Greyhound (2020) Review – Not all Hands, Bury the Dead.


Greyhound is a 2020 war drama film directed by Aaron Schneider starring Tom Hanks. The unusual treat in the movie Greyhound is that Tom Hanks wrote the screenplay himself, which is adapted from the 1955 novel, The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester.

The film follows the journey of US Navy commander, Ernest Krause (played by Tom Hanks) who is on his first war mission to safeguard a merchant ship convoy, passing through the “Black-Pit” also known as the Mid Atlantic Gap, the area that is void of any aerial support by the US air force.

The journey takes place in early 1943 during the Battle of the Atlantic, a few months after the U.S. officially became a part of World War II. Krause is assigned the command of the destroyer ship USS Kelling codenamed GreyHound and his only duty is to defend the convoy from the constant torpedo attacks by German Submarines which have already drowned a massive number of ships passing through the Black Pit, slaughtering thousands of innocent souls.

Attention to Details

There are some moments in the films that grab you by the collar and compels you to feel the intensity of emotions. Such brilliance is achieved by the commendable attention to detail throughout the film, which portrays the sheer genius of either the director Aarron Schneider or the newly aspiring screenwriter Tom Hanks (chuckles). Some of these details include the slippers gifted to Tom Hanks by his love interest Evelyn and the abrupt sliding of the dead navy man’s body, which deepens the character of Krause and speaks about the storm of conflicting thoughts Krause is going through. This expert approach is visible in the fighting sequences as well, which keeps you invested throughout and you lose the track of time, which is quite exceptional for a war film.

Tom Hanks as Commander Ernest Krause

If there is an actor in the world who has never stopped being charming on-screen and still carrying his ace performance in every film he stars in, then only one peeps up in the minds of cinephiles, and it’s Tom Hanks. He has portrayed the character of Ernest Krause terrifically, as through Hank’s innocent demeanour we are able to read all the thoughts storming inside Krause’s conflicted mind. Krause who wants to marry and spend his life with Evelyn on a tropical island is bound to go on a war mission assigned to him. It is purely evident from Krause’s face that he wants to stay away from war and the slaughter, but is duty-bound. Even Evelyn asks him to join the war, as she speaks

The world has gone crazy, Ernie. Let’s wait until we can be together.

Krause’s unwillingness to go to war is skillfully explored in a lot of scenes, majorly underlining that it’s his first war mission and he is very vulnerable to all the loss of life and property, like the audience watching him. Through Hanks, we suffer the same emotions, Krause is experiencing in the scene, which is an epitome of an accomplished performance.

Krause is surely an outsider to war but he understands human relationships better which is basically the foundation to avoid war and hatred in the world, among men and nations. The same is explored in a scene where two navy men fight on his ship, and Krause tells them,

I will tolerate no more fisticuffs on my ship. So, “Restore the relationships you have damaged and fill me with peace.”

These lines signify Krause’s struggle to find peace in life, and fighting is no good to mankind, which is a very beautiful message the film has tried to put forward through its heart-melting dialogues and scenes, one being in the end where Krause thanks his men for the success of the mission.

Greyhound to Comconvoy. Most grateful for your splendid cooperation. Goodbye and Godspeed.

Krause leaving the ship, inflicts a message to the audience that war makes men monsters, and he doesn’t wish to join this herd, thus, he is leaving this nasty business.

Tom Hanks as the Writer

Tom Hanks has written a splendid screenplay and an exemplary character for himself, which highlights all the virtues needed in a world that is addicted to war and violence. Hanks through Krause has tried to break a notion that war changes men and turns them into something worse. Hanks’ attention to detail and writing engaging scenes throughout the film that explores the character depths and portrays it layer by layer is applaudable. Hank’s 43 years of experience are visible both in his performance and execution of every scene. GreyHound movie is thus a treat for all Tom Hanks’ fans out there.

GreyHound movie is a tight war drama supported by an extremely captivating performance by Tom Hanks. The movie doesn’t let you down for even a single minute and keeps your eyes moist at the end, whose all credits goes to Ace Performer Hanks and talented Director Aaron Schneider. It’s one of the most recommended movies of 2020 and is streaming on Apple TV+.

Mr. Carling, she’s all yours. I will be in my cabin if you need me.

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