‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Does Gossip Girl Reveal At The Party?


After giving us plenty of cause to hate on the previous episodes of “Gossip Girl” Season 2, Episode 4 feels like a breath of fresh air, with some of the charm of the old-school “Gossip Girl” in place. It is just a lot of meaningless scandals that only amount to anything because teenagers are shortsighted and immature. Wasn’t this the generation that we thought would change the world? If we were to judge them by the standards of Gossip Girl, we would just like to say that whoever made that statement about them being the frontrunners of change should be embarrassed. But as millennials, older and younger, who loved the parent show for its cheeky depictions of flashy wealth, this episode was reminiscent of the silliness that drew us into the world of “XoXo” to begin with. And here are the events that followed.

Spoilers Ahead

Another Party, Another Round of Mess

We want to know the calendar followed by the Gossip Girl writers. How is it already Valentine’s Day there? Either way, there is no lack of love, or should we say, “fake love’, around. Julien runs into a guy named Graham, who is a married musician. She feels a spark, but he is so beyond off-limits. Therefore, she makes peace with it and moves on. There is also trouble in polyamorous paradise when Max and Audrey sense that Aki has been growing distant from them. Elsewhere, Zoya is crushing on a guy she met previously, and Obie is still head over heels for Grace, while v she is very comfortably two-timing him. The guy she is cheating on Obie with, Matias, was the one we had seen spitting on Senator Byron in the previous episodes. She had to pretend to end the relationship upon her mother’s orders, but she was still seeing him by using Obie as a smokescreen. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl, aka Kate, gets a tip that Grecian de Haan has been cheating on his wife, Camille. But Kate doesn’t act on the news immediately. Instead, she tells Camille when she runs into her at the school, but it is brushed away by her. On the other hand, Kate is going strong with Mike Shubin, and there is a relationship there that is starting to happen.

In another part of the Upper East Side, Audrey and Max follow Aki and find him buying some items that are used in the bedroom. Their suspicion that he is cheating on them continues to grow, especially when they see him meeting someone. While thinking about how to deal with it, Audrey gets a call from Julien, who ran into Grace while she was kissing Mattias, thus discovering her affair. Julien knows that she cannot tell Obie because he wouldn’t believe her. Therefore, they decide that it would be best if they were able to push Grace into a corner so that she would confess herself. With that intention, they invite her to a day at the spa. Now, the girls are all there, and since Julien is an influencer on the rebound, she is prepared to answer the questions about the “messier” parts of a relationship. All the girls are there, and it just gets messier as Grace catches on to the fact that Julien might know about her cheating on Obie. She confronts her and lets her know that since it would just be their word against each other, Grace is bound to win. Knowing she is right; Julien is at her wits’ end. But what follows could very well have been a comedic segment on “Black Mirror.” Monet and Grace have cucumbers on their eyes and are peacefully resting while the rest of the girls make their moves. Shah and Zoya use the face unlock feature on a sleeping Monet to invite Terrell to the party. Luna does the same, but she sends Monet’s minions on a wild goose chase to keep them out of the party. Following their lead, Julien uses Grace’s phone similarly to invite Matias to the party. With the pieces set in motion, it’s time for the play.

At the party, Zoya tries to talk to Shah about the recent discomfort between them. Shah knows about Zoya’s dad borrowing money from David Calloway for the house and is struggling with whether to tell Zoya or not. What we fail to understand is why it concerns her at all. Talk about being nosy and annoying. Zoya and Shah were meant to be best friends. At the party, an oblivious Zoya tells her that she is not okay with her behavior. Honestly, she had rightfully called her out, but Shah’s feelings were hurt. Therefore, when she sees Terrell Carter, instead of taking him to Zoya, she decides to take her revenge.

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Monet knows about her dad’s affair, and with some help and advice from Gossip Girl, she opens up the party for everyone. She has also invited her dad’s perceived girlfriend and plans to reveal his infidelity. What is it with these teenagers wanting to make a public spectacle out of everything? Isn’t it a matter of common sense that such sensitive discussions should take place behind closed doors? To save the day, Camille arrives on the scene and tells Monet that she is aware of it all and that the woman is her and her husband’s girlfriend. Since she used the word “girlfriend,” we are going to go ahead and call them the show’s second polyamorous couple. Kate has clearly heard the entire conversation, but she does not post about it. It could be because Camille has caught her listening, or it could be a matter of decency, but the news doesn’t become public. Elsewhere, with Aki, Audrey, and Max, the duo confronts Aki about their suspicions regarding his behavior. While he storms away in anger, the three of them later have a talk where he admits to having some insecurities in the bedroom that he was working on. Max is rather sweet when he declares his loyalty to the two of them and tells Aki that he is happy to wait but Aki is prepared to take the step. It’s a nice wrap-up for them.

Finally, Obie asks Grace whether she wants to study in Constance, but to evade the topic, she replies that she cannot do that because she is uncomfortable with Julien. At the same time, Julien shows up with Matias, much to Grace’s discomfort. Obie is the most useless character ever; he just cannot think for himself and blames Julien. But she is not one to give up easily. She has also invited Grace’s mother and brother, and when they all come face to face, the cat is out of the bag, along with a secret of incest that nobody wants to know. But this is not what Gossip Girl posts about. Zoya finds Shah with Terrell and is extremely upset when Shah finally tells her about Nick Lott and David Calloway. As Zoya storms out, even Julien comes to know. In fact, the entire Upper East Side knows because this is what Kate posts about. With the damage done, it is the end of another party. However, there is trouble for Kate when she discovers Mike’s messages, in which he says that he is about to discover the identity of “Gossip Girl.” That is what we are going to see next week.

What Can We Expect From Season 2, Episode 5?

While next week will definitely be about Kate trying to evade the problem with Mike Shubin, there are two particular plotlines that we really want to see- that of Camille de Haan and another of Luna. Monet’s home is one thing that many might genuinely connect with, and as for Luna, she is such an interesting character who is not getting enough screen time. As for Zoya, “Gossip Girl” Season 2 she has really not had much substance. Maybe that will get better in the coming episodes. We will keep an eye out for that.

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