‘Good Omens’ Season 2 Ending, Explained:  Did Aziraphale And Crowley Part Ways?


The first season of Good Omens ended on a cliffhanger with some potential, and we knew that there was more trouble to follow. The angels and the demons were not happy with what had happened, and they wanted a fight to happen between both the parties. But Gabriel was totally against it, and he had to bear a lot of backlash in heaven due to the choices he made. Gabriel also wanted peace, and the others, like Michael, didn’t want that to happen. That’s when Gabriel was sent down to Earth, and to make matters worse he lost his memory. The angels didn’t want him around because he didn’t align with their ideologies and he had blatantly spoken against the war. He had become flawed like humans, and the angels didn’t like it. But frankly speaking, being flawed didn’t seem like a problem, and even Gabriel felt that he was doing the right thing.

Meanwhile, Crowley and Aziraphale were on Earth, and they were having a pretty good time, but they didn’t know what fate had in store for them. There was a lot of effort being made in heaven and even in hell to discredit both the angel and the demon, but they were not able to find any evidence, as Aziraphale and Crowley were smart enough to cover their tracks. They both refrained from speaking their hearts out and who would have known that when they did decide to express their feelings, it would be too late? But in the present time, they were dealing with Gabriel and trying to decipher how he had come down to Earth, and additionally, they did not even remember a single thing about his past. So, let’s find out what happened in Good Omens Season 2 and what ultimately happens between Aziraphale and Crowley.

How Did Gabriel’s Memory Come Back?

After spending many days on Earth, Gabriel finally got his memories back and realized why he was sent there in the first place. At the end of Good Omens season 1, Gabriel realized that Crowley and Aziraphale had inevitably postponed Armageddon, and that’s when he came into contact with Beelzebub and started discussing what they should do about the ongoing situation. Gabriel told the angels that Armageddon was not going to happen, and Archangel Michael and others took a lot of offense, as their entire lives were spent preparing for that one fight between the angels and demons. The council in heaven decided that Gabriel would be demoted and made a junior recording angel. They told Gabriel that they would take his memory to make things a little easier for him, but he knew that he couldn’t let them do that. So before they could initiate the formal process, Gabriel escaped from the heavens and stored his memory in a bee with the help of Beelzebub.

Gabriel, with time, had fallen in love with Beelzebub, and it was the most unlikely association that could ever happen. Nobody could ever imagine that a supreme archangel and the prince of the demons would come together and fall in love. Gabriel had become more human than he could have imagined, and to hear words like love and affection from him was actually quite surprising. But the man had fallen for Beelzebub, and they were not ready to be separated from each other. Beelzebub and Gabriel moved to Alpha Centauri, and Armageddon was inevitably postponed. There was a lot of disappointment in both realms, i.e., in heaven and hell. Their love story served as an inspiration for people like Aziraphale and Crowley since that’s what they had wanted to do since time immemorial. Even imagining that a demon and an angel could be together was out of bounds, but the leader had himself broken the rules, and he had done it without any qualms. Frankly, it felt like the right thing to do, but the rules were stringent, and such behavior where love overpowered everything else was not acceptable.

Why Did Aziraphale And Crowley Part Ways?

Good Omens Season 2’s ending brought a rather unexpected twist that nobody had imagined. With the matter of Gabriel and Beelzebub finally settled, Archangel Michael wanted to remove the name of Aziraphale from the Book of Life, as he had helped Gabriel. Aziraphale had no qualms about what he had done, and he was ready to do whatever the archangels asked him to. But then suddenly, there was a noble gentleman who arrived at Nina’s coffee shop, making very peculiar remarks. He barged into the bookstore, where the angels and demons were having an argument, and asked Archangel Michael to stop speaking. He told Michael that nowhere in the rule book did it say that just because Gabriel had left with Beelzebub, his position could be taken by him.

The angels and even the demons were surprised to learn who this gentleman was who had the audacity to speak in matters of heaven and hell in such a commanding tone. That man was actually Metatron, the king of angels, and he absolutely knew what he was doing. He shunned the angels and the demons and asked Muriel, Crowley, and Aziraphale to stay back. Everybody was feeling a bit overwhelmed by Metatron’s presence, as nobody had expected that he would pay such a sudden visit. Metatron took Aziraphale outside and gave him an offer for which he had probably been waiting his entire life. He told him that he would want to take the post of supreme archangel, and Aziraphale didn’t have any words to describe his feelings at that moment. Metatron also made an exception for Aziraphale and told him that if he wanted Crowley to be a part of his contingent, he could make arrangements to bring his demon friend back to heaven. Aziraphale was elated; it was as if his dreams had come true.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Nina confronted Crowley and told him to stop trying to be a matchmaker because, right now, they were not interested in dating each other. Nina told him upfront that she was dealing with a bad breakup and had no intentions to be with Maggie in such a state. She loved Maggie for who she was, but she also knew that if she dated her right now, she would only be using her to get over her ex-partner. Both Maggie and Nina asked Crowley why he felt such hesitation about sharing his actual feelings. They told him that they saw through his intentions, and they knew from a long time ago that he was more than friends with Aziraphale. They told him that, though he did blabber about all sorts of stuff, he never talked about the actual thing. No demon or angel had ever confronted Crowley in such a manner, and he felt vulnerable in front of those two human girls. But still, he agreed to what they told him and decided that he would tell Aziraphale that he loved him.

Aziraphale came back after the meeting with Metatron and told Crowley about the offer. Crowley was shocked, as he had started believing that none of them would ever go back to heaven or hell. Crowley wanted to stay back with Aziraphale on Earth, but he realized that Aziraphale still had the desire to become the supreme archangel. There are millions of people who experience heartbreak on a daily basis, but for the first time, a demon was feeling such a thing. Crowley went away as he saw that Aziraphale had made his decision. Aziraphale wanted Crowley to come with him to heaven, but he realized that it was not going to happen.

Will There Be A Season 3?

We believe there is definitely a season 3 of Good Omens on the cards, as Metatron talked about a second coming, which, according to him, was going to happen sooner rather than later. Now that Armageddon was out of the question, probably all the angels and demons would shift their focus to this phenomenon. It is said that during the second coming, Christ will return to Earth and reward all his followers and punish those who were against him. So now Aziraphale went back to heaven, and obviously, he would have even more responsibilities as he would be the supreme archangel, whereas Crowley was on Earth, and he had abstained from indulging with demons and angels.

Crowley and Aziraphale loved each other, but at this point, they wanted different things in life. Aziraphale still yearned for power and Crowley felt disheartened because he had believed that they would stay away from everybody in that bookstore where they had been for the past many years. It would be interesting to see what happens and if Aziraphale and Crowley cross paths or not. We believe that love is a powerful emotion, and in the future, there will be a lot of conflicts that arise that both Aziraphale and Crowley will have to deal with.

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