‘Goosebumps’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Do The Kids Get Out Of The Scrapbook?


While remembering the stories of Goosebumps (books) from our childhood, we failed to recall that humor had always been a significant part of them. Unlike the Fear Street series by the same author, Goosebumps needed that humor because most of its plots revolved around kids being stuck in impossible situations and having no other coping mechanism except juvenile jokes. We are seeing much of the same in Goosebumps, and so far, the thing that has made us the happiest is that none of the kids have done anything stupid, like break apart when their strength lies in being together. After all, they are new-age kids, and it makes sense that they have learned their lessons from all the horror movies they have seen so far. This is how they struggle in this recap.

Spoiler Alert

What Is Happening Outside The Scrapbook?

Nora is up for release, as the doctors cannot legally keep her there any longer. While leaving, Nora confronts Victoria about the effects of the medicines she was being given, and Victoria defends herself by saying that antidepressants do lead to some drowsiness. However, Nora knows that she was mistreated and threatens Victoria that she will be consulting her lawyer.

In the lift, Nora meets Nathan Bratt, who immediately reveals himself to be Harold Biddle, and Nora barely manages to escape him. She goes back home, where she brings out the pieces of Slappy that she had stored away and is on a mission to save her son and the other children. Colin comes to meet her, but she refuses to tell him anything, and even though Colin is anxious about that, he is unable to force her. He goes to meet Ben, Isaiah’s father, and asks to talk about his relationships. He asks Ben whether they all knew of some doll, and that ends up alerting Ben to what Nora might be doing. He picks up Eliza, and they both go to those mines to look for something. Unfortunately, they run into one of the fake James, who attacks Eliza. Ben saves her, and when they hit the fake James, they see him burst into goop and realize that Nora was telling the truth and Harold Biddle is probably back after all.

Is there an exit from the scrapbook?

The kids are trapped inside the scrapbook, and Harold Biddle is out there, continuing his search for Slappy. The frozen bodies of the kids are in his house, and he uses their face IDs to unlock their phones and send messages to their parents that they are having sleepovers at each other’s house. By doing so, Harold ensures that none of the parents go looking for the children or notice that they are missing, thus buying him some time.

In the scrapbook, when the kids try to leave, they find that the house doesn’t have a single exit. All doors lead to a deep abyss, and they are trapped inside. There is a brief bit of a blame game, with everyone saying it was Margot’s fault for going inside the scrapbook despite their warnings. Isaiah briefly stands up for her, but it circles back to Margot anyway. However, there is a surprise waiting for them in the house, and it is the real Nathan Bratt, whose consciousness has been trapped in the house along with that of the kids. He has been there much longer than them, and he has given up on the situation and resigned to spending an eternity in the place. But the kids still have hopes and dreams, and they want to fight for them.

Together, they all brainstorm that since the kids got in through the scrapbook and Nathan was possessed, they are all in Harold’s mind and are trapped in his creations. At that time, Isabella finds that on the other side of one of the doors is a bright light, and the kids decide to investigate it. Isabella is lowered into the light, and she finds herself in a replica of their school. When she finds the theater room, she sees an audience full of puppets, and that scares her. When she is running back to the house, she also has a moment with Isaiah, and that catches Margot’s attention, though she doesn’t say anything. Isabella had likely gone to the school of Harold’s memories, and that is what she had seen. Since Harold, in the present day, is following Nora, he tears a page from the scrapbook that had the picture of the school, and that causes the structure to crumble in the scrapbook world. It wasn’t an exit but simply an extension of the world of Harold Biddle.

Do The Kids Get Out Of The Scrapbook?

While Isabella was at school, something interesting happened with Nathan Bratt. He hit his head on the wall and found himself back in his body. But then he saw Harold Biddle in the mirror and was startled back into the scrapbook. He decides to test out this theory with the kids, and as expected, pain makes him go back to his real body. The kids come up with the idea that Nathan Bratt would have to go back this way and write the kids way out of the scrapbook. The first step of this is to get punched by the kids, and when he does land up in his body, Harold is returning the favor by punching him back.

During the ending of Goosebumps Episode 7, the poor man is trying to do the best he can, but Harold’s hold on his body is very strong. Nathan was about to pick up a pen, but Harold did not allow him to do that. The next time, Nathan fought harder, but Harold simply threw the scrapbook out of the window. For Harold, the scrapbook was simply a way of trapping the kids. He had no use for them or the book, and he was just making his own life easier. With the scrapbook floating in muddy water, the house of the kids also starts changing color. The state of the scrapbook affects what happens to the kids. If the scrapbook catches fire, the house inside will too. If the book gets soaked in mud, the house should too, but we suspect that the ink on the pages is getting erased, which leads to the house also getting dissolved. The final scene shows the kids sinking into the floor, probably because it has disappeared. Either they are going to endlessly fall through the abyss, or that is the snap that will return them to their bodies.

Final Thoughts

Now that everyone believes Nora, perhaps the parents will come together to protect their kids and fight against Harold Biddle. Maybe they will get inside the scrapbook, and there will probably be a joke about grounding them all for what they have been doing. We really can’t guess how this show will go.

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