‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Happens To Zoya & The Hamptons?


Our opinion about “Gossip Girl” Season 2 is not really changing, despite the fact that Episode 5 finally shed some of the silliness of the past episodes. We just feel like it is too little, too late, and seeing how unlikeable the characters have been, it doesn’t seem likely that this season can take a turn for the better. The storylines with actual potential are not getting enough screen time, and it is just a big mess. And HBO should really work on its subtitles; why doesn’t it have them? I hope that the channel understands that when every actor intends on adopting a certain drawl or manner of speaking, they need subtitles to make it comprehensible. With that out of the way, let us take a look at Episode 5 of “Gossip Girl” Season 2.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens To Zoya And The Hamptons?

As we said before, Episode 5 of “Gossip Girl” Season 2 was the one that showed some real emotional development of the characters. Julien has started seeing Graham, the married guy, and it is evident that she really likes him, despite her apprehensions. As she is conflicted about what to do regarding this situation, Audrey springs the news that Aki, Max, and Obie are going to Aspen on a boys’ trip. Meanwhile, Zoya has been avoiding her dad to the point of sleeping at her friends’ places so that she doesn’t run into him. She is offered by Shan to go to a rave party, but Zoya is hesitant. But she agrees when she finds that Julien has tried to ambush her, as in tried to get her father an opportunity to talk to her. Feeling betrayed and angry, Zoya agrees to go to the rave with Shan. 

On the other hand, Obie finds out that his mother is back in the country and that she has been in the Hamptons for a while without informing him. He is thinking of bailing on the boys’ trip so that he can meet his mother, but Aki and Max decide to join him instead. They ask Audrey if she would be okay with them being together, and she has no problem with it. But it doesn’t take long for the doubts to seep into her mind. After all, the trio is walking an unconventional path, and that is almost always a cause of scandal and gossip. Keep in mind that the three of them are at the “top” of the social ladder. Therefore, most gossip about them is only heard around them without directly attacking them. But underhanded comments, a few sassy replies, and some warnings in the garb of well-wishes cannot be avoided. Audrey starts getting paranoid that she will be sidelined in the relationship. This stems from the fact that Aki and Max have uncovered a new phase of their relationship since Valentine’s Day, in addition to her already-existing trust issues because of what happened to her mother. Therefore, she decides to follow her paranoid gut and go to the Hamptons. And who does she hitch a ride with? Julien and Graham, who were supposedly breaking up in his car. But in the Hamptons, a different story is unfolding altogether. Aki and Max have figured out that Audrey might be feeling insecure, so they decide to hold themselves back. As for Obie, he senses that something is going on with his mother. A little detective work leads him to the name Daniela and the fact that his mother has a lot of lawsuits stacked against her. To confirm his suspicions, he pretends to be his mother’s assistant and asks Daniel to call Helena.

While all this is unfolding, Audrey and Julien have reached the Hamptons. Though Max and Aki are still withholding themselves, they get caught in an accidental compromising position by Audrey, who is now furious. Meanwhile, Julien finds Obie and understands that not everything is okay. In the ensuing confusion, Helena finds out about Obie’s antics and the presence of unwanted strangers in the house. 

Season 2, Episode 5: Ending Explained – Does Mike Find Out Who Is Gossip Girl? Is Zoya In Trouble?

On Audrey’s end, she has an honest talk about her fears and insecurities with Max and Aki, and they decide to start being more open with each other. As for Julien, we must say that this is the first time in a long time that she has felt like more than an influencer on the rebound. She really spoke about how she is self-introspecting and how that extends to her view of others. In fact, she even showed some real vulnerability when she admitted that nothing felt safe to her anymore. Anyone who goes to therapy will tell you that there are often stages that feel very turbulent because of changing perspectives and relationships. Julien is definitely not going to therapy, but the resolutions she has taken to be more authentic are definitely having an impact on her life. She comes to know that Graham is separated from his wife, and while she is still not completely on board with the idea of dating him, that doesn’t stop her from being with him.

Coming to Obie, he and his mother have a confrontation about everything that is going on, and he says that he “wants out” of this mess. His mother says that he can, but unfortunately, that just means that he is being cut off from everything: his building, his cards, and his family’s wealth. Episode 6 of “Gossip Girl” Season 2 will probably see the prince becoming a commoner. It is, however, Zoya whose story arc in the episode worries us the most. After losing Shan and Shan’s friend, whose name we can’t remember because of HBO’s bad job at the subtitles, Zoya ends up spending the night with the friend’s brother. We don’t just mean having sandwiches with him; we believe she spent an actual night with him. We cannot be sure, though, except for the fact that she Googles birth control pills the next day. Zoya looks scared and upset. Maybe it all happened when she was drunk and not very conscious? Or maybe she just plain regrets it? We will know in the coming episodes. Last but not least, Kate and Mike set out to “find” Gossip Girl. Jordan, upon investigating Mike, finds his way to his house in the hopes of figuring out who was Mike’s benefactor. But that is a trap laid by Mike. However, Kate manages to warn him just in time. But the whole thing has made Mike really suspicious, and he tells Kate and Jordan that he knows they are running the account together. But Jordan takes the blame on himself, saying he did it for Kate’s attention. But Mike has sent the message across, and its repercussions remain to be seen in the coming episodes.

What Can We Expect In The Next Episode Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2?

Since Audrey, Aki, and Max have figured out a new system for themselves, maybe we will see them figure out the nuances of it. As for Julien, she has just entered into a complicated relationship, so there is going to be drama. Obie is going to have to figure out life as a commoner, at least for a short while. Our gut tells us that it is going to bring him closer to Julien. A love triangle no one asked for. And Zoya, we just want her to be okay. Kate should think about dating Jordan; he is definitely cuter and likes her more. Considering all this, we believe that we might just be wrong about what we said in the introduction of this article and that there is hope for “Gossip Girl” Season 2 after all.

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