‘Geek Girl’ Ending Explained: Will There Be A Season 2?


Netflix’s Geek Girl is all things teen-drama fun. The English show starring House of The Dragon’s Emily Carey does require some suspension of disbelief. Especially if you have any knowledge of the workings of the fashion industry. However, it’s still an amusing coming-of-age story about finding one’s true self and owning up to your distinctiveness. The fashion industry is surely not as forgiving as it is in this show. Geek Girl tells the story of Harriet Manners, an intelligent straight-A student whose life is upended when she gets scouted as a supermodel by one of London’s biggest fashion agencies. Harriet’s not the kind of girl who likes attention. In fact, she’s the kind of kid who hates the spotlight and would rather hide in the corner (feel you there, girl). Harriet’s never been interested in fashion; it’s always been her best friend Nat, who obviously has greater potential as a designer than a model, but she’s wanted to be part of the industry all her life. So, when Harriet’s the one who gets chosen instead, she doesn’t tell Nat that she’s flying to Canada and becoming a supermodel in a single weekend (make it make sense). Naturally, Nat learns about Harriet’s rendezvous with all things fashion and feels terrible that she wasn’t in the know about her childhood best friend’s new life (giving Hannah Montana, if you ask me). 

Spoiler Alert

Harriet spends a lot of time trying to convince Nat that she didn’t mean to hurt her, and she thought she was protecting her. As it turns out, she’s able to do it in the most “geekish” way possible. As it goes with these kinds of shows, it’s those who get knocked to the ground that truly begin to understand that their peculiarity is what makes them special. On her journey into becoming a la mode, Harriet meets Wilbur, a super kind-hearted agent (honestly the best character on the show), who shows her the ropes of the industry. She also finds love with dashing Nick Park, resident hunk and nephew to Yuji Lee, the iconic fashion designer. By the end of the series, Harriet’s been kicked out of the industry (or so she thinks) because she accidentally shared information about a confidential ad campaign on the internet because she’s just a “fickle schoolgirl” (ouch). On the other hand, Wilbur, who really feels like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, quits his job at “Infinity Models” simply because the CEO won’t take Harriet back.

How Does Harriet Get to Walk for Yuji? 

In Geek Girl episode 10, Harriet’s bombarded by an excited Wilbur, who tells her that she must find something delightful to wear for the prestigious Bascar event. She’s got to walk the red carpet and then make it in time to be a part of the coveted Yuji show. After some deliberation, Harriet decides to give it a go again because she’s a polar bear with adorable soft paws, and she can win everyone over by being herself. Earlier in the day, Nick convinces Yuji that Harriet is exactly what he would describe as the “Yuji Lee essence,” then makes a comment about how what she has right now is a nonsensical sound bite. However, it makes a mark on Yuji, and she decides to listen to her nephew’s words (at least the nepotism is real, huh) and agrees that Harriet can walk for her. In the meantime, Harriet shows her stepmother a list of people that she thinks hate her. It includes her own name, and Annabel tells Harriet that the only name that matters on there is her own, so she should stop hating herself and show the world her true colors (I suppose that’d be orange; I’m only joking). 

Who Does Harriet Wear on the Red Carpet? 

Of course, it’s time for the best friend to shine, and Harriet, the model, wears Nat, the fashion designer, giving us a wholesome moment for the two of them. It is something you can see coming up from miles away, but it is still cute. We see Nick and Poppy (or, should I say, “Noppy”) walk the carpet together, and then Jude, too. When Harriet arrives, and all eyes are on her, she decides to stand up to Jude and tell everyone on national television that she knows she doesn’t like her, and that the feeling’s mutual. Harriet then says that she’s the only person who gets to choose who she is, and from inside the event, Yuji watches Harriet bloom into the flower that will be her beautiful show-stopper. Feeling jealous of the situation, Poppy sticks a piece of paper on Harriet’s back with the word “Geek” written on it while hugging her and pretending she’s all about the truth. 

Somehow, nobody, not even a single assistant, notices that there’s a massive piece of paper on Harriet’s back, and so she ends up on the ramp with it still on her (this is ridiculous; surely we know how many rehearsals happen before such an event!). Harriet then walks down the ramp, and everyone starts to whisper. Wilbur considers taking it off, but Betty convinces him that Harriet will know exactly what to do. 

Do Harriet And Nick End Up Together?

In Geek Girl‘s ending, Nick shows up on the ramp, and after Harriet’s had a moment in front of all the cameras to think about the whispering, she decides she doesn’t care about what everyone thinks and owns up to her individuality. When she turns around to walk back, Cinderella’s Prince Charming is waiting for her, all charm and smiles (boo, we don’t need any saviors). They meet each other in the middle of the ramp. Nick removes the piece of paper and hands it to Harriet (the second-hand embarrassment I’m feeling from this whole time spent on the ramp is no joke). They then kiss on the ramp (!!), and then it cuts to some days later (thank the fashion lords). At the end of the show, Harriet, Nick, and Wilbur go to Piccadilly Circus to see Harriet’s face in the massive Yuji Lee perfume ad. Now, we don’t know if Harriet’s going to be a paleontologist still, but I’d think that was quite the happy ending anyone in her position would wish for. The show ends with the camera zooming in on the jacket Harriet’s wearing, and it reads Geek by Yuji Lee on it. What can I say? Inspiration is in everything around you.

Will There Be A Season 2? 

Considering Geek Girl is based on a series of books, there’s a chance that we’ll be getting a season 2 announcement soon enough. The series has much potential, and each character has a unique arc that can be ever-changing.

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