‘Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire’ Ending Explained: Did Kong And Godzilla Stop The Skar King?


Directed by Adam Wingard, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire reveals certain secrets that have been hidden in the deep and dark crevasses of the Hollow earth for ages. It all started when Dr. Ilene Andrews observed that there were some very strange spikes recorded by the scientists on the outpost that was situated near the Hollow earth. So, let’s find out what those spikes were and if Dr. Andrews, together with her entire team, was able to tackle the conflict that awaited them.

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What anomaly did Monarch Outpost 1 witness? 

Firstly, Godzilla awakened from his slumber, and though he killed the predators who attacked the human world, he also caused widespread destruction in the area. Godzilla, after the fights, used to go and sleep off in the Colosseum, and the Italian government didn’t like that fact. Dr. Ilene Andrews asked them to be grateful for the fact that Godzilla was there since their entire country would have been destroyed if it were not for the beast. Kong, on the other hand, was in the Hollow earth, and he was feeling extremely lonely there. He craved some companionship, and deep down, Jia knew that he wouldn’t be able to continue like that for long. One fine day, the Monarch outpost observed that there was some kind of radio interference happening that they hadn’t seen before. They didn’t know what it was or from where it was coming.

Meanwhile, Jia was having these very powerful visions, and she knew that it was not just a dream but had some deeper meaning. She told Dr. Andrews about it, who then decided to go down into the Hollow earth and find out what was happening there. Dr. Andrews went to meet Bernie, and she brought him to the observatory as she knew that the man was obsessed with the Titan world and that his way of thinking and solving problems was very different from the normal scientists who worked with her. So Dr. Andrews, together with Trapper, Bernie, and the shuttle pilot Miakel, decided to check out what was happening in the Hollow earth. Dr. Andrews didn’t want to take Jia down there, but the little girl insisted, and she said that she could be of some help. Dr. Andrews didn’t realize it then, but taking Jia with her was probably the best decision she could have made. 

Who was sending SOS signals from the Hollow earth? 

In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, Dr Andrews was shocked to see traces of very old civilization in the Hollow earth. She realized that it dated back to the time when, according to human research, no life existed on the face of the earth. Just after Mikael got eaten alive by a venomous plant, a group of humans arrived out of nowhere and took Dr. Andrews and her team into captivity. It was then that Dr. Andrews realized how wrong humans were in speculating on the fact that Jia was the last member of the Iwi tribe who was still alive. There was an entire community of Iwi people living in the Hollow earth, and their region was protected by a kind of biometric hum. Dr Andrews got to know that the SOS signal was being sent by them, as they knew that an evil power was rising in the abyss of the Hollow earth, and if they didn’t do anything about it, then the entire planet would be destroyed. The Iwi tribe needed help, and according to an age-old prophecy, they knew that Mothra, the queen of the monsters, was going to help them in the battle. It was said that an Iwi girl hailing from Skull Island would be able to awaken Mothra, and the leader of the Iwi tribe knew that it was Jia who was destined to play that role. 

How did the Skar king control Shimo? 

Kong went to the subterranean realm, which was an uncharted territory for humans. He found more of his kind there who were not as friendly as he would have imagined them to be. Kong found a ferocious little ape who tried to backstab him at every given opportunity. With time, the little one realized that Kong was just looking out for him, and so he became a bit emotionally attached to him. Kong went together with the little orange ape and found that there was an entire army being bred by the Skar king in the abyss of the earth. The Skar king had kept what looked like an albino Godzilla in captivity. The poor creature named Shimo was tortured by the Skar king. The creature could breathe ice, and the Skar king knew that he would help him become the emperor of the entire realm. The Skar king used pain to control the majestic creature. The Skar king had this magical crystal through which he caused a great deal of pain to Shimo, and it was how he forced him to obey his commands. Shimo was a very non-violent creature, but it had no option but to obey the orders of his master. Kong’s hand got frostbite when he came face-to-face with Shimo, and he somehow managed to escape from there and reach the Iwi tribe region. Jia had one look at Kong’s hands, and she realized that they would need help if they wanted to stop the Skar king. Trapper brought the artificial hand that the scientists had created as a part of the project powerhouse, and it made sure that it enhanced Kong’s power. Kong was aware that the Skar king’s army, together with Shimo, was reaching their doorstep, and so he went to Earth to ask for help from his former adversary. 

How did Kong and Godzilla stop the Skar King? 

Kong went to the surface world because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to win the battle against the Skar king without Godzilla by his side. The moment Godzilla saw Kong, he attacked him, and the two entered into fiery combat. Just then, Mothra came out of the Hollow earth as she had been awakened by Jia, and her presence did something to both the beasts. They stopped fighting, and they realized that they had a common enemy against whom they would have to join forces. The biggest weakness of the Skar king was that his own army didn’t want to stand with him, and it was only the fear of being persecuted that made them do so. After a fierce battle, Kong and Godzilla, with the help of Mothra, were able to defeat the Skar king.

During Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire‘s ending, Shimo was set free, and the beast in no time froze the Skar king to death. After the fight ended, Kong freed Skar King’s army, and together with Shimo and the little ape, who fought valiantly alongside him, he went back to the Hollow earth. Godzilla once again went and slept in the Colosseum, though the Italian government had no issues as they knew that had it not been for the giant lizard, humanity would have become extinct. Dr. Ilene Andrews knew that there was a possibility that Jia would want to stay back with her own tribe, but the little girl had already made up her mind about what she wanted to do. Jia told Dr. Andrews that home for her was wherever her mother went. It all ended well for Andrews, Bernie, and Trapper, and they came back to the surface world safely. 

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