‘Good Morning, Veronica’ Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Matias Arrested?


Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 began a few months after Veronica faked her death and obtained a new identity as Janete Cruz in order to expose a syndicate that was involved in child trafficking. The missionary group used to abduct innocent children and later brainwash and groom them so that they could be released into the society where they would attain high positions in the hierarchy and would favor their alma mater so that they could keep the chain moving. At the beginning of season 2, we saw Veronica clicking pictures of a private meeting between a mafia group and corrupt police officials. The police chief, Carlos Alberto, and the new head of the homicide department, Anita Berlinger, had brought in money obtained through their corrupt practices, which they handed over to their master, whose face wasn’t revealed at the scene. However, at the meeting, Veronica spotted Pedro Rossi, a corrupt prosecutor who worked on the Crooked Cross massacre, where the main culprit was military police lieutenant colonel Claudio Antunes Brandao, whose hideous crimes were depicted in Good Morning, Veronica Season 1. Pedro helped the police and his syndicate to clear up Claudio’s name and framed him as the fallen hero making the public believe that he died while trying to catch the serial killer, while in reality, he was the actual serial killer.

Veronica investigated Pedro and found out that his birth mother, Antonia, gave him up for adoption to the Cosmas and Damian orphanage after her son got involved in a series of serious crimes. However, after the adoption, the orphanage didn’t let Antonia meet her son, and neither did Pedro maintained any relationship with his birth mother, even after he became a respected prosecutor. With this information in hand, Veronica blackmailed Pedro to compel him to reveal the name of the mafia leader who was running the syndicate. However, before Pedro could come up with any substantial information, he was killed.

In Season 2, Veronica maintained a distance from her family but was in constant contact with her father’s friend, Victor Prata, who helped Veronica to get a new clinic for Julio Torres. Veronica’s lover, Nelson Morales, too, found out the truth that Veronica was alive and tried to help her, but as soon as Anita discovered that Nelson was helping someone, she planted a bomb in Nelson’s car and got him killed. Veronica didn’t have many allies this season, but that didn’t dampen her spirits, and she focused all of her energy on unraveling the syndicate’s operations so she could return to her family.

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Who Was Running The Syndicate?

Carlos Alberto found a newspaper cut-out about Julio Torres at Veronica’s hideout that the police had raided. He was certain that the woman who was following them had something to do with Julio, so he found out about Julio’s whereabouts and took him to an isolated warehouse. Veronica arrived at the warehouse to save her father, where Carlos shot Julio in the head and killed him. In anger, Veronica killed Carlos and took out his cellphone in order to find more information about the leader of the syndicate. In Carlos’s cellphone, Veronica saw a contact named Matias Carneiro and thus decided to pay him a visit.

Matias was a missionary leader who used to run an orphanage called the House of the Saints. After Cosmas and Damian orphanage was shut down, the missionary group opened a new one, and House of the Saints was the orphanage that Wilson Carvana was talking about in Season 1. Matias used to conduct healing ceremonies in the Soul in Faith temple, from where he used to pick up vulnerable women going through some kind of ailment. His wife, Gisele, would pick these women and, later, Matias would convince them to stay at his mansion so that he could heal them. The set-up was very similar to Claudio’s, but in Matias’s case, he used it to deceive these women in the name of faith, while Claudio used physical strength to abduct them and later kill them.

Angela, Matias’s teenage daughter, was unaware of her father’s heinous crimes until she discovered that he used to take these women staying in the house into the healing room, where he would abuse them physically. She found out the truth when, out of curiosity, Angela insisted that she would help her father with the healing ritual, and during the ceremony, she saw her father raping the woman in the name of healing them. Later, Matias told Angela that it was the only way he could heal people, and though Angela was disgusted by her father’s practices, she was too afraid to run away, until Veronica convinced her otherwise.

Nelson, before dying, informed Veronica that Matias had been reported multiple times for sexual abuse, but the case was swept under the rug each time. Every time someone reported Matias, he used his influence, after which the people in the justice system silenced these women, and Matias’s name was cleared. After Nelson’s death, Victoria was devastated, but then came across a new chief of police named Gloria Volp, who wasn’t corrupt like the other officers in the system. With Gloria’s help, Veronica was able to raid the House of the Saints, but Matias put the entire blame on the director of the orphanage, Olga Ribeiro. During a police investigation, Matias revealed that he had no idea that Olga was running a child trafficking syndicate in the House of the Saints, and even Gloria and Veronica had no evidence to connect him with the operation. Eventually, they had to let Matias go. To put Matias behind bars, they needed more evidence and their only hope was Matias’s daughter, Angela and his wife, Gisele.

What Happened To Carol and Angela?

Veronica and Gloria needed testimony from the women that Matias had abused, but they were so frightened that no one dared to come forward, not even Matias’s daughter Angela, nor his wife, Gisele.

After the police had raided the House of the Saints, Matias convinced his blind followers that he had no involvement in the entire operation and that the police and the authorities just wanted to defame him as they were afraid of his faith. Meanwhile, Matias adopted Angela’s lover, Carol, and brought her to the house. Angela feared that Matias would abuse Carol the same way he had abused so many women and thus decided to run away from the house with Carol. Earlier, Matias tried to sell Carol to a trafficker in Spain, where she would have ended up as a sex worker, but before Carol and the other girls could be taken out of the country, Gloria and Veronica busted them. It was Anita Berlinger who informed Veronica about the operation, and thus Matias killed Anita for betraying him. On the same night, Carol and Angela ran away from home and went straight to Veronica’s hideout so that she would be able to help them. But Veronica was accused of Anita’s murder as, through the CCTV footage, the police found out that she was the only person who visited Anita that night. The corrupt officials threatened Victor Prata and from him found out about Veronica’s secret hideout where she had been hiding Carol and Angela. They took Angela away while shooting Carol in the leg.

To prove her innocence and save Angela from her father’s captivity, Veronica had to reveal Matias’s real face to the world at all costs. Through Victor’s boyfriend, who was a journalist, Veronica found out about Monsignor Davila, a missionary under whom Matias had his first religious training. The police had arrested Monsignor Davila and shut down his “Order of Faith” location called “Clavus, caro, sanguis,” a Latin phrase that translates into “Nail, Flesh, and Blood.” Angela had heard the phrase from her father, and she also informed Veronica about the same. As soon as Veronica heard the phrase for the second time, she became certain that Matias was hiding some grave secrets at the location. The place that had been converted into a mental hospital had the same serpent symbol as seen on Matias’s gold ring, whose importance might be explored in Season 3. Nevertheless, as Veronica visited the mental hospital, she inquired about a woman named Judite Carneiro, who was Matias’s wife. The lady at the mental hospital informed Veronica that Judite had passed away. However, as Veronica was about to leave the premises, she saw Gisele sitting inside the facility.

Veronica showed Gisele the picture that Angela had stolen from the healing room, where it was hidden under the figure of “Our Lady Of The Head.” In the picture, we saw a young Matias with his wife Judite and their newborn daughter Gisele. Veronica connected the dots and finally figured out Matias’s pattern. He used to marry his own daughter. He had already married Gisele, and now he was going to marry Angela. Veronica convinced Gisele to testify against the culprit and break the pattern, or else so many more innocent women, including Angela, would become his target. During a ceremony at the Soul in Faith temple, Gisele walked on the stage and revealed to Matias’s devotees that she was his daughter, whom he had been abusing for a long time. She even told them about many other women who were raped by Matias in the name of faith. Angela joined in and told the public that her father tried to abuse her as well, and as soon as Matias saw his house of cards crumbling down, he took Angela and tried to run away. Matias wanted to leave the country through his private helicopter, but fortunately, Veronica stopped him, and he was later arrested by Gloria.

During his arrest, Matias revealed to Veronica that his father, Julio Torres, was a part of the syndicate too. However, Veronica already knew about her father’s involvement through Anita Berlinger’s birth mother, who told Veronica that it was Julio who took Anita away from her. When Veronica told her father that she wanted to become a detective like him, Julio’s moral conscience turned on, and he decided to put an end to the syndicate so that his own daughter wouldn’t have to become a corrupt policeman. But in his pursuit, he incited enmity with the wrong people, who not only shot his wife but also tried to kill him.

After Matias’s arrest, Gloria asked Veronica to run away, as she would be an easy target for the syndicate inside the prison. But before leaving, she handed over a box to Veronica, which was the same box that Anita had taken away from Matias’s house after the police raid, and it was the same box that Matias had hidden in a safe in the Soul in Faith temple and was running away with it. Inside the box, Veronica found some drawings and a road map to the state of Maranhao. She noticed an uncanny resemblance between Matias and Claudio Antunes Brandao, and finally concluded that the two were brothers who belonged to a village in Maranhao, but they had another sibling too, who happened to be Veronica’s bigger foe than Matias and Claudio and would strike back at her in Season 3. As for Angela and Carol, they were seen celebrating their newly attained freedom on a beach somewhere away from Matias’s dark shadows.

Is Doum Going to Target Veronica’s Daughter?

When Veronica blackmailed prosecutor Pedro Rossi at the beginning of Season 1, and inquired about the leader of the syndicate, he told her that he knew only one name, and that was Doum. So who is Doum? And how is he or she related to Matias and Claudio?

In Season 2, Episode 5, when Veronica visited Janete Cruz’s sister, Janice, in order to hand over Janete’s ashes to her, Janice told Veronica that Janete had sent her a photo. In that picture, Veronica saw a young Matias and a young Claudio with a woman who could probably be their sister, Doum. According to historical references, Cosmas and Damian were two twin brothers who used to carry out surgical processes on their patients without a fee and treat them for their ailments. In the series, Matias and Claudio probably portrayed saint surgeons who believed that they had the power to cure people, which is why Claudio used to carry out surgeries on the women he had abducted, while Matias promised to heal them through his own vile methods. In the notebook that Veronica retrieved from Matias’s box, there was a picture of Cosmas and Damian, along with a third sibling who was either the third brother or the sister.

During Good Morning, Veronica Season 2’s ending, when Matias was put on house arrest, Doum paid him a visit. The entire sequence was shot from Doum’s point of view, and thus his/her face wasn’t revealed to the viewers. The creators probably hadn’t cast the character or wanted to keep his/her identity a secret, which is why the scene was designed in that unusual way. Even in the notebook that Veronica had, Doum’s face was struck off in order to conceal his/her identity. In the closing shot, Matias reveals to Doum that it was Veronica who killed their brother, Claudio, and thus they needed to take their revenge. Matias showed her the picture of Veronica’s daughter, Lila, which probably meant that she was going to be their next target.

In Season 2, Lila met a guy on Instagram who used a social media handler with the username “Lucas 2006.” This person was obviously an imposter, but Lila used to talk to him day and night and also developed a crush on him. In her mother’s absence, Lucas had become her escape, and Veronica was unaware of it. Probably, this Lucas was an imposter planted by Matias to take revenge on Veronica, whose role would be further explored in Season 3. Veronica, on the other hand, was on the run once again and rode off to a village in Maranhao that was probably Matias and Claudio’s hometown. She desperately needed some answers and wanted to unravel the mystery surrounding the syndicate. However, in her obsession to solve the case, she was ready to disregard her family’s safety. Good Morning, Veronicaf Season 3 would probably be the finale season of the series where Veronica would dig up the buried secrets and destroy the root of all evil for once and for all, but at what cost?

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