‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Georgina Quit Gossip Girl?


Another week, another episode of “Gossip Girl.” With Episode 5 and Episode 6, we had started believing that the series had some scope yet for some campy fun. But a disappointing seventh episode of “Gossip Girl” Season 2 has left us feeling exhausted, and we don’t believe that we want to try anymore. It was nothing but a set formula of multiple conflicts getting their end in yet another party. Also, it is one thing to try and keep things simple and quite another to insult the intelligence of your audience. Two major plot points of this episode are that of Monet and Kiki Hope. One was a complete erasure of character development, and the other was an assumption of plain ignorance on behalf of the audience about the process of giving someone due credit. Somewhere, even the makers seem to be realizing that they are walking on thin ice, which is why they have tried to bring back elements of the old “Gossip Girl.” It was a special moment for us when Georgina called Julien and Audrey “basic Serena and Blair,” as she should. She unknowingly sums up our feelings about the entire season, which is that it is basic. But let’s just get on with our day and take a look at everything that went down in Episode 7 of “Gossip Girl” Season 2.

Spoilers Ahead

Everything Leading Up To The Luncheon

Does the Upper East Side really have as many parties as ‘Gossip Girl’ makes it out to be? Kiki Hope is planning a launch event for her new collection, and it is going to be her comeback. To preserve her excitement, Audrey keeps it from her that her father and his girlfriend are in the city. She plans on meeting them and telling her mother after they leave. In the meantime, she asks Julien, Aki, and Max to join her for lunch. But things go a little haywire when Julien gets a little defensive and starts insulting Will. When she excuses herself, Jessica tries to clear the air by saying that she and Will only got together after he had separated from his wife. As for Will, he is not completely invested in the drama happening, nor does he seem to like Max, much to the boy’s chagrin. Later, Jessica asks Julien whether she can be on her “Stop the Story” feature so that she can apologize for what happened to Kiki.

Meanwhile, Georgina Sparks is threatening Kate to amp up Gossip Girl with fake drama, if not a real one. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, she finds a way out when she sees Julien and Audrey having a fight. Therefore, she posts two separate stories, both fake: one being that Audrey has taken credit for “Stop the Story,” and the other being a fabricated email that suggests that Julien knew about Will and Jessica but did not tell her friend. Having ignited the fight, she sits back and contemplates her next move. But things just get worse with Julien when Jessica insists on being in “Stop the Story.” She agrees, thinking it might be good for her friendship and for Kiki. But the tables turn when, after apologizing for the affair, Jessica tries to take credit for Kiki’s designs. Julien leaves angrily, but unknown to her, their entire interaction has been recorded on another camera by Jessica, and she uploads it. This causes a further rift between the friends, with Audrey asking her to stay out of things for a while. But Julien, being Julien, does not listen. In the midst of it all, Zoya painstakingly goes through Monet’s social media and some other publications. She goes to her house with some confections as her way of thanking her. But Monet is as heartless as ever. However, Camille de Haan accepts them and asks Zoya to join her for the luncheon. Though initially skeptical, Zoya is encouraged by Julien to give Camille a chance, so she agrees to go. As for the others, while Max is desperately trying to get Will to like him, Obie comes up with another plan to bring his mother to justice. He plans with his sister that if they are able to reveal the evidence through Gossip Girl before his mother leaves for Germany, they can right some of the wrongs. Heidi agrees, but unknown to them, GG has bigger fish to fry.

Season 2, Episode 7: Ending Explained – Does Georgina Quit Gossip Girl?

At the luncheon, Georgina set her pieces in place. She is blackmailing Jordan to get Aki and Julien in a compromising position, to get Audrey and the latter into a fight. This is the promised “illicit affair” that must be revealed. But Kate is willing to do anything to stop that. Coming up with an alternative plan causes her to ignore Obie’s messages, and they are not able to stop his mother from leaving the country. As for Zoya, she finds that Camille had invited her, not for her bright future but to make her daughter jealous and put her in her place. Her game hits its mark because Monet is enraged upon seeing her mother hug Zoya. She sends the tip to Gossip Girl about Zoya having spent the night with someone. As for Julien, she is going to model Kiki’s clothes, but at the last minute, Jessica shows up in a similar dress, and when Audrey tries to stop Julien from exhibiting it, the ensuing fiasco results in Jessica getting all the credit. Seeing this callous side to Will disappoints his daughter and causes Max to openly declare his embarrassment at having wanted to gain his approval.

Audrey and Julien have a fight where the former accuses her friend of ruining things with her constant interference. Understandably heartbroken, Julien finds some comfort with Obie. As they reminisce about their past, they end up spending the night together. As for Kate, she posts a picture of her and Jordan kissing to deliver on the promise of the affair. Finding the idea of reporting on teachers revolting, Georgina washes her hands off Gossip Girl for good. But not before she calls out Monet for trying to shame Zoya. This is not the only destruction she leaves in her path. Kate is about to confess her feelings to Jordan when Georgina tells her that they slept together. For some reason, heartbreak always causes one’s destructive tendencies to rear their head, and Kate wants to “go nuclear” with the platform. She and Obie are once again in cahoots, and things are a big mess everywhere.

What To Expect From Episode 8 Of “Gossip Girl” Season 2?

Zoya is dealing with a lot of loneliness, as is Julien, after the reality check by Audrey. We might see them coming together once again to be each other’s supporters. Obie might get to bring the justice he is so desperately fighting for, and some wrongs need to be righted as Kiki’s credit must come back to her. We like Luna’s new love interest, so we hope something happens there. As for Monet, she has been clearly dethroned, and her entire character development has been flushed down the drain, so we don’t even want to expect anything from her. Nick might do something to recover his life, and Kate might finally confess her feelings for Jordan. In fact, the last part is the only one we are excited about, as the rest of it will probably be resolved by another party. Since the storyline doesn’t have any zing, can they all please start wearing better clothes to give us the fashion moments we have been craving for? Otherwise, what really was the point of this reboot? Either way, we just have to wait another week to uncover another episode of mediocrity.

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