‘Garouden’ Season 2 Expectations & Theories: Will Fujimaki Fight Matsuo?


Baku Yumemakura’s Garoden is made of two parts. The first part has 13 volumes, and the second part has five so far. So, there’s plenty of material for Atsushi Ikariya to draw from. Given how things concluded in the first season of Garouden: The Way of the Lone Wolf, it’s abundantly clear that Ikariya does want to cover all the novels for his Netflix series. But we all know how the streaming platform works, and I don’t think anyone will be surprised if Netflix doesn’t announce a second season of Garouden if Season 1 doesn’t reach the numbers they want. That’s why, at this point, I can only speculate what can happen in a potential Season 2 of Garouden based on what I have seen in Season 1. I’m not predicting on the basis of the novel series because Ikariya wants his adaptation of Yumemakura’s work to be its own thing.

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Will Fujimaki fight Matsuo?

Matsuo was familiar with Fujimaki’s fighting skills. But he didn’t expect Fujimaki to show up at the Hokushinkan tournament to fight Himekawa. Still, he bent the rules so that he could watch Fujimaki fight with Himekawa and postponed Himekawa’s fight with Nagata (which is something that we can expect to see in Season 2 of Garouden). Matsuo was ecstatic when Himekawa defeated Fujimaki. However, instead of boasting about Himekawa’s victory, Matsuo offered Fujimaki the opportunity to fight him after serving his time in prison. So, that’ll be something to look forward to in Garouden Season 2. What will be the outcome of that fight? Well, if Fujimaki doesn’t come up with something new, he is going to be defeated by Matsuo. We didn’t get to see Matsuo in his zone a lot in the first season, but he does look like a formidable fighter. If he managed to turn Himekawa into such a great mixed martial artist, then there’s no need to doubt his skills. Hence, my money’s on Matsuo when it comes to a battle between him and Fujimaki.

Will Fujimaki learn any new skills in prison?

Fujimaki has a lot to reflect on during his time in prison in Garouden Season 2. The man thinks too highly of himself, especially when it comes to his role in the legacy of Takemiya. That’s why he got schooled by Himekawa. Now, he has the opportunity to come up with some new skills in prison. Jails are filled with criminals, brawlers, fighters, and killers. Since Fujimaki has a reputation, he is bound to attract the wrong kind of attention. Much like every movie or show centered around a prison, Fujimaki will definitely make some friends because of his abilities, and maybe one of those friends will help Fujimaki improve before he goes out into the world to fight Matsuo and Himekawa. In addition to that, Fujimaki needs to think about how he sees Saeko. It was very insensitive of him to expect that Saeko would be waiting for him while he traveled all around Japan, fighting people and doing odd jobs. Yes, at the end of Garouden Season 1, Saeko did forgive him for abandoning her. But that shouldn’t wash away Fujimaki’s mistake. He should learn to be a better person before even thinking about meeting Saeko again.

Will there be a match between Fujimaki and Himekawa?

The enmity between Fujimaki and Himekawa isn’t just professional; it’s personal as well, due to Himekawa’s relationship with Saeko. Fujimaki has to come to terms with the fact that Saeko isn’t the same person that he grew up with. He can’t win her over by simply existing in the same space that she does. He has to let go of his feeling of jealousy towards Himekawa and only see him as a fighter who is currently more skilled than him. Then, and only then, will he have a chance at defeating Himekawa. And, yes, I do think there’ll be a rematch between Fujimaki and Himekawa. Fujimaki was defeated in front of thousands of people by Himekawa. No matter how selfless Fujimaki becomes during his time in prison, he won’t be able to digest that level of humiliation. So, it’s possible that he’ll ask Matsuo to organize a rematch between him and Himekawa so that he gets the chance to show that he is better than Himekawa in front of millions of people.

Will Matsuo fight Himekawa?

A fight between Himekawa and Matsuo is definitely on the cards. Matsuo revealed to the Sergeant that he has been preparing Himekawa to be better than him because he wants to be defeated at least once in his lifetime. Matsuo is under the impression that Himekawa has the ability to give him the sweet taste of loss. But if Himekawa struggled with Fujimaki, I think his chances of defeating Matsuo are low. At the cost of sounding repetitive, we haven’t seen Matsuo fight. It’s possible that he’s all talk, and when the time comes to actually show his fighting prowess, Matsuo is going to fold. Either way, Himekawa has to improve a lot to stand up to his master. He has seemingly mastered everything that the Hokunshinkan school of fighting has to offer. He has dipped his toes in the Takemiya school of fighting. So, hopefully, by the time he faces off with Matsuo, he’ll be an expert in Takemiya as well, or else the odds won’t be in his favor.

Will Tanba master the Takemiya style of fighting?

As far as I know, Tanba is the protagonist of Garoden, but in the first season of Garouden, he was relegated to the sidelines. He had some standout moments, but for the most part, he seemed like an afterthought. However, based on the ending of the show, Tanba is going to get his fair share of the spotlight in the yet-to-be-announced Season 2 of Garouden. Tanba is aware of the fact that he won’t be the best in the biz as long as Himekawa, Fujimaki, and Matsuo are out there. He must be feeling confident after using the Tiger King on Jyohei Tsutsumi. But now that he knows that there’s a way to counter it, he needs to learn something new. Izumi has talked at length about how he wants Takemiya to evolve with time. So, while Himekawa blends Takemiya with Hokushinkan, maybe Tanba will be instrumental in the evolution of Takemiya.

Will the writing around the female characters improve?

Garouden Season 1 had a lot of flaws, but its greatest shortcoming was the way the female characters were written. Saeko, Miyuki, and Oleg Zaitsev’s girlfriend were victims of such horrible abuse, and all three of them depended on the men in their lives to do something about it. This is a show where the men get to flaunt their abs, perform all kinds of acrobatics, and heal from horrific injuries like it’s a walk in the park. But the defining characteristic of the women in the show is being a victim of abuse or yearning for a meaningful connection with a man. Is that the best the showrunners could come up with? It’s disgraceful and, to be honest, insulting. I hope they get better writers on board in the second season of Garouden and give the women in the show some substantial things to do that don’t involve getting abused or saved by men.

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