‘Green Mothers’ Club’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Eun Pyo Clear Her Name?


This week convinced us that what we are getting is different from what we were promised. “Green Mothers’ Club” describes itself as being about “five moms who keep their enemies close and one another closer as the jealousy and secrets unravel their lives.” We really thought it meant a deep dive into the psyche and culture of “tiger moms.” Instead, it has turned into a hot dumpster fire. What this show has done is, instead of offering something new, it has just put the old in a different, very unappealing bottle, and it is really not selling. We are neither impressed nor intrigued, and it is disappointing because this is such a wasted potential of a storyline. Let’s look at the summary of this week before we say more.

Episode 7: Recap And Ending – The Scarlet Letter

Honestly, “Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 7 starts as a classic example of petty jealousies having disastrous consequences. The episode begins where the previous one left off, with Jun Hi telling Jae Ung that Jin Ha was worried about her husband having an affair with one of her old university friends. Just then, the elevator door opens to reveal Eun Pyo waiting outside. We see something click in Jae Ung’s brain when he sees her, and Jun Hi notices that. She excuses herself, satisfied that she has done what she needed to. Later that night, Eun Pyo’s family is celebrating their son getting into the school for gifted students, but Jae Ung’s mood is clouded by suspicions about his wife. He is quite certain that there are things that she is not telling him. Also, the police find out that there might be something between Louis and Eun Pyo after going through some texts on Jin Ha’s computer.

The next morning, Jae Ung and Jun Hi are in the elevator together again when he asks her why she had gone to meet Jin Ha the night before her death with a bag. Jun Hi is flustered but manages to hide it. She makes up a lie about just meeting friends, but Jae Ung is not convinced. Jun Hi is quite rattled at this encounter and retaliates by posting on the mother’s group that Louis and Eun Pyo were having an affair. It is evident that this is just not something being done out of jealousy for her child but is an actual deflection tactic being used to take the attention away from herself.

The comments that follow on the mom’s blog start affecting Eun Pyo, who is still oblivious to it all at this point. As she goes about her day, people stare and sneer at her, leaving her confused. She gets clarity on the situation through Young Ju, who shows her the comments. Eun Pyo is shocked, but she figures out that it is Jun Hi’s doing, as she had confessed to her about Jin Ha’s doubts about them in the previous episode of “Green Mothers’ Club.” She goes to her house and asks her why she would do such a thing to her. Jun Hi deflects it all by saying that Eun Pyo should not live like this and should have some shame. She closes her door while Eun Pyo is still outside. We can see that Jun Hi feels guilty but doesn’t really have a choice.

While Eun Pyo is heartbroken that someone she considered a friend would do this, Jae Ung continues with his investigation and goes to talk to Louis about it. The latter is honest with the inspector and tells him that he was involved with Eun Pyo during their university days, but they are not having an affair now. He goes one step further and tells him that Eun Pyo had asked him why he had broken up with her. He also tells him that Jin Ha was paranoid about it because he and Eun Pyo had started working together.

Jae Ung decides to talk to his wife. He doesn’t believe that she had an affair with Louis but also doesn’t like how she downplayed her friendship with Jin Ha. When he questions her, she doesn’t answer him properly, causing him to get frustrated. Elsewhere, Jun Hi’s husband, Ju Seok, is having drinks with Young Ju’s husband, Man Su, and asks him if the etomidate is ready. The latter looks uncomfortable at this, and it is clear that Ju Seok just wants to make some illegal transactions through him. In another place, Jun Hi meets up with a person who demands that she give him money. He is not convinced by her pleas, asking him to wait till things have cooled down.

Eun Pyo’s life is getting more and more difficult with the mothers shunning her in front of their kids. She corners Jun Hi during kitchen duty and demands to know why she did that. Jun Hi avoids answering and tries to leave the kitchen, but Eun Pyo holds her hand, accidentally causing both of them to fall down, with Jun Hi getting injured. Back at home, both of them cry—Eun Pyo while reading her son a bedtime story and Jun Hi while treating her wound. Betrayals in friendship hurt more than heartbreaks.

The next day, the kids’ homeroom teacher calls all the mothers together for a group therapy session, where Eun Pyo sees an apparition of Jin Ha and gets a panic attack. She tries to tell the others that, despite everything, she still grieves the loss of a friend, but Jun Hi interrupts her, saying that what she must be feeling is guilt. Eun Pyo retorts, asking her what happened between them since she was the last person to meet Jin Ha. She also mentions the letter she received in the mail. Young Mi quips that she saw that meeting and that Jun Hi was also carrying a big bag at the time. When everyone starts demanding the truth from her, she shouts at them that anyone could have sent the letter. That night, Eun Pyo goes through the pictures of her and Jun Hi and wonders what is causing this. They were getting along well, and she had come to value her as someone she could count on. So now, this behavior of hers is heartbreaking.

At the funeral of Jin Ha, the mood is somber, but the rumor of Eun Pyo’s affair with Louis has spread completely, and while Eun Pyo is grieving, she is slapped by Jin Ha’s stepmother and harshly accused of the affair. Eun Pyo does not retaliate, and she is taken out by her husband. In the car, he asks her why she did not defend herself. She finally tells him everything that she has been going through. She tells him that Jin Ha had always taken everything away from her, and when the breakup happened, it was a matter of old patterns repeating, and her pride was hurt. That’s what she had been unable to get over, and that’s why she had asked Louis all these years later why he had dumped her.

Her husband listens to this and silently comforts her. He tells her that, despite everything, she is still the most impressive person he knows. He further adds that she could have done whatever she wanted to but chose to stay back for the sake of her family, and that makes him respect her a lot. Meanwhile, a text chain is going around the mothers’ group that a boy in Class 3 molested a girl. The episode ends here before we get to know more. For “Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 7, we are happy that we finally got to see more of Jae Ung, and we further hope to know and understand the love story between him and Eun Pyo.

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Episode 8: Recap And Ending – Your Downright Lie

“Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 8 can be described as nothing short of a headache. It starts with the gossip running high between the mothers after the scene at the funeral. Jun Hi leverages it hard and fuels the fire against Eun Pyo. She doesn’t directly say that Eun Pyo had an affair, but she insinuates enough, and it is lapped up by everyone around her. Later, Young Ju finds her husband, Man Su, and Jun Hi talking in the parking lot. She doesn’t go to them but is physically sick at the sight. While going back home, Man Su asks her if there is something wrong, but she skirts the issue.

The next day, Jun Hi and Young Ju meet up at the former’s place. Jun Hi asks her why she sent the letter? She had rightly guessed it, and after having used it to her advantage by defaming Eun Pyo, she was now getting to the root of it. Young Ju tells her that she knows that Man Su is her ex-boyfriend. Jun Hi tells her that they dated in the past, but what does that have anything to do with the present? She calls her childish for acting out against something so insignificant. Young Ju tells her that she saw a text from her on her husband’s phone and also saw them in the parking lot together. Jun Hi laughs and tells her that it was her husband who was not over her yet, and that was who she needed to be thinking about. Young Ju leaves the place, obviously distressed.

She meets up with Eun Pyo and asks her why she is letting Jun Hi run her name into the ground this way. Eun Pyo just replies that she doesn’t want to get into meaningless fights and instead wants to focus on her son and her household. The next day, there is a happy scene in the house as she prepares Dong Seok’s lunch for his first day at the school for gifted students. Her husband sees this and is glad about the change. Meanwhile, he gets the news that the police intend to close Jin Ha’s case as suicide and start focusing on another case involving sexual assault. However, Jae Ung is not completely alright with this as he feels that there is something off with Louis’s not being very affected by his wife’s death, contrasting with Jun Hi’s exaggerated statements.

At the school, Dong Seok impresses everyone by successfully completing the task of making a bridge with the least number of sticks possible. He catches the eye of a writer from JBC’s Genius Kids Show. The writer asks Eun Pyo if she would want Dong Seok to be on the show, but she is apprehensive about this kind of fame. She takes the writer’s card and decides to think it over. Later that day, Jun Hi storms into the school as Yu Bin has accused Dong Seok of touching her inappropriately. Apparently, Su In was also there in the classroom at this time, and Jun Hi told her to ask her daughter if she did not believe her. Young Ju does so, but when Su In is asked about this, she just cries, which makes the mother imagine the worst. Jun Hi, on the other hand, wants Dong Seok to be thrown out of the academy immediately.

That night, when Eun Pyo takes Dong Seok to soccer practice, she finds all the moms waiting for her. Eun Pyo is still unaware of what is happening and is shocked when the mothers tell her that their son has molested Yu Bin and Su In. Eun Pyo is too shocked to respond, and the mothers tell her to leave the neighborhood quietly, or they will be taking this to the police. Back at home, Eun Pyo tries to ask Dong Seok about this, and he tells her that he did not do it and is being framed. Eun Pyo, however, does not seem to believe her son and hounds him further for the truth, which results in him breaking down and crying with fear and frustration. This is when Jae Ung steps in and reprimands Eun Pyo, saying she should learn to trust her son in a situation like this. This knocks sense into her, and she thinks of what to do next to clear her son’s name.

However, in Jun Hi’s house, she catches her daughter talking to herself about how she framed Dong Seok in order to get him expelled. She thinks to herself that Su In should be next, so that she can reclaim her spot as number one once again. Jun Hi is horrified at this and confronts her daughter. She tries to tell her that what she did was a horrible thing, but ends up plotting with her to continue the lie, as telling the truth would just make things difficult for all of them. On the other hand, Eun Pyo goes to meet Young Ju to find out more from Su In about what happened. However, Young Ju refuses to let her meet her daughter to prevent her from getting more traumatized. Eun Pyo is hitting several roadblocks, and she and her husband have a talk as to whether they should move, but Eun Pyo refuses to do so without clearing Dong Seok’s name.

The next day, at the academy, Eun Pyo manages to talk to Su In. She inquires as to the color of Dong Seok’s undergarments. Su In hesitates and tells her that it was the red color. Eun Pyo replies that Dong Seok is very particular and wears only blue undergarments. Su In caves in and starts crying. She confesses that Yu Bin made her lie by threatening to tell everyone that her mother worked in a supermarket. Young Ju is shocked and, surprisingly, starts hitting her husband, blaming him for this mess. This is enough for Eun Pyo, and she and Young Ju go to the mothers’ meeting and tell them everything that happened and demand that Jun Hi apologize to Dong Seok. Jun Hi just brings up the affair and says that both of them could be lying together, as Eun Pyo has a history of lying. But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Eun Pyo has had enough. She picks up a glass and splashes the water on Jun Hi’s face, promising to see this through to the end. She also adds that she would kill her if she continued with her lies. And with that, “Green Mothers’ Club” Episode 8 ends.

Final Thoughts – What Is Going On?

This week’s episodes of “Green Mothers’ Club,” just solidified our belief in the “tiger mom” theme being a blanket for a different storyline altogether. We can’t help but question what is going on. Is it a murder mystery? If so, where is the investigation? Is it about the politics between the mothers? Or the pressures the children have to face? If so, why go about it this way?

We have a feeling that the writers of the show are convinced that they did something with the direction the story is taking, but we just feel that it is one hot mess. However, as a saving grace, we at least got to see more of Jae Ung. Now it’s time for Louis’ backstory. And what is Jun Hi’s problem? Upcoming episodes of “Green Mothers’ Club” need to answer these questions fast because they are losing our interest with the way they are going right now.

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