The Gray And Negative Characters Of ‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood,’ Explained


The major underlying plot of “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” is the tiff between both the Invoker and Selemene. The Invoker was forced to pledge his devotion to Selemene just to save their child, Filomena. However, Filomena refused to pledge her utmost devotion to her mother. Selemene’s immense pride turned out to be the factor that finally claimed little Filomena’s life. The Invoke, due to his love for his daughter, was ready to pledge his undying devotion, swallowing his pride to save his daughter. Selemene, on the other hand, did not care and simply ignored his pleas for help. A rather selfish move on her part. This began the eternal scheme of revenge that the Invoker plotted to bring down his wife from her pedestal. He basically used all of the heroes and the demons as pawns and moved them according to his will. The entire world was destroyed and rewritten by him to get his daughter back.

The Character Of ‘The Invoker’ Explained

The Invoker is a formidable enemy of the heroes; however, he respects the Shopkeeper’s oath and helps them out while being bound to it. The Invoker is simply overpowered, with a personality tethered between a mad scientist and a bookworm. His knowledge about the worlds and different realms seems to sustain his qualities of a mastermind who can manipulate even the main characters to move according to his will. He adored his daughter, who was the only light in his desolate tower. His personality is centered mostly around his devotion and adoration toward his daughter, and he could easily be one of the best fathers in the universe of animation who actually rewrote an entire world just so he could bring his daughter back. He plotted an act of elaborate revenge to utterly humiliate and bring down Selemene from her throne of power to avenge his daughter. He waited patiently to strike down Selemene and plot his way to change the world with the help of The Archronicus.

He helps Fymryn at the last moment, after her friends are dead, to instill and shape her will according to his plot for revenge. He then sends her to Selemene to bring her down and crowns Fymryn to ultimately become Mene, the new Goddess. He brought down the entire world to get rid of opponents directly related to the destruction and resurrected his daughter completely healthy. He even agreed to the terms of the heroes to stop and return the world to normal once he witnessed that Filomena had regained her disease. However, this was only to appease them and make sure Filomena returned safely and healthy to the world without the life-sucking disease. He is a devoted dad who will do anything for his daughter’s happiness. The entire plot revolved and fed his inclinations to make sure Filomena was unharmed, and Selemene paid for her pride. Although there is no growth in his character either because he is utterly driven by revenge and the motive to resurrect his daughter, he is however depicted as a person plotting plans and backup plans while remaining utterly calm on the outside. 

The Character Of ‘Selemene’ Explained

Selemene was a prideful Moon Goddess who spent her entire life atoning for not saving her daughter in time. After Filomena, she still demands utter devotion and adoration from her followers, but she takes in mostly the broken ones to fix them and give them a renewed light to live for. Selemene killed Mene to take over the throne of the Moon Goddess, and she revealed herself amongst the love her followers provide. She is boastful of her power, yet she is nothing without her power. Her pride made it easier for the Invoker to take her down and completely erase her from the existing world. In the new world, her only identity is being Filomena’s adoring mother. 

Selemene had taken the throne of the Moon Goddess for fear of being left alone. She was broken inside, and this trauma led her to take over as a Goddess to always be on the receiving end of love and adoration to battle her fear of being left behind and loneliness. She took in most of her followers, gave them shelter and power, and wished for nothing but their compliant nature and utter devotion. She was for the wars happening under the name of religion to get more followers, yet when the time came to take responsibility for her actions, she shirked it off to Luna and made her responsible for the entire fiasco. Her personality is based completely on being proud and egoistic. She immediately tries to squash anybody capable of replacing her as the Goddess, and her character has little to no growth as the series progresses. Her character is very one-dimensional, and her issues and backstory are only mentioned in the passing to justify her actions.

The Character Of ‘Terrorblade’ Explained

At first, the plot introduces Terrorblade as a formidable opponent, a demon who lives in chaos. He can kill the Eldwyrms easily and can devour their souls to gain power. However, as the plot progresses, Terrorblade seems to be easily dominated by The Invoker and instead tries to strike a deal with him. Terrorblade succeeds in making his first deal with the Invoker, only to find himself dancing on his palms. But before this incident, he does manage to land irreversible damage on the heroes, and they escape his havoc by just a few seconds and outside interference. Terrorblade is first depicted as the final boss that the heroes have to defeat, and together with the help of the Invoker, they defeat him and send him back to the depths of hell. His personality revels in making others suffer and making deals that people can simply not refute. He preys on weak souls and souls in imminent danger to feed his greed for power. He is depicted as inherently evil, but given the nature of demons, he simply does what he needs to sustain himself. However, for an intelligent demon with rationality on his side, world domination could be easier for him, yet he becomes a mere puppet to the Invoker. But, he is simply depicted as evil, and his actions are just evil with no depth to them.

The Character Of ‘Viceroy Shakurra’ Explained

This character had the potential to be a complex character and could have had more information justifying his actions. He had organized a rebellion to kill Mirana’s parents so that, just like in the New World, her father would not be consumed in madness and would be remembered as a benevolent king. He ensured that Mirana would leave the palace to understand her subjects and the kingdom better so that she could rule better instead of being consumed with the same madness that her father had. He wanted to ascertain a ruler who was fit to be the Solar God and the Emperor of the Helio Imperium to rule the kingdom as a whole and be fair to their subjects. He was wise beyond the grasp of humans and had actually pushed Mirana to understand her soul and accept the solar power as her own.

He was not afraid to erase himself or others to make Mirana a competent ruler. He did not shy away from sacrificing Mirana’s happiness either to achieve the goal. He could have done it in moderation, but he succeeded in rearing Mirana into a ruler he knows will be appreciated and supported by the common people. As soon as Mirana tapped into her potential, Shakurra let himself be defeated and swept away by her power. His character deserved a better backstory than just snippets showing how he came to handle such a vast amount of knowledge. His character could have easily ruled the world with followers happily following him, but instead, he spent his life rearing Mirana and her family and shaping them to become better rulers.

The Character Of ‘Luna’ Explained

Luna is a character that could have been merged with Mirana to give her better combat skills and more depth. She is depicted as a buff character who can lead her troops into war without fear. She risks her life for both the Goddess and Mirana. She is content with leading and commandeering under either the Empress or the Goddess. Without a leader figure in her life, she loses herself to darkness. Her actions of slaughtering the elves and enslaving them are shown as her weakness to control her darkness. However, as the story progresses, her decisions are shown to be influenced by Selemene and by denouncing her as her Goddess, Luna seems to repent enough. So her attacks are pushed under the rug, and more focus is put on growing her compassion to suit Mirana better. She devotes herself to finding out the perpetrator who tried to assassinate Mirana, and her flaws are hidden by the fact that she is an amazing commander. Her character has no depth, and her backstory is simply insinuated for the plot to go on.

“DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” the series is directly influenced by the books and the gameplay, however the storyline is needlessly complicated with the characters not written well enough to execute the plot properly. The series had set up an expectation for the fans of the game however it failed to interest many. Most of the plot had a lot of gaps which simply left the new watchers scratching their heads in confusion. The animation could be improved a lot more. The easter eggs hidden in the series did give it a good touch and left the familiar viewers reminiscing the gameplay, however it is a bit difficult for the new watchers to grasp those and actually enjoy the series as a whole.

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