‘Green Snake’ Ending, Explained – Does Blanca Come Back From Asuraville?


Green Snake comes as a sequel to the 2019 Chinese animated movie White Snake. Blanca and Verta are snake sisters who are demons but can take human form. In the first part, Blanca, the white snake- the elder sister- falls in love with a human named Xuan, who is a snake-demon catcher. In this forbidden love story, Xuan and Verta fail to protect Blanca, and she gets trapped under a Pagoda built by Fahai, a monk and the sisters’ nemesis.

‘Green Snake’ Plot Summary

After the battle with monk Fahai, Blanca gets trapped in the Pagoda, and Verta wakes up in what looks like an abandoned city after an apocalypse. The buildings have fallen down; the cars are burned, the sky is dark and filled with smoke. Before Verta could figure anything out, she hears a loud voice and sees a colossal figure approaching her. Sister Sun catches Verta and starts running away before the monster figure reaches her. 

Sun tells Verta that the place is called ‘Asuraville’ and she has been living there for a long time. The Monster almost catches Sun and Verta when a masked man comes out of nowhere and helps rescue them. Sun takes Verta to a safer spot where demons, monsters, humans, and animals from different times and places are hiding. Verta has no idea how she ended up in Asuraville, but she desperately wants to leave. She wants to go back and free her sister from the Pagoda.  

What is Asuraville?

Asuravila is a city formed due to the unfulfilled desires of all beings, be it humans, demons, or monsters. All the beings who are obsessed with something material and do not want to leave the world are trapped in Asuraville. There are many different species in Asuraville like Ox-heads, Horse-heads, Rakshas, Humans, and Other Demons. The Ox-heads and Horseheads have formed an ally against the Rakshas, who have humans and other demons in their group as well. The leader of the Ox-heads wants to kill everyone in Asuraville and close it forever.

No one is living in Asuraville on their own will except for Foxy Boss. She is a businesswoman and runs Precious Jade Workshop in Asuraville. She supplies materials needed to Asuraville residents. The easiest way to get out of Asuraville is to let someone kill you but to die like that means you are dead forever and cannot reincarnate. If you want to leave a bit easier, you can jump in the pool of the fox girl. Once you throw away the material that binds you to your obsession, you can jump in and free yourself. 

Does Verta Cross The Wish Bridge?

After Sun dies, Verta joins Simon’s group. Simon is the leader of the Rakshas. Other group members oppose her presence as they deem her weak and hence a dead weight in the group. Verta is a skilled fighter and proves her worth by defeating a Raksha in a fight. Simon is impressed by her skills and takes her on her first expedition to get supplies from Foxy Boss. They reach the Precious Jade Workshop after crossing hurdles. Verta has a lot of questions, and Foxgirl answers them all.

She shows them the Nirvana pool, and when they’re about to leave, a fire Kaplan storm arises, burning everything. When Simon and Verta return to their base, they find the ox-heads and horse-heads attacking their group. They kill everyone off; only Simon, Verta, and the masked man survive. Simon betrays Verta when she tries to save the masked man from the soul eater. The masked man does not know his obsession nor his identity. They both decide to go Foxy Boss to leave Asuraville. 

The ox-heads attack on the precious jade shop at the same time when a Kaplan storm arises, and before anyone could kill her, Foxy Boss dives into the pool and creates a flood. She helps the masked man and Verta and tells them the secret of the wish bridge. The Foxy Boss leaves them behind on their own for their further journey. 

‘Green Snake’ Ending Explained 

When the ox-heads are about to win the battle, the masked man is revealed as a spy of the ox-heads; their leader rewards him with a higher position. This makes Verta angry and shocked. The masked man is now free to change his face into an ox-head or a horse-head. Instead, he chooses to keep his precious face, that is, of Blanca, Verta’s sister. She had believed that the masked man was her sister, but she was lied to. However, doing this irks the ox leader, and he throws the masked man away from the group. All of these happen before the Foxgirl creates the flood.

After escaping the flood, Verta and the masked man start finding their way to the wish bridge. That’s when a bus comes rushing to them. They board the bus, and the bus driver tells Verta that she needs to win over her obsession first. She enters a portal to fight with Fahai until she defeats him and demolishes the Pagoda. On the other side, in Asuraville, the Ox leader is following them with the mask’s smell. He has heard the secret of the wish bridge and wants to cross it. As Verta and the masked man reach closer to the end of the wish bridge, another Kaplan storm arises, awakening hundreds of soul eaters. 

The ox leader gets caught by the soul eater and starts transforming into one. Ox-head bites the masked man, but he makes sure that Verta crosses the bridge before he’s completely transformed. Verta leaves Asuraville and lands in present-day China. When she’s walking down the street, someone calls out her name to which she turns her head around and exclaims Blanca’s name. The movie ends at this exact moment without showing Blanca’s face.

Such an ending could mean that Blanca somehow managed to leave Asuraville to meet Verta again. Or, the person in Asuraville was never really Blanca. When Verta joins the broken hairpin of Blanca to the bone flute of the masked man, they connect and the hairpin becomes whole again. It confirms that the flute was Blanca’s and the masked man was indeed Blanca herself.  She reincarnated to finally meet Verta again.

Also, in the middle of the end credits scene, the Foxgirl is seen with a mystery box having a cut foxtail inside it, talking about revenge. This confirms that this saga of snake sisters is not over yet.

Green Snake is a 2021 Chinese Animated film directed by Amp Wong. It is based on classic Chinese folktale and is streaming on Netflix.

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