‘Furies’ Season 2 Theories: Will Selma And Lyna Work With The Damocles?


For the most part, the finale of the Netflix French-language series Furies sets it up for a second season. Highly charged with long action sequences, the show is mainly focused on a couple of lead female characters whose intertwined lives get completely messed up one fine day. Leads Lyna and Selma, niece and aunt, are left at a difficult threshold by the end of the series. The whole Parisian underworld has taken a drastic turn, and they’re basically stuck between working under the new Olympus and death. The show takes its time in developing the relationship between these two characters, but there is an important secret Selma is keeping from Lyna, which might completely change their dynamic. Furies Season 1 sets up the Parisian underworld, where six families, known as Olympus, work in unison. To make sure that Paris doesn’t get caught in a bloodbath, the Fury, a woman who maintains peace between these families, is appointed. At the beginning of the series, Selma is the current Fury, and throughout the rest of the series, Selma essentially trains Lyna to take her place next. By the end of the show, nothing is right, and the Olympus are found dead by Selma and Lyna.

Spoiler Alert

Who are the Damocles? 

At the end of Furies season 1, Olympus hires the Damocles, a group of mercenaries who offer services to kill practically anybody; it doesn’t matter if they’re a president or a king (wow, such power), but with a very high price to pay. Nobody knows what the price will be; however, when Praques takes over to become the Fury, the godfathers, who believe Selma is dead, think they have no choice but to call upon Damocles. This is their biggest mistake, however, because not only does Driss have all their information because of their foolishness, but the Damocles kill them all to take over Paris Olympus, essentially killing off the legacy. So, what we can imagine is that for Furies season 2, the main focus will be on the leads trying to overthrow the Damocles as the Olympus. I suppose, for the time being, Selma and Lyna have no choice but to agree to work for the Damocles because that is their job as Furies. However, they will probably end up starting an uprising from within or take them out slowly to emerge as the new Olympus, coming full circle, since back in the day, they were the most powerful family in Olympus. 

What Will Become of the Parisian Underworld? 

The Olympus owned the Mine, a secret train with all their riches. Now, we can imagine that Damocles will invariably exploit these riches for their own endeavors. With the kind of power they have, they could start wars, but why they want to take over the Parisian underworld is yet to be understood. Hopefully, this question will be answered in the next season. Additionally, does this mean the Parisian underworld is now a part of something more global? Considering the Damocles are a global organization, it only makes sense they are trying to set up the foundation for something big. 

Can we expect a reunion between Lyna and Kahina? 

For the most part, Lyna’s mother is a mystery in Furies season 1. We learn by the end of the season that Kahina’s family was killed off by Selma, but Kahina might still be alive and well. She may also be plotting revenge against Selma. Not only did she ruin her life, but Kahina was also a cop, so she’d want to put an end to this whole situation for sure. When Lyna finds out what Selma really did, she will probably be on the hunt for her mother, and we can expect them to work together—finally, a reunion that we can actually look forward to. On the other hand, we can expect Lyna to sever ties with Selma once she finds out the truth about what she did to Kahina’s family. This could be a major storyline in season 2 of “Furies.”

What Will Happen to the “Furies” Once Lyna Learns the Truth? 

Already, Selma and Lyna’s relationship is a make-or-break one. The stakes are too high, and, to be honest, nothing Selma has done seems to have been favoring Lyna. I think once Lyna finds out that not only did Selma kill Kahina’s family, but she blamed it on her father and ruined his life and her relationship with him forever. Additionally, she is also the reason her stepfather was killed, so there’s no reason for Lyna to trust and stay by Selma’s side. Also, the whole foundation of the Furies is completely shaken now, so it’s possible they will simply cease to exist for what they’re doing right now. Maybe they’ll start their own underground criminal organization, or better yet, the Furies will become hunters—cops who fight against organized crime groups such as Damocles and Olympus. 

I suppose, for the most part, Furies season 2 will be focused on the broken relationship between Selma and Lyna and the new Olympus. Chances are that Elie will team up with Lyna, and their relationship might take off again, leaving Orso alone. However, since there seems to be a friendship developed between her two ex-lovers, chances are Orso will have a role to play against Damocles too. I suppose we can also imagine the show taking up a more global space, somewhat like the world of Citadel, but instead of following spies, we’ll be following criminals. I suppose the big bad wolf of this season will be the Damocles themselves, and the fight will be against them and, for Selma, against time. Considering there’s a need for a big death ever so often in these kinds of shows, we can imagine Selma might end up dead in the second season after revealing the truth about everything, freeing her from Lyna’s disappointment. Although one thing’s for certain, Furies season 2 will offer a lot more action, lots of excitement, and more violence than season 1. What’s the thing you’re looking forward to the most in Furies season 2?

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