‘Green Mothers’ Club’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Killed Jin Ha?


What happens when you are given the task of exploring a simple concept like “tiger moms” for over 16 hours? You rely on subplots and unnecessary theatrics to fill in the time. Something a lot of K-dramas fail to understand is that you really don’t have to explore every single emotion out there. Some of them can be left for the audience to understand on their own. Especially when you pick a concept that probably has a very niche audience that can connect with the storyline. But even then, what is the excuse for such a slow pace? Had “Green Mothers’ Club” been crisper, we would have liked it better. But there seems to be a need for everyone to have a backstory, for everyone to have some deep, dark secret that could destroy their lives, and everybody’s lives are intertwined together for no apparent reason. The whole “tiger mom” thing is just a blanket to cover the mess, and while this could have been intriguing, it’s just being irritating.

‘Green Mothers’ Club’ Episode 5 Recap And Ending – Match Made In Hell?

The last episode left off with what we thought was Louis and Eun Pyo going in for a kiss. Turns out, it was Louis just asking Eun Pyo not to tell Jin Ha about the book he was writing. Of course, Eun Pyo is flustered, and she agrees before she rushes out. We can’t help but think that Louis knew exactly what he was doing when he got close to Eun Pyo like that.

The next day, Eun Pyo is sitting with the other mothers when one of them asks her if she is preparing Dong Seok for the Geoseong University School for gifted students. They are surprised when they see that she does not know about the school and tell her that she must start preparing him for the entrance tests immediately. They also enquire more about Dong Seok and his studies, but before she can answer, she gets a message from Jin Ha asking to meet her to get her opinion about her work. It is clear to the viewer that Jin Ha has motives other than what she has just told Eun Pyo, but all she tells the latter is that she wants her to write an introduction for her exhibition. Eun Pyo is hesitant but agrees when Jin Ha insists.

At Jun Hi’s end, we see that she wants Yu Bin to team up with Dong Seok again. As she is deliberating over her decision, she gets a call from her son, Young Bin, ‘s school, saying that he has scored lower than the class average. This upsets her greatly, and she screams at her son as to how he could even think of eating lunch when his scores are so low. Just then, she gets a message from Man Su, Young Ju’s husband, which she ignores. She drops off her son at school and texts Man Su to delete her number from his phone.

Coming back to Eun Pyo, her mother has come to meet her when Jin Ha comes to her place for a surprise visit. She looks very happy to meet Eun Pyo’s mother and acts like they have a close relationship. She insists that they all go to lunch together, even though Eun Pyo doesn’t want to, and her mother looks very uncomfortable at this. However, they end up going out, and Jin Ha is extremely sweet to both of them, though it is clear that they are quite thrown off by this. Eun Pyo’s mother admits that she doesn’t remember Jin Ha, even though it looks like they had a very close relationship in the past. We catch glimpses of jealousy on Jin Ha’s part towards the life Eun Pyo has and her relationship with her mother. It looks like her own relationship with her mother was quite turbulent. The audience understands at this point that Jin Ha carries a lot of trauma from her childhood, and it is something that we will see come up in the upcoming episodes.

At the exhibition, Eun Pyo shows up in a stunning white outfit, and everyone looks at her in awe. She talks to some of her old friends and looks relatively happy, but her joy is cut short when she meets Eun Pyo’s uncle, who turns out to be the professor in front of whom Eun Pyo was kneeling, asking for her job back. Jin Ha seems oblivious to their history and asks him to take care of Eun Pyo. It is then revealed that Eun Pyo doesn’t work at the university anymore. Jin Ha says that she was thinking otherwise and apologizes for her slip of the tongue. But all of this is too much for Eun Pyo. She rushes out of the exhibition in embarrassment. As for Jin Ha, she gives the departing Eun Pyo a satisfied look, conveying that she was aware of everything and that this was her plan all along.

The next day, Jun Hi meets up with Man Su and asks him to stop contacting her. Man Su replies that he is worried about her as he thinks she might still be reckless, to which Jun Hi retorts that it is not his job to think about her and leaves. A flashback scene shows Man Su and Jun Hi in the same area, hinting that they might have met, though the actual meeting is not shown.

Back to the present, Jin Ha visits Eun Pyo to apologize again for the last night and tells her that she did not know about her having left her job. Eun Pyo is not buying it this time and tells Jin Ha that she doesn’t believe her. She brings up all the games she has played with her since their school days, obviously distressing her. She mentions how Jin Ha started dating Tae Hun after Eun Pyo told her she liked him. She always used to attend the same art exhibitions as Eun Pyo as a way of screwing her over. She stops herself just in time before she can talk about Louis. She tells her to never contact her again. Jin Ha is visibly upset at this. Later that day, she is visited by her stepmother, and while drinking, she doesn’t hold back from accusing her of getting together with her father less than a month after her mother died. She accuses her of ruining her mother’s memory and goes on to say that she ruined her relationship with her father as well. After she leaves, Jin Ha is still distraught and overdoses on sleeping pills. Luckily, Louis finds her in time and takes her to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. He leaves Henry with Eun Pyo. Jin Ha is treated in the hospital, and her life is saved, after which she discharges herself to return home.

Back there, Eun Pyo has to take Henry back to his place as he can’t sleep without his toy. Louis comes back just then, and they find their kids in Henry’s bed. Looking at them, Eun Pyo asks Louis why he doesn’t want Jin Ha to know about the book. He replies that it would just complicate things further. She hesitates before asking what she has wanted to ask him since forever: why did he leave her for Jin Ha all those years back? But before they can have that conversation, Jin Ha comes back. She asks Eun Pyo why she is in her house and says that maybe she should just jump off the building. Seeing the turn of events, Eun Pyo takes Dong Seok and leaves the house.

However, after that, Jin Ha confronts Louis, accusing him of still being in love with Eun Pyo, which Louis does not deny. She screams and breaks a piece of glass, all the while with Henry sitting in his room, scared of what’s going on. Louis tells her that he has never been in love with her and that life with Jin Ha has been unbearable for him. He leaves to let off some steam.

Jin Ha then calls up Eun Pyo and curses her, but before she can respond, Dong Ju falls down and injures himself. Eun Pyo rushes to him and, with the help of Jun Hi, gets him treated. She tells her that she might be too selfish to be a mother and breaks down. Jun Hi consoles her.

The next day, Jun Hi goes to a hotel room with a duffel bag in hand, seemingly to make a delivery. But she is shocked to see Jin Ha at the other end of the door. Meanwhile, Eun Pyo has ended her friendship with Jin Ha over a text message.

That night, Eun Pyo has a dream where she meets Jin Ha for a cup of coffee. She tells her that she is leaving and asks Eun Pyo if she would like her to disappear. She gets up, puts on her scarf and glasses, and walks away, breaking a glass. This makes Eun Pyo anxious as she is reminded of the time when a glass fell on Jun Hi’s daughter. As she walks out, she sees Jin Ha coming in front of a truck, deliberately committing suicide. She is highly distraught as she wakes up and goes to her window for some fresh air when she sees Jin Ha’s motionless body on the street. “Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 5 ends here, and we are left with questions as to what exactly the story is trying to be.

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‘Green Mothers’ Club’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending – Letters for life?

This episode is a major mess and has a lot to do with the aftermath of Jin Ha’s death. Eun Pyo rushes out to the scene and breaks down next to the body. Jun Hi sees the crime scene from her balcony and immediately starts hiding bags inside the house. As she goes down, she finds Eun Pyo next to the dead body, crying, saying that Jin Ha died because she misunderstood her relationship with Louis. He just wanted her to keep it a secret that she was writing the introduction to his book, but Jin Ha misunderstood the whole thing. Jun Hi consoles Eun Pyo and tells her that she must keep this thing secret from the police. She also tells her not to say anything to the neighbors, as they will definitely make up lies.

By that time, the police had arrived on the scene. Eun Pyo’s husband, Jae Ung, is the officer on site, and he is surprised to see his wife there. He doesn’t suspect her but asks her to come to the police station to give a statement. On the other hand, Young Ju starts deleting her comments from the mom portal when she hears about Jin Ha’s death.

Elsewhere, Man Su is suspicious as he saw Jun Hi and Jin Ha meeting the night before, and he asks her about it. Jun Hi, who was aware that they had a witness, screams at him for the question and asks everyone in the chat room to leave.

Jae Ung is surprised to learn that his wife and Jin Ha were friends in university. He seems to genuinely love and care for her even though he is frequently absent from their lives. Back at home, everybody is drinking alcohol to drown out the events of the night before, while Louis is just walking around aimlessly.

The next day, Eun Pyo and Jun Hi make their way to a meeting for the school for gifted students, but the former is still tense and distraught over the events of the night before. Jun Hi keeps her grounded and focused and later drops her off at her house and asks her to watch her daughter. At home, she finds a note in her mail with the exact words: “I will not forget your wicked deeds, even in death.” This shocks her before she sees that the note is addressed to Jun Hi. Just then, she gets a call from her husband, telling her that Jun Hi was the last person who spoke to Jin Ha before her death. She remembers how Jin Ha had told her to beware of Jun Hi as she had a dark side to her. She asks Jun Hi about the letter, but she tells her to get a grip on herself and that Jin Ha wasn’t the only person to dislike her. Having said that, she walks away, though it is obvious she is affected by the letter.

As the kids prepare for the test, Young Ju tells Eun Pyo that she has never liked Jun Hi much as she seems to have a wicked side to her. The next day, as the kids go in for the test, Eun Pyo is much calmer as she apologizes to Jun Hi and asks her what she and Jin Ha spoke about on the day of her death. Jun Hi is surprised and asks her how she knows this when Eun Pyo reveals that her husband is the investigating officer. Jun Hi is extremely angry at hearing this and tells Eun Pyo to never speak to her again. But she is obviously rattled as she leaves. Later, Eun Pyo goes to talk to Louis about whether Jin Ha committed suicide because she got the wrong idea about them both. Louis tells her that it does not matter as she won’t be coming back now. Eun Pyo leaves, crying in the elevator. But there is good news waiting for her: Dong Seok and Su In have gotten into the school for gifted students. However, Yu Bin has been rejected, and this causes a lot of tension at Jun Hi’s place. As she gets into the elevator, Jae Ung is already there. She tells him, as her way of using Eun Pyo’s weakness, that Jin Ha had told her that her husband was having an affair with one of her old university friends. Just as she says that, the elevator door opens, and Eun Pyo is standing there. “Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 6 ends here.

Final Thoughts- What Is Going On?

As we said before, “Green Mothers’ Club” has taken the garb of the “tiger mom” culture to represent storylines of murder, mystery, childhood insecurities, and unrequited love. To put it simply, we are not enjoying it because it’s dragging out too much. There’s a time to be elusive and a time to reveal facts, and the Green Mother’s Club is not able to hit that balance. And for all of the story, there is very little connection to its title. For now, we want to know more about these people’s pasts and about Eun Pyo’s relationship with her husband. And we need to understand Louis as a character more. The hauntingly disturbed mystery man act is getting old. It’s time for the facts now. We will be waiting for next week’s episodes, hoping to have these questions answered.

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