‘Gen V’ Episode 3 Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Emma Rescue Sam From The Woods?


In the second episode of Gen V, Marie Moreau went from being a superpowered individual who wanted to take the simplest route to stardom to becoming an opportunistic individual who would take every chance to get higher on the proverbial ladder. Andre and Cate discovered the fact that the kid who tried to escape was Luke’s brother, Sam. He was presumed to be dead, but he was clearly alive. Luke was aware of this, but something happened between the time he discovered this vital information about Sam and the moment he confronted Richard Brinkerhoff and then exploded into a million pieces. Andre was hellbent on getting to the bottom of all this. So, he ditched his high-profile interview and infiltrated Brink’s office. He was almost caught red-handed by The Woods’ guards. But he managed to stay hidden and then followed them all the way to the secret door connecting Godolkin and The Woods. When he was actually caught red-handed, Cate came to his rescue even though she had exhausted herself.

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Luke Was Fooled into Thinking That Sam Died

Gen V Episode 3 shows that around three years before the incident, Luke was actually in touch with Sam, who was suffering from the side effects of Compound V while being held at a secure facility. Maybe it was an early-day version of The Woods. Well, not just Luke; even Cate was aware of Sam’s issues, and one day, when things got a little out of hand, she had to use her powers to put Luke’s brother to sleep. In the present day, we see Andre taking care of Cate, who has just recovered from her fits. Cate apparently doesn’t know that Sam is still alive. Andre feels guilty for stopping Sam from escaping from The Woods. So, he wants to help him escape once again. Cate advises Andre to not do anything stupid and end up like Luke. During this interaction, we learn that Cate and Andre have been cheating with each other behind Luke’s back for a long time. The whole brotherhood between Andre and Luke and the romance between Luke and Cate was a lie, and they kept lying to him till his dying day, and Luke died believing that Andre was like his brother and Cate was the love of his life. Marie returns to her room only to find out that Emma has purged herself so much that she has become almost microscopic. Emma is obviously distraught after Justine publicized the secret to her powers, and Marie tries to comfort her, but Emma gives her the cold shoulder just like Marie did when Emma tried to comfort her.

The sun rises on the next day, and we see that preparations are on for the party that is being conducted to commemorate Brink. Marie eats breakfast with Indira, and Indira unknowingly reveals that she has a daughter. We should make a mental note of that because it can be the reason behind whatever she is doing in The Woods. Indira probably knows that, and she distracts Marie by talking about the interview and the party for Brink. Marie is invited so that she can talk to the investors, improve her rankings, and become the next big Supe. Polarity reprimands Andre for not being at the interview and tells her to be at the party. Justine tries to apologize to Emma, but it goes horribly wrong because Justine tries to turn that into content as well. Emma’s mother pays Emma a visit, and she basically gives her a brief on how she is going to present herself at the party, thereby putting all the social media nonsense in her rearview mirror. Marie tries to start a conversation with Cate, but Cate lashes back at her for being a liar on primetime television. The narrative jumps backwards in time by three years to show us the point when Luke was convinced that Sam had died. In the present day, we see Jordan venting their frustration via aggressive intercourse. But when their parents arrive, they are forced to appear as a straight boy because Jordan’s parents are clearly conservative, even though they know that administering Compound V to Jordan has turned them into a bi-gendered Supe.

Andre employs Emma To Get Into The Secret Facility

At the party, Marie gets a lot of accolades and sponsorships. Emma’s mother introduces Emma to Courtney, who is trying to pitch a TV show that’ll mine Emma’s trauma and use it as its central plot point. Emma is clearly disturbed by this line of conversation. So she simply leaves to get some air. Jordan tries their best to get a vote to rise up the ranks, but without Brink behind their back, they don’t receive the attention they need and deserve. Jordan’s parents show up to support them while misgendering Jordan throughout the conversation. That angers Jordan, and they change into their female form in order to mess with their parents and repel the sponsor. When Jordan’s father tells them to be in his male form permanently, Jordan retorts by saying that they haven’t changed as a person. So, they don’t need to stick to a singular form; Jordan’s father needs to open up his mind and be more accepting if he really loves Jordan.

Marie and Emma bury the hatchet when Marie needs Emma’s help to relieve herself. This gives Emma the courage to stand up to her mother and Courtney, and she reveals that her mother is the one who taught her how to purge, thereby associating her whole personality with an eating disorder that’ll haunt her for the rest of her life. On that note, Emma exits the party and goes to smoke a joint. Andre goes after Emma and proposes an idea to her. He knows that she is the only person who can infiltrate The Woods without getting detected because she can become very, very small. By the way, before getting to Emma, Andre does run into Cate, and they’ve a pretty inconsequential conversation about the evolution of their relationship. Anyway, Emma is not in her senses, and she agrees to do what Andre wants her to do. Andre tells Emma that she just needs to confirm the fact that Sam is in The Woods. She doesn’t have to rescue her or do anything that’s synonymous with superheroism. It’s a simple in-and-out mission. Emma manages to get to Sam’s room. However, she gets discovered by Sam, and he captures her while assuming that she is a figment of his imagination.

Did Emma rescue Sam?

Indira gives a massive speech that is supposed to be about Brink, but it becomes all about Marie because that’s her priority. She doesn’t really care if Brink is dead or super dead. We get a deep cameo as he remembers Brink. That’s followed by a message from Polarity. And when the focus shifts to Andre, we see that he is worried for Emma because she has been stuck in the same position for a long time. When Andre tries to leave the party again, Polarity gets a hold of him and asks him what’s going on. As soon as Andre mentions The Woods, Polarity gets very tense and warns Andre against uttering that name because Andre is evidently not ready to face the consequences of digging into Godolkin’s secrets. Meanwhile, Sam ensures that he isn’t imagining that Emma is there with him. The trivia section is truly hilarious, and Lizze Broadway is genuinely amazing in this scene as she tries to convince Sam that she is real. Once he realizes that Emma is real, he starts to worry about her well-being because if the security forces find out that she is in there with him, it’s going to lead to a world of trouble. Emma says that Sam needs to leave, and she is shocked to learn that Sam doesn’t want to because he thinks that every time he tries to get outside, he hurts people. He says that his situation is improving because of the new medicines he’s taking.

Emma says that Luke is the one who sent her to rescue Sam. When she realizes that Sam is reacting positively to the lie, she doubles down on it. That prompts Sam to reveal all the security codes for the facility. Gen V Episode 3 briefly goes to Marie, Cate, and Jordan as they reveal their tragic backstories. Marie talks about how she killed her parents. Cate talks about how she accidentally convinced her younger brother to “get lost” for the rest of his life. Jordan doesn’t have a tragic past, but their relationship with their parents is hurtful. Andre interrupts this conversation to reveal to the girls what he has done to Emma, thereby defying his father’s advice to not talk about The Woods.

During Gen V episode 3’s ending, we see Sam and Emma having a heartfelt conversation with each other about the pros and cons of their respective powers. But that’s interrupted by a guard who is there to investigate the potential intrusion. The floors are apparently electrified, and that incapacitates Sam. Emma manages to hide on the bookshelf. However, when she realizes that the guard is going to torture Sam until he is satisfied, she infiltrates his head through his ear and kills him. When Emma emerges from the other ear, she notices more guards coming to the room and realizes that things are going to go sideways pretty soon. So, no, Emma didn’t manage to rescue Sam in the most literal sense. That said, she has managed to motivate Sam to plot his escape, which is a big deal because she is trying to convince a person with severe mental issues to believe in himself and his powers. It remains to be seen if Sam uses this newfound confidence to punch through all the guards and go out into the open with Emma.

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