‘Good Morning, Veronica’ Season 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Claudio?


Netflix Brazilian Series, “Good Morning, Veronica,” followed a police-records clerk, Veronica Torres, who aspired to become a police detective like her father, Julio Torres. However, nothing was as simple as it sounded. Ex-Chief of police, Julio Torres, was accused of corruption and was going to be arrested when he ran away from the police and went straight to the house where he shot his wife to death and later tried to kill himself but somehow survived. The special investigation agencies believed that Julio had killed himself. However, his close friend, Homicide Chief Wilson Carvana, admitted a paralyzed Julio under a different name to a private nursing home so that no one could ever find him. In the present time, only a few people knew about Julio’s survival, and one of them was his daughter, Veronica, who took care of her father, who could neither move nor speak because of the accident. Wilson Carvana used his connections to get Veronica a job at the homicide department, where she worked as a records clerk, but she wanted to become a detective so that she could find out the truth about the fateful night and her father’s involvement in it. Veronica refused to believe that her father could shoot her mother, and this kept haunting her throughout Season 1.

“Good Morning, Veronica” Season 1 majorly focused on two criminal cases. At the beginning of the series, an emotionally vulnerable woman, Marta Campos, arrived at the police station and sought help from Wilson Carvana. She wanted to file a report against a con-man whom she met on an online dating website called “Ideal Love,” but when Wilson refused to help her, she shot herself in the station in front of Veronica, following which she got obsessed with the case.

The con-man, originally named Gregorio Duarte, used to create fake IDs on the dating app and would target the most vulnerable women and later arrange a date with them. At the restaurant, he used to mix homemade roofies in their drinks and would later click their exposed pictures in order to blackmail them and steal from them. After Marta’s suicide, another woman named Tania came forward and helped the police arrest Gregorio. However, he was soon released due to a corrupt justice system. Veronica even found out that someone pushed Tania in front of the moving bus, and she was in a coma. Nelson Morales and Veronica were certain that it was Gregorio who pushed Tania to take revenge on her, but they didn’t have evidence to prove it.

The second important case revolved around a 35-year-old woman named Janete Cruz, who was living with her husband, Claudio Antunes Brandao, a lieutenant colonel in the military police. Janete had a series of miscarriages, and Claudio eagerly wanted a son; hence, after every miscarriage, he used to emotionally and physically traumatize Janete, but that was not the end of it. Claudio belonged to a missionary group that worshiped “Our Lady Of The Head.” Claudio used to pick up women who had just arrived in Brazil looking for work, abduct them, and take them to an isolated ranch with Janete’s help. He had an underground bunker where he used to abuse these women physically, and while doing so, he kept a wooden box on Janete’s head so that she could hear their screams and witness the horror from the pinhole in the box.

After Marta’s suicide, Veronica appealed to the women suffering from domestic violence to come forward so that the police could protect them from their perpetrators. Janete saw Veronica on the news and contacted her to reveal the truth about Claudio, but Veronica was only a police clerk, and Claudio held a prestigious position in the military police, so proving his crimes proved difficult for her. However, at the end of “Good Morning, Veronica” Season 1, Veronica found out that her police captain, Anita Berlinger, was trying to protect Claudio, which is why she tried to kill Veronica. But Wilson knew about Anita’s plan and thus tried to help Veronica at all stages and even begged her to leave the country with her husband, Paulo, and two kids. Instead, Veronica sent Paulo and her kids away so that she could investigate the case further and later came across an old case titled, “Cosmas and Damian,” which her father was working on before he tried to kill himself.

Cosmas and Damian was an orphanage that was shut down as it was involved in child trafficking. Through further investigation, Veronica discovered that Anita Berlinger belonged to the same orphanage. The management at Cosmas and Damian used to groom kids to infiltrate the system who would later hold prestigious positions in the government machinery like politicians, judges, police chiefs, etc. Veronica surmised that Janete’s husband, Claudio, was a part of the corrupt system, which was why Anita and the police commissioner were trying so hard to protect him, and for that, they were even ready to kill Veronica. But at this point, Veronica was certain that she couldn’t help Janete lawfully, so she left a poisonous roofie inside the dustbin and wrote to Janete to kill her husband if she wanted this horror to end. On the day of the next ritual, Janete mixed the poison in Claudio’s jug, believing he would drink it, but it was consumed by Claudio’s grandmother, who used to perform the ritual. Claudio’s grandmother died on the spot, and to avenge her death, Claudio burned Janete alive.

Later, while clearing the house of Janete’s belongings, he found a number in Janete’s puzzle book. The number belonged to Veronica’s desk, but when he called the number, it was Wilson Carvana who picked it up, as Veronica was away. Claudio believed that it was Wilson who gave the poison flask to Janete and thus quickly abducted him and took him to his ranch to bury him alive. At that moment, Veronica arrived at Janete’s house and found her puzzle book, and soon Nelson called her and informed her that they had found Wilson’s car abandoned on the streets. Veronica could connect the dots and soon located Claudio’s secret ranch. She wasn’t able to save Wilson, though. She captured Claudio and burned him to death inside the bunker, the same way he killed Janete. At this point, Veronica wanted to turn herself in to the police but soon found that the Police Chief, Carlos Alberto, was a part of the corrupt system and thus decided to become a fugitive in order to destroy the corrupt system and bring justice to her father’s name. Veronica recorded the last video for her kids and bid them a final goodbye before finally disappearing from the scene.

Two months later, an anonymous tip to the police led them to a private ranch in Serra da Cantareira, where the authorities found 15 dead bodies. In the report given to the media, Anita informed them that out of 15 bodies, 3 belonged to officers who were secretly working on the case. They were Wilson, Veronica, and Claudio. Hence, even in the end, Anita and Carlos tried to protect Claudio’s name from the hideous crime he committed. Veronica’s friend, Victor Prata, helped her in making a fake autopsy report, convincing Anita and the public that Janete’s completely burned dead body belonged to Veronica. The police believed that Claudio’s wife was still alive somewhere, while Veronica, on the other hand, took Janete’s identity so that she could investigate the missionary group. She had found out through Wilson that Cosmas and Damian orphanage was shut down, but there was a new one operating in the shadows, and thus Veronica decided to catch them red-handed and put an end to their practices. But for that, Veronica had to disappear for some time and leave her family behind, and she was ready to make that sacrifice.

At the end of “Good Morning, Veronica” Season 1, we saw Veronica dressed up as a waiter in a restaurant where she offered a free drink to Gregorio Duarte, the conman who was waiting for his next target to arrive. Veronica mixed the poison in his drink, and as soon as he drank it, he started coughing badly. He probably died soon after, and for all the women that he had conned, that was the ultimate justice that they were seeking. The justice system might have failed them, but Veronica decided to take their revenge finally, and it was time for her to bring down her ultimate nemesis.

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