‘Furiosa’ Ending Explained & Detailed Summary: Are Dementus And Praetorian Jack Dead?


Written and directed by George Miller and co-written by Nick Lathouris, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga tells the tale of how Furiosa landed in the Citadel in the first place and all the torture she had to go through as a young child. Furiosa was separated from her family when a biker gang kidnapped her. And then call it fate or destiny, but she eventually became an indispensable member of the Citadel’s army. So, let’s find out what happened to her back in the day, how she coped with it, and how it shaped the rest of her life.

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What happened to Furiosa’s mother?

At the beginning of the film, we saw Furiosa and her friend Valkyrie in the forests of the Green Place. They were plucking a fruit (apple/peach) from a tree when Furiosa heard some sounds, which made her realize that she had company. Furiosa knew the consequences of other settlements knowing about their safe place. So she asked Valkyrie to stay quiet, and she went down to cut the fuel pipes of the bikes they had come on. One of the members of the biker hoard noticed Furiosa, and they took her with them. Just before getting kidnapped, Furiosa blew her whistle, and her mother, Mary Jabassa, and others got to know that she was in danger. They came running towards her location, but before Mary could get to Furiosa, she was taken away. Mary and the Vuvalini General followed her, and soon, they caught up to the biker hoard. Mary decided that she would make the journey alone, as their settlement needed the general. Mary shot a guy from the biker gang and then took his bike to chase down the kidnappers. Mary’s main aim was that whoever saw the Green Place shouldn’t live to tell the tale. She shot many of them in the desert, but one old man was able to reach the settlement. He informed the others that he had seen something unimaginable and that he wanted a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Dementus himself.

Furiosa was taken to Dementus, a unique character who had his own strange ways of doing things. Dementus had no doubts about his might and power, and he believed that there was no one in the wastelands who could stand a chance against him. Dementus asked his men to take good care of Furiosa until he found out where she came from. The word “abundance” kept ringing in his ear, and he was quite sure that he would be able to locate the place following the tracks in the desert. But a sandstorm came in the night, and Mary came to take away her kid. Mary rode together with Furiosa, and she believed that because there was a sandstorm, the biker hoard wouldn’t be able to follow their trail. But she was wrong.

Dementus had many trained dogs who could smell Mary and lead the way. Mary was heavily injured, too, and she lost a lot of blood on the way. Mary realized that it was time to make a hard call. She knew that one of them would have to fight the biker hoard and stop them, as only then would the other have a chance to escape. Mary told Furiosa to ride to the Green Place and not look back. But how could she? Furiosa knew that her mother was jumping into the hellfire and that she wouldn’t make it back out of there alive. Furiosa heard a gunshot, and she went back and saw her mother being tortured by the biker hoard. Mary was killed by Dementus in front of the kid’s eyes, and then the brute leader took her with his gang. Furiosa stayed quiet, and she kept making tattoos of stars on her hands so that one day, when she got the opportunity, she would be able to navigate back to the Green Place. 

How did Furiosa end up in the Citadel? 

One can call it an accident that Dementus got to know that a fortress like the Citadel existed in the wastelands. Dementus was on his way back when he saw red dust in the sky. He went in that direction and found a bald man, soaked in silver paint from head to toe, standing there. That man asked if Dementus and his crew knew where Valhalla was, and he told them about Citadel and Immortan Joe. Dementus, in his pomposity, went to the Citadel and ordered everybody to surrender to him. Dementus had a clue who he was up against and what he was capable of doing. Immortan Joe, together with the People-Eater, Rictus and Scortus, stood on the cliff and saw the buffoon make a fool of himself. Immortan Joe asked one of his war boys to sacrifice himself, and he went down with a bang. A bomb exploded, and there was chaos as the war boys pounced upon Dementus and his crew. Dementus had no option but to retreat, as he knew that he would have to strategize his moves if he wanted to stand a chance against the mighty Immortan Joe. Dementus realized that a huge consignment of food and water was sent from the Citadel to the Gastown in exchange for gasoline.

Dementus killed the war boys driving the oil rig and took control of it. Dementus’ crew was happy as they had gallons of fuel in their custody, but the former was thinking big. He wanted the entire Gastown for himself. So, he orchestrated a coup and dethroned the ruler of Gastown. The news reached Immortan Joe, and he agreed to have a meeting with Dementus to understand what he wanted. Dementus told Joe that if anything happened to him, then he would blow up the Gastown, and so Joe had no option but to listen to him. Immortan Joe saw Furiosa for the first time at that juncture, and he asked Dementus to hand her over to him if he wanted the deal to happen. Joe knew that Furiosa was not Dementus’ daughter, and he wanted to take her in as she was a “full-life.” Joe knew that Furiosa could potentially become one of the breeders, so he put that condition in front of Dementus. Apart from Furiosa, Joe even took Organic Mechanic because he believed that the man with all his knowledge could prove beneficial for him. 

Who killed Praetorian Jack? 

Furiosa had no plans to become a breeder, and she just wanted to reach a position where she could play things to her advantage. Rictus had a lecherous eye on the small girl from the very beginning, and one day, he decided to finally take her with him. Furiosa needed to know what the man was up to, and so she escaped. Furiosa cut her hair, disguised herself, and started working with the war boys. Scrotus was quite impressed with her work and gave her a portion. Soon, Furiosa found herself working in the facility, which served as a manufacturing unit for Joe’s regime. The engineers were given the task of making an oil rig like no other. They used all the spare parts available to them and made a beast of a machine. Furiosa saw that Praetorian Jack, the one who had a great reputation among the folks, was given the responsibility to drive the rig to the Gas Town and Bullet Farm and then bring it back. Furiosa knew exactly what she wanted to do. On their first trip itself, a group of riders known as Mortiflyers, who were earlier part of Dementus’ group, attacked the caravan.

Furiosa helped Jack kill them, and that’s when the latter realized the kind of potential the girl had. Jack knew that Furiosa wanted to go back to her land, and he wanted to help her do so. Life had been hard on Jack, and he had lost everything in the process. He felt that if he was able to make Furiosa reach her destiny, then he would die in peace. But the road was not so easy, as Dementus was not able to control his people, and there was a state of unrest and chaos in the wasteland. Jack, after making a visit to the Gastown, came back empty-handed, and he told Joe how the people attacked them and how they did not let them fill their tankers with gas. Joe knew that he had no option but to go to war with Dementus. Meanwhile, without telling anybody, Dementus secretly conducted a coup on the Bullet Farm and took it under his control. Jack and Furiosa reached the Bullet Farm, as the Citadel needed as much ammunition as they could get their hands on. Dementus’ men attacked Jack and Furiosa and then took them into custody. Dementus killed Jack, but Furiosa was able to escape, though she had to sacrifice her hand to do so. 

Was Furiosa able to take revenge on Dementus?

Dementus chased Furiosa, not knowing about her real identity. Furiosa now had a dual motive to kill Dementus, as he had not only killed her mother but also killed the only person with whom Furiosa had felt some sort of emotional connection in the past few years. The fierce Imperator got the better of Dementus at the end of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga and made him realize in his final moments who she was and why she so desperately wanted him dead. Furiosa’s entire life was turned upside down when she was taken away from the Green Place by the biker hoard. The cries of her mother still echoed through her years, and she just couldn’t move on in life after that day.

The History Man told us that he believed that Furiosa killed Dementus that day, but the people in general had different theories. Some believed that she tortured him for days, so much so that he begged her to kill him. But then there was another theory. We all saw that Furiosa had a peach seed that was given to her by her mother. It was said that Furiosa used Dementus’ body as soil to grow that peach tree. The plant took nutrients from Dementus’ body, and he was neither dead nor alive. He writhed in pain, and he saw his body degrade every passing day. In the last scene, we saw that Furiosa plucked a peach from that tree and gave it to the breeders to eat. Furiosa got her revenge, but her journey was still not complete. She still had to find a way back home, though she had no clue that by the time she reached there, the place she called home would no longer be there. 

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