Geoffrey In ‘The Gentlemen’ Explained: Is The Gamekeeper Charly’s Father?


The Gentlemen is an intriguing 8-part series that exudes the Guy Ritchie style and has you embark on a journey through the criminal underground, drug lording, accidental gangstering, and affluence. You know, I’d say Geoff is the true gentleman of this show because of the dignity with which he holds himself (and he has a time of day when he drinks tea, very gentlemanly). For the most part, I guess, the title is meant to be ironic; however, in the real sense of the word, Geoff fits the role perfectly. He’s like the silent killer of this series. Well, who is Geoff? Geoffrey Seacombe is the Halstead gamekeeper. He knows every corner of the 15,000 acres and has a special love for the animals that accidentally find their way onto the estate. He looks after these animals and nurses them to health as if they’re his own, even if they’re foxes or hedgehogs. Geoff’s gentle at heart, but whatever the Hornimans need, he’s willing to provide. There’s a deep trust between the family and Geoff, almost as if he’s part of the family. I suppose he’s also like a father figure for the kids now that their dad’s passed. 

A word often used to describe Geoff is “loyal.” Not only in the old Duke’s will, but the first time Eddie asks to talk to the man regarding the drug business, he uses the same term to ask Geoff about everything he really knows about his father’s business. It’s quite ironic because Geoff’s done the most disloyal thing by having a child with the Duchess and then managed to keep it a secret for all these years. Maybe Eddie has an inkling of this, but he never does anything about it. However, for the most part, Geoff makes it his business to stay out of other people’s business. Geoff knows everything that’s happening on the estate; he knows who you’ve to watch out for and who would be a good friend. He’s the perfect asset—a kindhearted one at that. Yet, Geoff will never back away from a fight; if required, he’s willing to get his hands dirty and blood on his shirt if it helps the Hornimans. I suppose that’s some credit to the Duchess’ charm, no? 

There’s a sadness around Geoff throughout all of The Gentlemen. We learn somewhere in the middle that he’s actually Charly’s father. Somehow, for these many years, Geoff was satisfied with simply being of help to her, teaching her everything that she knew, and watching from the sidelines. Geoff doesn’t intend to tell her the truth and disrupt the family; however, somehow, when a pregnant Charly returns to Halstead Manor and surprises everyone with her massive belly, she knows that there’s something strange with Geoff. It’s probably the fact that he’s going to be a grandfather that leaves him in a frenzy (his own calm kind), which is evident to an observant Charly. She puts two and two together and confronts him one final day to see if he is her father. As expected, Geoff doesn’t tell her the truth at first. But then, when she’s about to walk away from him, he tells her that he just doesn’t want her to be ashamed. Charlotte tells him that he’s the most impressive man she’s ever known, so there’s no way she’d ever be ashamed of it. 

I’m reminded of Appu in the Indian show Killer Soup, who had a similar sort of background. I suppose Appu’s a more fleshed-out character, and she has a combative relationship with her supposed father, but her real father is Uncle Lucas, a Geoff-equivalent in the show. The Gentlemen has too many things to focus on to show us the inner workings of Charly’s relationship with Geoff. I mean, for the most part, she’s at university in the show and only shows up gravid in the last episode. However, it is nice to see her positive reaction to her real father, something Appu picks up on a little bit later. I think you could even say the two characters are quite alike; Geoff and Lucas are both stoic in demeanor but have the capability to kill a person without flinching. In the same way, Appu and Charly are strong, self-assured women who carry on with their own whims and fancies. The freedom of illegitimacy. 

Apart from Eddie, the most affable aristocrat on the scene, Geoff is the most amicable man in the series. Yet his stoic nature is ideal for keeping the bad guys away. He’s got it all! Though Geoff’s not really a part of the family business, he’s also got no intention of taking any part of it for himself; he’s got his eye on Eddie and what this kind of thing could do to a person. When the Dowager Duchess finds herself worrying for her son’s safety and overall mental wellbeing, Geoff steps in and saves the day. Geoff knows that there’s no way of getting rid of the Glasses; once you’re in the haze, you’re in it forever. Whatever ideas Eddie has to extricate his family from said business will eventually fail. This is when Geoff decides to make it his own business to help the guy; he makes it seem as if the Dowager Duchess is the one who finds another nearby estate for the expansion of the Glass empire, though it’s all been set up by Geoff himself. 

For the most part, Geoff lets himself fade into the background. He works with the stealth of a spy and lives like Snow White, with all his little animals. Geoff’s both peculiar and compelling as a character because he’s not an aristocrat, yet he carries himself as one and also lives a balanced life amidst the chaos. I suppose if there were a second season for The Gentlemen we could see Charly and Geoff’s relationship develop. Maybe in the new Eddie and Susie world, there’ll be room for Charly too, which means Geoff would do everything in his power to keep her safe and sheltered. We already know she’s good on horseback, so maybe we could see some fun action sequences with them together. They could become the duo to watch out for under the empire! The possibilities are endless. I don’t really think there’s room for the Duchess and Geoff to get together, the show isn’t really about romance at all (I appreciate the determination, despite the one slip with Jimmy, but you know it’s all part of the plot), but I think they’ll always remain cordial. 

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