‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2, Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained- Is Bounty Lifted From Gossip Girl’s Identity?


The last few episodes of “Gossip Girl” Season 2 have taken a serious detour from the first half of the season. There were some revelations that felt out of character, a twist in a relationship that we wanted to see happen, and finally, another convoluted plot that involved Gossip Girl, just for the sake of it. While the episode was not uninteresting, we found that we were fatigued through its runtime. We are not sure what it is; maybe we are not finding the scandals enticing enough, or maybe the characters have just too many parties. Each and every quarrel is so privileged, without any real-world consequences or commentary, that we cannot help but roll our eyes at the next problem. For example, in Episode 8, when the topic of cultural appropriation by Luna’s mother was revealed, they missed a chance to comment on the social angle of it. This reboot of “Gossip Girl” is no different from the original one, and that is its biggest downfall. We can tell the writers thought they did something unique by telling us who Gossip Girl is right from the start and painting her motivations as something noble, but at the end of the day, she just sounds like intrusive moral police. Instead, if they had used her solely as a tool to fight the corruption of the elite, with some petty scandals thrown in, it would have been so much better. We guess our dislike of Gossip Girl boils down to just one thing: it is nothing different, and there are better teen shows around. So, let’s get into the events of the 9th episode.

The Noose Around Gossip Girl’s Neck

The ninth episode of “Gossip Girl” Season 2 starts with Max confessing his love to Audrey and Aki, who don’t say it back. Nick Lott is planning on opening his own private practice, and he is going to resign from the de Haan’s company for that. As for Obie, he is in the hospital, and his assault has been recorded by someone who turns out to be his sister. She orchestrated the whole thing to make their mother come back to the States, and her plan works. Obie texts Gossip Girl to post the evidence against her right away, but she is unable to do so as Greyson de Haan, Monet’s father, announces a bounty of one million dollars to anyone who reveals the identity of Gossip Girl following her next post. This stops Kate’s hand, and she cannot post about Obie’s mother anymore.

Meanwhile, following the events of Episode 8, Audrey is publicly snubbing Julien, which makes the latter more determined than ever to bring down Gossip Girl. She needs her to post something so that her identity will be revealed. But the question is, which news is scandalous enough for her to risk her identity? It is at that time that her eyes fall upon Audrey and Aki. She knows from Luna about the trouble in their relationship, and she decides to use it. She sends flowers to Aki and Audrey as if they were from Max and calls them over to a hotel room. The two of them are happy about this, as they want to tell Max about their feelings, though Aki first wants to confess about his kiss with Ingrid. When they reach the hotel room, to their surprise, they find Ingrid in the bathtub. She had been expecting Aki to come. This was a setup orchestrated by Julien, and a staff member takes a picture before running away. Aki tracks her down and asks her to delete the photo after finding out who is behind it. That day, Aki, Audrey, Luna, and Zoya confront Julien. Aki and Audrey tell her to stay away from their affairs, while Luna and Zoya are angry with her for inappropriately using information they gave her in confidence. We see their point. In order to expose Gossip Girl, Julien is quite literally ready to cross all boundaries. She is making decisions for others when it is not her place to. As for Kate, she contacts Camille herself and gets invited to a corporate summit as a tutor to Monet. She also contacts her as “Gossip Girl” and is told to come to the summit for information that would allow her to start posting again.

At the summit itself, Julien has arrived and is in cahoots with Monet to eavesdrop on the conversation between Camille and Gossip Girl so that she may trace her identity. But Kate comes to know this when Monet reveals it to her, thinking her to be harmless. Kate moves fast and finds that the information Camille was supposed to give her is in a flash drive. She steals it from Nick’s bag. Unknown to her and everyone else, this is a ruse by Camille and Greyson.

Season 2, Episode 9: Ending Explained – Is The Bounty Lifted From Gossip Girl’s Identity?

Kate uses the information she has found in Nick’s bag to reveal that Greyson’s company has been preventing workers from unionizing. Once she reveals that, she considers herself free from the bounty on her head. We don’t understand this part. The bounty Greyson had over Gossip Girl was not a legal one. Anyone could still have outed her following this revelation. It is not like Greyson was going bankrupt over this allegation. Wouldn’t it have been a more strategic move for Gossip Girl to trade this information for her safety? Either way, this is not the only news she drops. She also reveals the corruption of Obie’s mother and the news about Aki kissing Ingrid, and Audrey hiding that from Max. It is pure hell from then on, and Max tells Aki and Audrey that he is always left out of their bond. Even when he had to pretend to be with other people so that these two could hide their secret a little longer or now, when he was kept in the dark about something he should have known. While Audrey and Aki regret not confessing their feelings for Max sooner, Helena tells Obie that Jakarta was his sister’s fault. Obie got played by her into framing their mother. Meanwhile, Greyson blames the unionization issue completely on Nick. This had been their plan all along. Julien regrets taking her plan so far, but this time, Zoya wants revenge as well, seeing the effect Gossip Girl’s actions have had on her dad.

What to Expect From Finale Episode Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2?

To be honest, a lot of what is happening in the characters’ lives is their own fault. Gossip Girl is just reporting on them. As Obie points out, is she really different from any other media source? The finale episode of “Gossip Girl” Season 2 will need to clear Nick’s reputation. Additionally, we sense a breakup on the cards between Kate and Jordan due to the former’s obsession with her alternate identity. Obie might also experience some backlash due to his actions, and Max will probably leave the trio—or if he ends up spending the night with Obie’s sister, the confession of his partners is going to complicate things further. Julien also needs to learn her lesson and stop meddling. Or maybe, just maybe, she will discover who Gossip Girl really is. It is high time someone did. Honestly, that is the only part we are excited to know, and we are waiting for the finale for that reason.

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