‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happens Between Julien And Monet?


The second season of “Gossip Girl” is really playing out like an unintentional comedy. Of course, there was an expectation of absurdity and over-the-top drama, but we really can’t help but question why it feels so boring. When the makers said that they are writing a reboot of “Gossip Girl” that is more apt for the changing landscape of New York, did they forget to take into account that the content we consume has also changed? The antics of the characters feel so dated, almost 2012-ish, which is a sharp turn from the first season. At least back then, we still liked the characters, but right now, they are all feeling so caricaturish and insufferable, especially Zoya. This is what happens in “Gossip Girl” Season 2, Episode 2.

Spoilers Ahead

The Mess Before The Dinner

The Debutante Ball debacle of the first episode is following Julien, with her face all over social media and it becoming increasingly clear that she has lost her social position in the school. Since Gossip Girl missed posting about the brawl, it is being speculated that the site has lost its relevance. That has caused our one and only admin, Kate Keller, to get her claws out. She can’t post the video of Camille de Haan that she gained in the previous episode because it would indicate that she is Gossip Girl, thanks to Mike Shubin being there. Hence, she tries to convince him to send in a tip about Camille’s corruption, which would enable her to take down two birds with one stone. But Mike declines. While she is struggling to find a way, Monet de Haan has brought a hierarchical system to school with her dress codes and new rules. Upon being asked, she replies that it’s how things were going to be during her “rule.” Having had enough, Luna tells Julien that she must show her who’s the queen, if not for the sake of control, then at least to get her off their backs.

Meanwhile, Audrey, Aki, and Max have put in place an elaborate ruse to cover up their relationship. They tell Max to go around town like he used to, but the problem is, he can only go as far as appearances because he is loyal to his polyamorous situation. We hope we framed that right. The three of them come up with a plan. Max would invite three of his friends to get “down and dirty,” and Audrey and Aki would barge into the room at just the right moment to take the pictures and send them to Gossip Girl, to show that Max had not turned “celibate.” We get where they are coming from, but isn’t it a violation of the consent of the other parties? For all of the characters’ wokeness, this factor seemed to be a convenient skip. Meanwhile, Obie is reluctant to go back to his life, and he is whiling away his time with Grace until she forces him to return to school. But he spends the day playing games, which makes her angry. Also, Roy Sachs, one of Max’s dads, asks for Gideon’s help in pretending that they are somewhat conservative so that he can land a landscaping contract for a park. He needs it from Iris Byron, who is Grace’s grandmother and very old school. She has made peace with homosexual marriages, but she is not okay with their flamboyance or anything else. Gideon agrees to help Roy.

The Stage Is Set For The Chaos To Follow

Julien has put pieces in place for the sabotage of Monet’s party. The reporters are asking questions related to world affairs instead of pop culture, and Monet is generally out of her depth, with Julien looking like the more sane one. Elsewhere, dinner at the Barnes is a disaster, with them pretending to live a lifestyle that is below their station to appease Nick Lott. It was a condescending move under the guise of good intentions, something that Zoya failed to see, causing her to get angry at her dad instead. But she sees a hint of reason when Shah’s mother tells her how they may have erred.

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2, Episode 2: Ending Explained – What Happens At The Dinner Party And With Julien And Monet?

Regarding Julien and Monet, the former has successfully put a damper on the latter’s plans. In her own words, this is how she is going to “check her power trip without getting blamed.” But of course, Gossip Girl is not going to let things rest. She posts the pictures of Julien sabotaging the party, and all hell breaks loose. Monet tells Julien that it is nothing short of a war, and Julien cannot turn away from it. But she couldn’t be less interested; therefore, as Julien is walking away, Monet deliberately falls back into the pool, making it look like Julien has pushed her. Elsewhere, at the dinner party at Max’s house, Aki and Audrey are unable to execute their plan as they are held back by Iris in the dining room. With time ticking by, the three people with Max make their way downstairs in just their undergarments. Yes, even we couldn’t digest how ridiculous this was. As the comedy of errors escalates with Kiki Hope also joining the picture, Iris makes some unsavory comments, which prompts Aki and Audrey to jump to Max’s defense, and the whole truth of the matter comes out. Roy tells her that he is not willing to work for someone so close-minded. This is followed by Kiki announcing her support for the polyamorous couple and them sending the news about their relationship to Gossip Girl.

Something else that happens in “Gossip Girl” Season 2, Episode 2 is that Kate and Mike reach the Headmistress’ party, where they confront her about taking bribes from Camille. She doesn’t fight those allegations and requests that they reveal the facts of the matter so that she can finally be free. Kate does exactly that, and Headmistress Burton is sacked from Constance. Mike is apprehensive about this move as he believes that it will just open the way for someone else like her to take her place without giving any real solution to the problem. But this season is about so-called wars, and Kate retorts that casualties are imminent. So that’s where this episode ends—in a fresh hell of a mess.

What To Expect From The Coming Episodes?

We would say more about the “war” between Julien and Monet. Additionally, now that the secret of the polyamorous couple is out, it would be interesting to see how they navigate the new social landscape. Also, why is Zoya getting so irritating? The writers really need to redeem her character because even Julien is not that well-written anymore. Seriously, what does being authentic mean? What is going on with her? The clarity of the characters is being lost, and the only one we understand moderately is the diabetically sweet Grace Byron. Let us hope the coming episodes bring some substance to the show.

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