‘Green Mothers’ Club’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Does Eun’ Son’s Abilities Mean For Her?


While the first two episodes of “Green Mothers’ Club” set the stage for the story, Episodes 3 and 4 expertly carried it forward by answering a few questions and bringing up new mysteries. That is the thing about Korean dramas: the drama is about the undertones and the situations rather than the reactions.

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‘Green Mothers’ Club’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending

Episode 3 starts with Jin Ha upset and crying about her fight with Eun Pyo. She recollects memories of their friendship and thinks about how special their bond was. In a parallel scene, Eun Pyo is similarly thinking about their time together, but her feelings about it are different. She seems to recognize that somewhere, their friendship had become Jin Ha’s entire world, and she had a certain obsession with it. We will find out more about this in the upcoming episodes of “Green Mothers’ Club.”

Back to the present, the next day, as Eun Pyo and Jun Hi meet outside the building and talk, Eun Pyo tells her that when she thought she was giving her children the age-appropriate freedom, it turns out she was actually neglecting them to pursue her own ambitions. She feels at a loss and asks her for advice on what to do for her child. Jun Hi tells her that it is up to Eun Pyo to figure out what is best for her kids.

The situation at Dong Seok’s school doesn’t seem to be improving either. Eun Pyo gets a call from his teacher, and she rushes to the school. There she comes to know that Dong Seok is quite behind in his classes and is unable to answer the multiple-choice questions. How is he going to cope with other kids his age when they are much ahead of their classes? Eun Pyo is in a fix and doesn’t understand what to do. The situation worsens when she chances upon the other mothers gossiping about the kids. She comes to know that her son has been blacklisted by the children because of his poor performance. The other mothers think of her son as a no-good troublemaker who definitely ranks at the bottom of the class in every possible criteria. Eun Pyo is furious at hearing this. She confronts them and demands to know what kind of mindset makes them rank and divide children like this. While she doesn’t really get a response, she understands the seriousness of the situation and is worried for her child. This prompts her to make a hard decision, and she calls her husband to tell him that they have to move to another neighborhood and change schools for their son because of the problems in this one.

In a follow-up scene, we see that Eun Pyo’s mother-in-law is furious with her because of her decision. She is the one who gave them the money to move to the neighborhood in the first place, as she felt that this would be ideal for the education of her grandchildren. So, Eun Pyo’s decision to move out of here makes her think that she is hampering her son’s education and future for her own selfish reasons. This confrontation really ends nowhere, and Eun Pyo steps out to get some fresh air, where she finds Jun Hi, and they chat for a while. The latter then gets a message to deliver something, and she leaves in a hurry.

In another scene, Jin Ha asks Eun Pyo if she is moving out because of her and apologizes for whatever she may have done. Eun Pyo, as usual, does not reply to Jin Ha and, while leaving, passes Louis. She tells him to forget they had a past and to not interact with her from that point on.

This is followed by a scene when Jun Hi goes to pick up her son from Yun Joo’s place, and they both, along with their husbands, end up going for dinner. Jun Hi seems to have some history with Yun Joo’s husband, though the others seem to be unaware of it. He ends up paying for the entire meal, which makes Jun Hi furious as both of their husbands work in the medical field, and her husband is in a higher position than Yun Joo’s husband, but he did not pay for the meal. We begin to see the cracks in her seemingly perfect life through instances like these.

Later in the night, Eun Pyo and Jun Hi meet again and decide to go drinking. While at the bar, Eun Pyo confesses that she got fired from her job and is not a professor anymore. Jun Hi asks Eun Pyo what she would do if she ran into an ex in her neighborhood, and Eun Pyo tells her that she would be pissed off, which makes both of them laugh. We see their friendship evolving.

They decided to go home and get a taxi. When they get in, Junho notices the driver and recognizes him. After they reach their destination, Eun Pyo gets down, but the taxi drives off before Jun Hi can get down as well. Eun Pyo throws a wine bottle at the taxi to stop him. But this action lands them both in the police station, where Jun Hi claims to not know the driver, even though she clearly does. Eun Pyo knows one of the officers there, which enables them to go scot-free. As they reach their apartments, laughing about it all, Jin Ha sees them and looks jealous.

The next day, Eun Pyo and Jin Ha meet up, and she tells her that their friendship breaking down was due to her inferiority complex, and she wants to move on from it. She doesn’t want to be friends but wants them to not harbor ill feelings towards each other. Saying this, she departs for her son’s school, where a different drama is unfolding.

Jun Hi is having a disagreement with another mother, who is of the opinion that the gifted students’ program is discriminatory and should be abolished. Jun Hi feels that she is doing this only because her son, Jul Pin, is behind, and otherwise, her argument has no real merit.

In the middle of this argument, Eun Pyo is called by Dong Seok’s teacher, where she discovers something interesting. Her son couldn’t answer the MCQs because he was bored, but is otherwise showing exceptional brilliance in the advanced assessments. Turns out, he is a gifted child who could be in the top 0.01% of Korea’s students. “Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 3 ends with this revelation, and we now have to see how this affects Eun Pyo’s decision to move and her place in the community.

‘Green Mothers’ Club’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending 

Episode 4 starts where the drama at school in “Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 3 left off. We see Jin Ha agreeing with Jul Pin’s mother about the discriminatory nature of the education system leading to some very obvious friction between the two women. On the other hand, Eun Pyo is learning more about her son’s abilities and understands that he is quite ahead of his peers but was unable to shine due to his misdiagnosed ADHD. She is truly happy and decides not to move from the area. This makes her mother-in-law very happy, along with the fact that her grandson is in the top 0.01% of Korea’s students.

Yun Joo tries to make amends with Eun Pyo for gossiping about her son, to which the latter asks her to get her in Jun Hi’s meeting. Yun Joo agrees even though she is very surprised. At the meeting, Eun Pyo declares that she believes in the gifted students’ program and that she isn’t going to be moving from there. Later, she asks Jun Hi if their children can participate together in the Rube Goldberg Competition. Jun Hi takes some persuading but agrees, sensing that Eun Pyo has some secret that she is not telling, but her daughter Yu Bin is less than happy with this development. She believes that Dong Seok is not smart and that she is going to lose the competition with him on her team. Eun Pyo reassures Dong Seok that she thinks that way because she doesn’t know him and tells him not to run away.

On the other hand, she goes for a part-time job at a publisher, where she comes to know that she will be working with Louis as he is publishing a book. Part of her job is to interview him for the upcoming promotions, during which he tells her that he wants to better understand his past and how he felt at the loss of his parents. It is only when he does that that his son will understand him more. He also tells her that meeting her in France made him want to reconnect with his Korean roots.

Back to the competition, Dong Seok performs exceptionally well and is hailed as a genius by everyone, which surprises the mothers, and Eun Pyo looks proud. On the day of the final competition, Jin Ha tells Eun Pyo that her son has teamed up with Yun Joo’s daughter, which places their children on opposing teams. Either way, she wants to be friends with her again, at which point, Eun Pyo looks very uncomfortable. Luckily, Jun Hi enters the room and breaks the conversation, asking Eun Pyo for some help.

There is an accident with the materials, and Jul Pin’s mother decides that she wants to be in the competition and asks Eun Pyo’s mother to leave. Though Jun Hi defends her, Eun Pyo decides to compensate and leave the competition. Jun Hi is surprised and tells Eun Pyo that one has to be brave when raising children and cannot be discouraged by such things. She tells Eun Pyo to put that incident behind her and move on with the competition. She also tells her that regardless of the outcome, they should all go out and have a drink.

Lucky for everyone, Dong Seok and Yu Bin win the competition, and all the mothers go out to celebrate. While they are drinking, the topic turns to how they met their husbands. Yun Joo tells the story of how she met her husband at work, but this is met with some uncomfortable silence on Jun Hi’s part, further implicating that she shared some history with her husband. Jin Ha says that she met her husband through Eun Pyo, who then reveals that her husband came into her life during a very dark phase.

When they are done with the alcohol, Jin Ha is very drunk, and it falls upon Eun Pyo to take her home. As she reaches her apartment and she and Louis put her to bed, Jin Ha tells her that she likes her very much and wants to be friends again. She throws up as soon as she says this and passes out. When Eun Pyo goes to the bathroom to clean herself off, she finds Louis waiting for her. She wishes him good night and is about to leave when he grabs her arm. They look at each other intensely, and there is a lot of tension between them. He softly goes in for a kiss, unaware of the fact that Jin Ha has woken up and is looking at them. “Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 4 ends at this moment, and we have to wait till next week to see if the kiss happened.

Final Words

The sum total of the progress of the story is that Eun Pyo’s son is actually brilliant, she and Jun Hi are fast becoming friends and allies, there is a history between Jun Hi and Yun Joo’s husband, and she has some secrets of her own, along with the fact that Eun Pyo’s moral compass is shifting in the wake of her new-found knowledge about her son. This is again, very little story for a combined runtime of over 132 minutes. We have seen in the previous episodes of “Green Mothers’ Club” that Jin Ha carries some dissatisfaction regarding her married life, as she probably feels very disconnected to Louis. Her friendship with Eun Pyo was probably the anchor she was counting on as a support for whatever was going on in her life, and that is what made her so desperate to reconnect with her old friend.

From what we know of the three people’s pasts, it is safe to say that Eun Pyo never wanted her break-up with Louis and still feels some attraction toward him. Whether she acts on it or not is something to be seen. We would also like to understand more about her relationship with her own husband-how they met, how they fell in love, whether he knows her past and whether she ever truly got over what happened in France. Also, we want the details on Jin Ha and Louis’ marriage. How did they end up together when he was dating Eun Pyo? What kind of person is he, and how much does Jin Ha know about his past? These are some of the answers we are looking for.

For now, we like the show so far. It does miss the binge-able quality that shows like Vincenzo and Cheese in the Trap had, but to watch two episodes a week is good enough. However, we hope that they make it more interesting soon enough because the pace of the show right now is relatively slow, and it needs to pick up if it wants to retain its audience.

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