Godmothered (2020 Film) Review – True Love Comes In All Forms!

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Godmothered (film) directed by Sharon Maguire, is a modernized fairy tale with a touch of the traditional fairy tale norms. It is another addition to the many holiday season movies that you can enjoy, like a hot cup of coffee, with your family on a cold evening.  

Godmothered (film) starts with a visit to The Motherland where fairies are trained to be a Godmother, so they can help humans find their “Happily Ever After”. But Motherland is in danger because people no longer believe in happily ever after and there are no more assignments for them. 

Eleanor, the youngest fairy in the class vows to save The Motherland and sets out to complete the last assignment that ever came only to find that the young girl, Mackenzie, who wrote the letter is now a woman with two children, who no longer believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. Eleanor, with her bright pink gown and magical innocence, roams the streets of Boston to find her first-ever assignment. 

Mackenzie lost her belief in fairies and happily ever after when her husband died, and she was left alone with her two daughters, Jane and Mia. She also became distant to her two daughters, who were mainly taken care of by their Aunt Paula. Mackenzie also tries to discourage her musically talented daughter, Jane from participating in an upcoming parade, due to past episodes of failure and embarrassment. 

As Eleanor is trained in her classes of being a good godmother, she tries to find a prince for Mackenzie to complete her fairy tale and eventually her assignment. She tries to bring her and one of her colleagues in the news station, Hugh Prince, together, but Mackenzie has no desire for starting a new fairy tale. 

The story juggles between Mackenzie trying to get away from Eleanor and her desperate need to create a happily ever after fairy tale for her, and Eleanor trying to save Motherland from getting closed forever. Will Eleanor be able to save Motherland, and reignite Mackenzie’s belief in happily ever after?

Jillian Bell has done a remarkable job portraying Eleanor as innocent and funny. You will fall in love with the character instantly with her optimism and cuteness. Isla Fisher, as Mackenzie also has given an amazing performance. 

Godmothered (film) is filled with fresh humorous dialogues and scenes, like Eleanor roaming on the streets without being able to distinguish between the real world and Motherland. Her encounters with the humans and their ways will make you laugh throughout the movie. Still being inexperienced, sometimes she creates blunders with her magic thus creating problems for people around her, especially Mackenzie. Being set in Christmas time, Godmothered also has lots of cute and adorable moments and characters, like household helper racoon, Gary and Mackenzie’s cute little Mia. 

The narrative of the film also touches upon the fact that we don’t always need a prince charming or princess to complete our happily ever after, that fairy tales are not always about castles and gowns. Stream it today and unravel the enchanted world of Motherland.

Godmothered (film) is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

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