could be figured out. We realized in the 4th episode of Full Circle that Mr. Chung never intended to help Natalia and Louis, and he had just agreed to meet them so that he could use it as leverage and mend his ties with Mrs. Mahabir. The moment Natalia came to meet him, he informed Garmen Harry that the girl he was looking for was with him. He told Garmen that Quincy, Mrs. Mahabir’s brother-in-law, was cheating everybody, and by eliminating him, he had done a favor to each one of them.

Mr. Chung said that he had approximately $62500 on him that he had taken from Quincy, and if Mrs. Mahabir agreed to reconcile with him, he would give her Natalia and half of the money as he wanted them to resolve all issues. Garmen did agree, but before his men could come to take Natalia, she escaped from there. Eloise had informed her that she was being deceived and that Mr. Chung didn’t have any intention of securing a safe passage back for them. Natalia escaped from there and once again came back to ground zero, not knowing what she should do or where she should go. Louis and Natalia decided that they needed to call Jared’s parents, as they were still unaware that he was lying about his identity.

Louis made the call, and Sam Browne told him that they didn’t have Jared in their custody. That’s when Nicky revealed everything to him and told him that he was Derek Browne’s illegitimate son. Nicky always believed that he deserved to stay with his father and have the life that Jared always had. Nicky told Louis and Natalia that they could steal an expensive painting from the Browne household and sell it for good money, but the plan was risky, and Louis didn’t agree with it. Louis knew that Derek had given a huge amount of money to Charisse in the past to hide this information, and that there was a possibility that he might be willing to do that once again. Louis decided that he was going to blackmail Derek and ask him for money as it was the only way they could escape from there.

What Do Sam And Derek Find Out About Each Other?

Harmony came to meet Sam once again and started asking her what she knew about the colony of Essequibo. Sam took offense, and she asked her to leave her house immediately. Sam and Derek had a confrontation where Sam pleaded with him to tell her if he knew something about the boy who had been kidnapped. Derek thought for a while but then told her that Nicky was, in fact, his son. He told Sam that he knew who Charisse was and that he had made a mistake in the past that he deeply regretted. Sam was disheartened, and she immediately left the house and went to her parents’ place. Derek got a bit apprehensive, and he decided to find out what exactly had happened during the Guyana deal so that he had some leverage against his wife. Derek did figure out that there were a lot of illegal funds being transferred by Chef Jeff, Sam’s father, back in the day, and somehow it was all related to Uncle Gene losing his job and being dishonorably discharged from his post. Derek knew that Sam was somehow involved in all of this, and he just needed to find a more direct link that incriminated her.

What Does Harmony Find Out About The Guyana Deal?

Garmen was not happy with the way Mrs. Mahabir was dealing with things. Here he was dealing with real issues, and Mrs. Mahabir was still stuck with Mrs. Willoughby, still thinking about the curse and the broken circle. He went and told her that what had happened to her husband back in the day was a direct consequence of his actions and not some curse or black magic. Meanwhile, Harmony was not leaving any stone unturned, and after she met Sam, she went directly to meet Gene McCusker. Harmony got to know that the McCusker family was involved in corrupt practices, and Gene had been made to take the fall for it.

Harmony realized that her boss, Manny, was also involved in the scheme of things, and he and Sam had conspired together and made sure that Gene was dishonorably discharged from his position. Harmony called Manny and told him that it wouldn’t take her long to find some incriminating evidence against him and put him behind bars. Manny had somewhat presumed that this day would arrive, and so he had already sent an email to his superiors stating that Harmony was suffering from borderline personality disorder. He wrote an email in which he said that she had anger issues and a knack for not obeying orders. Still, Manny knew that if Harmony found something, his entire career would be destroyed.

Manny met Sam at the end of Full Circle episode 4, and told her to not say a word to Harmony and stick to the statement that she had given years ago. Sam assured him and said that all the evidence had already been destroyed, so even if she wanted, she could not say or present anything that would cause trouble for them. Harmony had taken Xavier into his custody, and he told her everything about what Mrs. Mahabir was trying to do. Garmen’s men found Xavier, and they broke into his apartment. Xavier pleaded with them not to kill him, but we don’t know if these men would listen to him or not.

In the upcoming episodes of Full Circle, we will get to know if Harmony is able to find some evidence that proves the involvement of her boss and Sam in the Guyana deal and how Mrs. Mahabir deals with the mess as now there was a possibility that the police might get to her and bring her illegitimate activities to light.

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