‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does Zoya Delete The Tape?


It came as a surprise to us that we liked this week’s episode of “Gossip Girl.” While this season has lacked a strong connecting plot throughout its episodes, it is finally picking up on the fun of it all. Episode 5 of “Gossip Girl” Season 2 left us feeling a little concerned for Zoya. We also made some speculations about Obie. Well, we were right on one front and a little bit wrong on the other. Chaos also continues with the rest of the characters, and it was so well-spun together that we couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. Don’t get us wrong, silliness still abounds, but it finally has a purpose. Let us look at the sixth episode of “Gossip Girl” Season 2. 

Spoilers Ahead

Ray And Gideon’s Wedding

Ray and Gideon, who are Max’s dads, have decided to have an extravagant vow renewal ceremony, and their son is making the preparations with the help of Audrey. Elsewhere, Julien is going strong with Graham, though he has told her that he wants to keep their relationship a secret for now. But there are other things looking up for her as she lands an ambassadorship with LVMH. Also, Monet is back after being noticeably absent for a while now. While the healthy competition is still on, it comes as a shock to them when the brand takes back its ambassadorship. The three friends guess that the reason could be Gossip Girl outing Graham and Julien’s relationship, though she is not as convinced. However, Luna believes that it is likely that Graham has some secrets in his past that the brand probably does not want to associate with. Considering this, she spies on him and finds him affectionate with a pregnant woman. This makes Julien think that he has not broken up with his wife after all and is cheating on both of them. She decides to ask him to be her plus one at the wedding so that she can out the affair and get back her deal. Meanwhile, things are not going that great for the wedding since the venue Max had booked got canceled at the last minute, but the new venue is well-liked by his parents, so things look good.

Elsewhere, Zoya is in trouble. In the fifth episode of “Gossip Girl” Season 2, we saw that she had introduced herself as Monet. It turns out that the guy she was with had recorded their time together, and somebody else had contacted Monet about it. Not wanting to reveal the truth but desperate to erase the tape, she offers to help Monet, but her motives are discovered. Monet tells her to take care of the problem without delay. Zoya is a smart girl, and she has been in touch with Milo Sparks. He tells her to call the guy to the party and that he will have someone stationed there to take care of the matter. Zoya acts accordingly. But there is someone more dangerous than Milo Sparks, and that is his mother, Georgina Sparks. She has kidnapped Kate Keller as she deduces that she must be the real Gossip Girl. She tells her to listen to everything she says, or she will be handed over to the police. Her first mission is to ruin Ray and Gideon’s vow renewal. At the ceremony, she gives Kate a list of things to sabotage, which she helplessly agrees to. Suddenly, the wedding dresses and hairstyles are all wrong, a rather inappropriate song is being sung, and the video montage of the couple’s time together is not getting played. It is a disaster galore, and Max couldn’t be more miserable.

Season 2, Episode 5: Ending Explained – What Happens To Graham And Julien? Does Zoya Delete The Tape?

True to her plan, Julien brings Graham and the woman together while live streaming how she would never be with a cheater. It turns out the woman is Graham’s sister. Not only that, Graham was never married to anyone. That was a lie he had cooked up to take revenge on Julien. Years earlier, Graham’s sister had been one of the victims of Julien’s father, and Graham just wanted revenge for her life being ruined. However, when he realized that Julien was no less hurt by him and that she was a good person, he changed tack. Julien is heartbroken at this turn of events when she finds out that her ambassadorship was revoked as the endorsement money went to a conservatorship in her father’s name. As for Zoya, Milo does not find any video on the guy’s phone. However, the guy has caught on to what is happening, and he tells Zoya that he deleted the video long ago. He had just taken it to prove to his friends at school that he had finally spent the night with a girl. But Zoya is in no mood for his apologies, and rightfully so. She storms out of the place.

Meanwhile, Obie’s efforts to expose his mother are being dashed. The engineer, Daniela Stevens, has taken the entire blame for the mishap and then killed herself soon after. Obie’s mother is in the clear, though her son’s quest for justice is only just starting. As for the wedding, it is a disaster. Max opens up and says that he needed everything to happen perfectly, as he had blamed himself for their marriage falling apart, to begin with. But his dads reassured him that he was far from the reason. Following this sweet family moment, they hold their wedding in a more intimate space with their friends and family. Finally, coming to Kate, Georgina is hell-bent on using her position as Gossip Girl to wreak more havoc. That’s a new challenge for Kate, but we do feel bad for Jordan, who is under the belief that he has been rejected by her and is resigning.

What Can We Expect From Episode 7 Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2?

Kate and Obie’s storylines will probably dominate in the sixth episode of “Gossip Girl” Season 2, since the latter texted her as his last resort against his mother. With Georgina Sparks’ meddling, things are going to get extremely explosive. Zoya and Julien have gotten a little closer at the end of Episode 5, so their sister bond might be tested or strengthened in the coming ones. The repercussions of David Calloway are being felt by Julien in ways she could not have imagined, so there might be a continuation of that. Whatever the first half of the season might have been like, we expect the second half to really pick up on the storyline and deliver a finale that will be worthy of igniting anticipation for a Season 3.

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