‘Godzilla Singular Point’ Ending and Encrypted Lullaby Explained


I always believed that a story shouldn’t just end when it concludes. Its essence, its emotions, and more importantly, its curiosity should remain in your grey matter as long as it can. Because what’s a story if it doesn’t leave an impact? Godzilla Singular Point is a tangled fable with substance. 

Externally, Godzilla Singular Point is a soothing animated tale that encompasses our favorite monster, Godzilla. But internally, it is an envelope of mathematical formulae and intricate parallel possibilities of our future that all lead to a catastrophe. So let’s dive into the complicated web of affairs to understand better.

‘Godzilla Singular Point’ Summary

In the year 2030, the story begins in Nigashio City, Chiba Prefecture. Two salient engineers, Yun Arikawa and Haberu Kato work for a repair shop, Otaki Factory. They are called to investigate a strange lullaby emitted from an abandoned building Western-style mansion. Inside a hidden chamber, Arikawa discovers a crystal radio that converts radio waves into energy/ or music. The two engineers follow the radio waves and reach Misakioku Radio Observatory to inquire further.

Simultaneously, a graduate student, Mei Kamino, arrives at Misakioku Radio Observatory to investigate a blaring alarm in the facility. Kamino concludes that the alarm machine has received an unidentified signal. Moreover, the machine at the facility plays the same lullaby that Arikawa heard at the mansion. So Kamino calls Arikawa to investigate the alarm system as Otaki Factory installed it. But before the two can jump to any conclusion, the guards arrest Arikawa and Kato for trespassing.

The mystery of strange signals and the lullaby takes a back seat when suddenly Radon (Kaiju) appears in the sky and attacks the city. The owner of Otaki Factory, Goro Otaki, has been designing Jet Jaguar, a robot to fight monsters. Finally, he unleashes his invention to safeguard the planet from the monsters. But a single robot can’t save the world, or can it? Don’t underestimate Jet Jaguar until you have witnessed the end.

Where did the Kaijus come from?

The caretaker of Misakioku Radio Observatory, Yamamoto, was hiding a Godzilla skeleton in the facility basement. Kaiju’s bones were connected to the alarm system, which was transmitting signals. Thus, it was speculated that the strange waves were calling out Kaijus from beneath the sea. But it wasn’t the case entirely.

The painting of Gojiro, a local legend, predicted that an apocalyptic monster would appear from the sea when it turned red. All the Kaiju monsters spread and thrived upon this red material, also called Red Dust. Slowly, the sea and the sky turned red, therefore creating a perfect catastrophe environment, fatal for humans. But for Kaiju, the red dust was a prominent part of their ecosystem.

Professor Ashihara predicted the evolution of creatures based on Red Dust. He discovered a minute amount of Red Dust in a rare jellyfish in Japan. The species ingested and harnessed the power of Red Dust, which was also a phase one Archetype. Hence, as per Ashihara’s research, it could be concluded that Red Dust and Kaiju were natural phenomena. But he also predicted that one day it would take over the world, causing a catastrophe. So he spent his life researching to stop it.

Archetype, the Orthogonal Diagonalizer & Singular Point

Kamino suggested that Archetype is a transtemporal structure. It meant that half of it exists in another dimension. If Archetype is a material that connects different dimensions, then maybe, Kaiju is also from another dimension. It was brought to Earth with the help of Archetype or Red Dust.

The Orthogonal Diagonalizer was the 13th phase of the Archetype. It functioned as a catalyst to alter other Archetypes. In simple words, an Orthogonal Diagonalizer missile was the solution to the red dust and Kaiju catastrophe. But it was way beyond the reach. Professor Ashihara created Orthogonal Diagonalizer, and the Shiva Consortium primarily owned it. But to use the missile, they needed the codes which were unknown to everyone around. So until the end, Kamino and Arikawa tried to decipher it.

In his notes, Ashihara scribbled that “6=9.” It was indicated that Archetype could bend time, space, laws of the universe, and other things. As per the “twist and attach” theory, if 6 and 9 are bent and connected, it would create an infinity symbol (∞). But with infinite figures, the structure and definition of Archetype would be infinite as well. Professor Li called this phenomenon, Singular point. In mathematical terms, singularity is a point where the given mathematical problem is not defined. 

Ashihara created a non-defined function or Singular point to start the calculations of his super calculator. Otherwise, it would be impossible to come up with any result with infinite possibilities. The system would eventually overload, as it happened with Ashihara’s research. Throughout the series, the singular point kept on widening as the catastrophe’s time came closer. Even Godzilla became stronger with each passing step towards a destructive future.

‘Godzilla Singular Point’ Ending Explained

Professor Ashihara’s super calculator crashed because all the future possibilities met a catastrophe. Ashihara predicted that the disaster would take place in 2030, 9:30 am on August 16, 2030. The exact date and time of the disaster were encrypted in the song (lullaby) that played at the beginning of Godzilla Singular Point. The catastrophe was predicted 50 years ago by Professor Ashihara.

Kamino understood that the disaster was inevitable. The only way out was to complete The Orthogonal Diagonalizer that would nullify red dust. Kaiju couldn’t survive without Red Dust, and thus, it would also end them. But to activate the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, they needed codes, which were missing.

Kamino’s AI Pelops II accessed Shiva, the singular point monitoring and controlling device. Through the information gathered, the AI deciphered that Professor Ashihara might have been using Archetype to stop the growth of singular points. The AI also found out Ashihara’s incomplete task, which had the codes for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. But before the AI could find it, a Salunga (Kaiju) attacked the facility. Pelops II failed to find the codes to activate the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, but it found the answers to its existence.

In the end, they heard the song (lullaby) again, coming from the Singular Point at irregular intervals. Kamino concluded that the song was a signal and everything was connected to the song. Pelops II sent the answer through a protocol to make Jet Jaguar invincible.

In Nigashio, Jet Jaguar was knocked down by the Kaiju. Godzilla Ultima was going to kill Arikawa with its atomic breath when Jet Jaguar received the protocols from Pelops II. The robot transforms itself into an invincible Jet Jaguar PP. It was a descendant of Pelops II and Jet Jaguar, many generations down. The robot knew everything from its past life but couldn’t remember it. 

In the first episode, “A Distant Road Home,” when the alarm blazed uncontrollably, Kamino noticed the instruction manual. The machine had the model number stated as “JJSX Type 1”, where JJ stands for Jet Jaguar. Otaki Factory installed it, but Arikawa didn’t remember. JJSX Type 1 was trying to send a message to itself through the lullaby/song. It was a catalyst to recall the memories and discover their identity.

Jet Jaguar was reborn repeatedly until it had the power to fight the catastrophe using the protocol written by Arikawa. Jet Jaguar was the code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer. In the end battle, it destroyed the Godzilla Ultima and nullified red dust with blue crystals. Finally, the sky was blue, and the future looked bright.

“If the past can be changed. The present is a changed future.”

Jet Jaguar made changes in the past to save the present and the future. And thus, everything was its endeavor to save the world from the catastrophe. I guess I made myself clear, with “what a single robot could do against an army of Kaijus.

Post Credit Scene

A post-credit sequence established that members of Shiva Consortium had secretly built a Mechagodzilla from the bones of Kaiju, stolen from the basement of Misakioku Radio Observatory. An aged Professor Ashihara stepped out from the shadow and grinned, looking at the creation. The scene hints that in Godzilla Singular Point Season 2, Mechagodzilla will play a prominent antagonist. The mechanical structure is fixed with Kaiju’s bones that in a way invites mass destruction. The anti-titan machine can act on its will against human control, as seen in the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong. Thus, the weapon to save humanity could easily transform into a weapon of mass destruction. Season 2 will explore the conflict further.

Godzilla Singular Point is a 2021 Japanese Anime Series directed by Atsushi Takahashi. It is streaming on Netflix.

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