‘Geek Girl’ Recap (Episodes 1-10) Explained: What Happens To Nick And Harriet?


From a geek girl to a fashion model, Harriet Manners’ life changed all of a sudden when she was spotted by a modeling agent at London Fashion Week. Geek Girl pretty much follows the Princess Diaries character arc—from being bullied at school to being celebrated by the world. Harriet, a neurodivergent teenager, struggled with her social life, but thankfully she had Nat, her best friend, by her side to support her. The school bully, Lexi, and her minions had crushed Harriet’s self-esteem, and as a result, she preferred hiding away from any form of attention. One wrong move and Harriet always ended up becoming the joke of the school. Harriet was not expecting her life to change after the London Fashion Week because making it big in the fashion industry was Nat’s dream and not hers. But life had other plans for Harriet, and soon it turned into a journey of self-discovery.

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How did Harriet Manner become popular overnight?

When reputed modeling agent Wilbur Evans spotted Harriet and promised to make her the next big sensation in the fashion industry, Harriet panicked and left. This was not her dream, and she was afraid of making a fool of herself in front of an audience. But Wilbur did not give up. He tracked her down to her school and convinced Harriet to give modeling a shot. After being bullied and harassed regularly, Harriet decided that it was time she actively did something to change her life. Even though she had no idea what to expect from modeling, she realized it could not make her life any worse. Harriet convinced Wilbur to give Nat a chance as well, and the two best friends auditioned at the agency.

Celebrated fashion designer Yuji Lee was in search of a new face for her runway. Wilbur had complete faith in Harriet, but agency CEO Jude Paignton had her doubts. Therefore, when Lee announced that she thought Harriet was what she was looking for, Wilbur could not be happier. Harriet was elated when she found out that she was selected, but she did not know how to break the news to Nat. Becoming a model had always been Nat’s dream, and she felt like a traitor for getting the chance to model before Nat could. Harriet chose to lie to Nat, thinking that it was not the best time to share the news with her. Harriet flew to Canada to walk the ramp. She had developed a friendship with supermodel Nick Park, and he helped her navigate the fashion industry. Harriet was also introduced to Poppy Hepple-Cartwright, the supermodel who was supposed to be Lee’s showstopper before Harriet was brought on board. Poppy was not happy about the entire situation, and she tried her best to break Harriet’s confidence.

As a newcomer, Harriet felt overwhelmed. Nick taught her a few tricks to calm down, and Harriet finally felt confident enough to hit the runway. Harriet was confused about which side to walk on, and she got all the more confused due to Poppy’s interference. Harriet ended up falling on the runway. At that moment, she wondered if she should give up because life was turning out to be a disaster, even as a model, but she fought her negative thoughts and gathered her strength to get back on her feet and complete the job she was assigned. The fall grabbed the attention of the media, and they could not get enough of Harriet. While she had assumed it was the end of her brief modeling career, she was surprised to find out that Lee wanted to cast her in her perfume campaign. The fashion industry approved of Harriet, and she was clearly a rising star.

Did Nat forgive Harriet?

Harriet and Nick stepped out of a party to visit a museum. While Harriet could not get enough of dinosaur trivia, Nick was obsessed with sharks, and together they were quite the quirky couple. Harriet was relieved when she found out that Nick was not in a real relationship with Poppy and that the pictures they posted were simply to promote brands. Nick and Harriet enjoyed their time at the museum, but they did not realize that some of Nick’s fans had secretly taken pictures of them. When Harriet returned home, she was shocked to find out that the internet was speculating about her and Nick’s relationship. She did not care about what the world thought, but she was afraid of her best friend misunderstanding her. Harriet tried to apologize to Nat for lying to her, but she refused to forgive. Harriet was afraid of losing Nat, and she enthusiastically offered to model for Nat’s internship interview at a fashion house. Nat accepted her offer, but unfortunately, things did not work out the way Harriet wanted. She went out on a date with Nick, and by the time she decided to head for the interview, it was late and the car’s engine had failed. The distance between Nat and Harriet got worse after the incident.

During the perfume campaign, Harriet found out that Poppy had secretly snapped her and her co-model in an awkward position. After the internet started to speculate on Harriet and Nick’s friendship, Poppy used it to her advantage to gain sympathy. She lied about being cheated on by Nick, and many of her followers started to spew hate against Harriet. When Poppy shared the picture of Harriet and her co-model, Harriet decided to take a stand. She was tired of people making the wrong assumptions about her, and she recorded a video to clear the air. In the video, Harriet spoke about Yuji Lee’s perfume campaign, and she even showed the bottle of perfume to establish that she had been busy working and that Poppy had twisted the truth. She publicly apologized to Nat, stating that she never meant to break her heart intentionally. The video took social media by storm because Harriet had mistakenly leaked a confidential perfume campaign. By the time she realized the mistake she had made, it was already too late. Wilbur requested that Yuji Lee see the leak in a positive light, but unlike the first time, Lee refused to overlook Harriet’s mistake. Harriet was embarrassed for the damage she caused, and she ultimately resigned. On a positive note, Nat forgave Harriet after the public apology, though she was not happy about her best friend giving up on her dreams.

Did Harriet get a second chance to live her dream?

After reuniting with Nat and discussing her present situation with her, Harriet realized that maybe she should not have quit. Even though she never thought she would enjoy modeling, she had to admit to herself that those were some of the best days of her life. She could be both a science geek and a model, and she did not have to choose between the two. Nat encouraged Harriet to call Jude and find out if she could join the agency again. But unfortunately, Jude refused to take back Harriet after the failed campaign. She believed Harriet lacked the professionalism that the job required, and she preferred Poppy over the sixteen-year-old. Wilbur did not agree with Jude; he was convinced that Harriet was the face that the industry needed, and he decided to quit to work independently.

Wilbur sought Nick’s help to convince Yuji Lee to give Harriet another chance. Lee could not deny that Harriet was unlike any other model, but she was still not sure if Harriet was worth risking her business for. Wilbur arrived at Harriet’s house to convince her to walk at the Bascar event, and even though it made her feel anxious, Harriet knew this was what she wanted. Harriet decided to wear a dress that Nat had designed; she wanted her best friend to be seen, and Nat could not have asked for a better opportunity to display her talent.

Harriet arrived at the event with Wilbur. She confidently walked the red carpet, and when Jude pretended to be happy to see her during her interview, Harriet did not hesitate to spit out facts. She nonchalantly stated how Jude despised her and that she too felt the same way about the former supermodel. She bravely admitted that she used to be an insecure person who had no idea who she was. But over time, she realized that she was not ready to allow people to define her, and she believed it was important that she had complete control over her life’s narrative. Yuji Lee was impressed, and Harriet got the chance to finally walk the runway. Lee fired Jude, and Betty left her job at the agency. Jude’s arrogance backfired, and Poppy was her only hope of sustaining herself in the industry. Harriet finally got a second chance, and she was ready to live the moment, but not everyone was happy about her return. Poppy stuck a paper on Harriet’s back with the word “geek” written on it.

How did Harriet prove her bullies wrong?

Unlike the first time, Harriet felt confident before her runway walk. She had the support of her parents and her best friend. She knew people in the industry who rooted for her. And most importantly, she had figured out how she wanted to be defined by the world. She felt a sense of calm and contentment when she modeled, and it also helped her build confidence in herself, something that she desperately needed at the time.

When Harriet started to walk at the end of Geek Girl, she noticed people whispering the word “geek” over and over again. She did not know that she had a paper stuck on her back, but she did not let the word affect her anymore. Harriet was not ashamed of the person she was; she was a self-admitted geek, and she was proud of it. Harriet was fearless, and she continued to walk. She was not afraid of the world finding out the nickname her bullies had given her. At the very end of Geek Girl, Nick and Harriet cross paths on the runway, and instead of walking by, they share a kiss on the runway. Technically, it is quite unprofessional, but who cares? It is a rom-com, and it is precisely the moment when the audience is expected to go “aww”. The final scene confirms that Harriet has made a mark in the fashion industry. She was on billboards, and she had successfully dissociated the shame attached to the word “geek.” The ten-episode series is all about the wallflowers taking center stage and thriving, for that matter.

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