‘Goosebumps’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect From Kanduu?


The end of Goosebumps season 1 left the audience with lots of possibilities for season 2, even though it hasn’t been announced yet. But there is a thing with the Goosebumps franchise: none of the stories are ever complete. They always end on a cliffhanger, with the evil coming back in some shape or form to haunt the lives of the characters. It has been debated whether this is R.L. Stine’s way of saying that evil never really has a purpose other than to cause havoc. This is why it doesn’t matter whether the issue it has been using as an excuse to stick around is over or not; it will find a way to come back. I is what we saw with the villain, Kanduu, in Goosebumps season 1. His objective behind the sacrifice was so flawed that it was nothing short of a joke and was just a sign that the man was evil for the sake of it.

The first possibility is that Goosebumps will not have a season 2, or at least, if there is one, it won’t continue with the story of these kids and Slappy but will have a completely new storyline. That means that we have to consider the ending of Goosebumps in two ways. The first is a positive one, which is that Margot’s spell saved Isaiah, and Nathan Bratt is hallucinating because of his trauma, which will be fixed after some therapy. The second possibility is that the spell brought back something of Kanduu. There is no telling what he learned in the dungeon of spells. Maybe he left behind Horcruxes of himself, like Voldemort had? Perhaps the book that Margot used was inextricably linked to Kanduu in some way, and the fact that he took on a name that was a spell had a deeper meaning and purpose than just gratitude.

In the event that Goosebumps season 2 continues the story of Kanduu and the kids, there are a number of ways in which that could pan out. Let us start with the lighter topics and discuss the kids’ messy lives. The fact that Margot brought Isaiah back to life means that there is no question about who she wants to be with. It is also the kind of thing that doesn’t leave room for doubts and hesitation, and these two can certainly be together. Lucas will have a lot to think about in regards to managing his emotions. He has always been impulsive and used adrenaline-inducing activities as a way to avoid dealing with his father’s death. When he saw that Margot might move to a different city, he decided to just leave instead of talking with her in a mature manner. Finally, he was the only gullible one who believed that his dad was actually alive. Therefore, after Margot and Isaiah start dating, it is going to be hard for him to accept that, once again, he is all alone. Isabella is the other girl in the picture, and while it may look like they could start dating, it would be unfair to the girl. She has spent most of her life being ignored, and to be with a guy just because he can’t find someone else would be against the self-respect that she is working so hard to build. While this is for the kids, as for the parents, Sarah has still not given us any answers. Why did Margot say that she kept a lot of secrets? Was it all just about Slappy and Harold Biddle?

In Goosebumps season 2, Nathan Bratt may take center stage. If he continues in this current place, then he will have to struggle with Kanduu whispering in his ear. The thing with Nathan Bratt is that he is a deeply insecure man, and while he has a conscience, he can easily overlook it for a false sense of superiority. If that were not the case, he would not have tried to bring Slappy back from the abyss. Nathan feels extremely guilty about what happened to Isaiah, but he is not a strong enough person to not repeat his mistakes. Kanduu may need to take over Nathan, or perhaps he may have his own descendants from before the war that could be tracked down for this purpose. They would then proceed once again with their mission of setting monsters free. Since the mission failed in season 1, it may be successful in season 2, and the kids would have the job of sending the monsters back to where they came from.

Another possibility is that Nathan moves to a different city, and that is where the entire havoc is caused. That would mean that there would be a different set of teenagers and a whole other ghost that would be manipulated to suit Kanduu’s needs and wishes. They may eventually trace back to the characters of season 1 and try to solve the mystery accordingly. Essentially, Goosebumps season 2 may either continue the setting of season 1 or deviate from it. But what if the R.L. Stine universe is expanded, and we see elements of Fear Street? What if the supernatural was mixed with regular human evil? That would be exciting. In fact, why not make a series on the origins of the bad luck on Fear Street? We remember those books being quite exciting, though they would be a serious deviation from the more lighthearted tone of “Goosebumps.” 

Another exciting possibility for a second season of Goosebumps would be for them to play out in the style of Bandersnatch, from Black Mirror. There were some Goosebumps books like that, and involving the audience in these stories would be very surreal and a serious upgrade. Basically, Kanduu could take center stage in some shape or form. He knows a lot of spells, he is in touch with monsters, he has ambitions for evil, and he is terribly patient. All of this can come together to make him a master manipulator, and maybe the next few seasons of Goosebumps could be him trying to spread evil in some shape or form and always being thwarted by well-meaning teenagers. That would be a good answer to his narcissism.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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