Sadie And Cole In ‘Ghosted,’ Explained: Did They Get The Aztec Back?


The 2023 Apple TV+ action thriller “Ghosted” boasts a huge star cast, with Ana D. Armas, Chris Evans, and Adrian Broody at the helm of affairs. “Ghosted” tries to be quirky and draws inspiration from a lot of other works of a similar genre. The film has some eye-catching action sequences, but where it falters is in the conviction of the actors to pull off these larger-than-life characters and the weak writing that does not give them any sort of leverage. It felt like Chris Evans didn’t want to be a part of the project, and he lacked that quirk and energy that was so much needed for such a role. Ana de Armas brings her charm to the screen, but she completely feels out of place in multiple scenes. Adrien Brody is not given much to play with, and he essays the stereotypical villain that we have seen a million times in the commercial landscape. Even the cameos are as unimpressive as the entire narrative, and it is a pity that even after such a humongous budget, the film isn’t able to entertain you even the slightest bit. So, let’s find out what happens between Sadie and Cole and if they are able to accomplish the mission and save the world from destruction.

Spoilers Ahead

Cole Gets Mistaken For The Taxman

When Cole Turner met Sadie Rhodes, he had no clue what kind of mess he was getting into. He was a common man who helped his father on the farms, had exceptional knowledge about plants, and was passionate about history. Cole just wanted to have a normal life; he wanted to be in a relationship, and he had never imagined that the fate of the nation would rest on his shoulders. Sadie “ghosted” him after they spent a beautiful day together, and Cole was told by his sister that it was probably because he was way too clingy. Cole’s problem was that whenever he was in a relationship, that one person became his entire life, and the girls always started feeling claustrophobic before ultimately leaving him. Cole had texted Sadie a million times, but she hadn’t responded, and that was what made him anxious and paranoid. Cole had the habit of putting trackers on his belongings because he always seemed to lose them. He realized that he had put his inhaler in Sadie’s bag and left it there by mistake. Through the tracker, Cole got to know that Sadie was in London, and he decided to travel all the way there and surprise her. Instead of giving Sadie a surprise, he himself got the shock of his life when he was kidnapped by a man named Borislov, who was working for a crime lord who went by the name Leveque and was feared by all. Leveque believed Cole was the famous CIA undercover agent, The Taxman, and they had kidnapped him because they were in need of some vital information that only Taxman had.

Though Sadie rescued Cole from getting tortured, the innocent farmer was in big trouble as Leveque had kept a huge bounty on his head and a message was straight and clear: The Taxman had to be caught alive and brought to Leveque. 

Are Sadie And Cole Able To Get Back To Aztec?

Aztec was a bioweapon that Leveque had in his possession, and it was kept inside a case that could only be opened by using a passcode. The problem was that neither the CIA nor Leveque’s men had any clue what the passcode was, and the only information they had was that it was the genetic sequence of some person. Sadie, up until then, thought that Leveque would have the passcode at his disposal, but when she got to know that he didn’t have it, she realized that she still had a chance to make things right and save the world from a catastrophe. She had a plan in mind, though she knew that the consequences of putting an innocent life at risk were not going to be good. She took Cole to Leveque without his consent and pretended to be one of the assassins who had caught Cole for the reward. Cole and Sadie were taken on a private plane by Leveque’s right-hand man, Wagner, and on the way, he realized that Sadie was not the mercenary she was pretending to be, and they both were working together. Sadie and Cole had to jump from the plane to save their lives. They were rescued from an island, though once again, they lost the bioweapon.

Sadie would have never thought that the guy she had “ghosted” would make a breakthrough that her entire organization had not been able to make ever since they learned about the bioweapon. Cole figured that the genetic sequence that was needed to open the case in which the bioweapon was kept didn’t belong to any man but to a crop named amaranth. Cole was a history enthusiast, and it struck him that in Mesoamerican culture, the Aztecs used to worship the amaranth crop. The CIA decided to lay a trap for Leveque, but the problem was that they had to use Cole as bait once again because Leveque still believed he was the Taxman. Sadie was against Cole putting his life at risk, but Cole was very clear that he wanted to go ahead with the mission. Cole knew that if the CIA did not neutralize the threat, there was a possibility that Leveque would get to his family and harm them. Cole was a family man, and unlike Sadie, he was not somebody who believed that it was a mistake to fend for one’s own.

Cole went to meet Leveque and his boss, Mr. Utami, who had insisted that he wanted to be present for the meeting as he didn’t want any more goof-ups to happen. Cole had no clue what to say or how to stall them, and Wagner killing the three CIA officers who were assisting him didn’t help his cause. Cole gave a sigh of relief when he saw Sadie come to his rescue. Sadie had realized that she had been selfish in the past, and for once, she wanted to change that and put her life at risk to save whom she loved. Sadie told Mr. Utami and Leveque that she was the real Taxman and Cole was just her partner who had nothing to do with the mission. After a deadly combat, Sadie and Cole were able to get Aztec, and they took it safely back to the CIA headquarters.

Towards the end of “Ghosted,” things go back to normal, and Cole introduces Sadie to his family. He never told his parents or sister what they had gone through, and he maintained the fact that Sadie was, in fact, just a normal art curator. Cole also decided to pursue his passion, travel the world, and write the book he had always wanted to. Cole was well aware of the nature of work that Sadie did, and how dangerous it was, but he had somehow grown accustomed to it, and the couple learned how to maintain a work-life balance and savor every moment that came their way.

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