‘Guilty Minds’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Can Kashaf Forgive Deepak After Learning the Truth?


The Constitution is the foundation of law, and when it is taken into one’s own hands, there are several flaws that corrupt people love to exploit. A question emerges when an individual does something so heinous that it disrupts the system as a whole and holds everyone accountable at some point. “Guilty Minds” is a 10-part series that follows the journey of two families that are well-known in the practice of law and litigate many lawsuits on behalf of the aggrieved parties who seek their assistance. However, when these families’ secrets come out into the open, situations grow too large for them to handle and their belief system begins to tremble. Their character paired with their principles is called into question. Let’s look at how these dynamics contribute to the development of an intriguing story.

‘Guilty Minds’ Plot Summary: Does Deepak Rana Know Everything About His Firm’s Biggest Client?

Deepak Rana and Kashaf Quaze are lawyers who oppose each other on two different representational fronts in the courts. Deepak Rana is a sharp-thinking and good-looking lawyer who works for Khanna Khanna and Associates, a well-known law firm. Kashaf Quaze is a practicing lawyer, and her father is a revered Judge of Supreme Court of Justice, Delhi.

While both families have offices in Delhi close to the Supreme Court, Deepak and Kashaf frequently disagree in court and argue on opposing sides. Outside of court, Deepak has an unquestionable fondness for Kashaf, which is obvious to everyone who are close to the both of them. Hassan, Justice Quaze’s son, is married and has two children.

Kashaf, his daughter, has a troubled history. Her low, somber demeanor reveals that she carries a burden on her shoulders that she bears alone. Deepak’s best buddy is Kitu Bhalla, and his father is Tejinder Bhalla, a liquor baron and businessman who is the KKA Firm’s most lucrative client.

L.N. Khanna, the senior member with 50 years of legal experience, and his two sons, along with their grandkids, own Khanna Khanna & Associates, a family-based law firm. Deepak Rana is the only outsider, and certain Khanna family members are part of this firm. This includes Shubrat Khanna as well as his sister Shubhangi, who recently graduated from Harvard Law School. Shubhrat holds a grudge towards Deepak and views him as the firm’s ugly duckling, unworthy of the firm’s name, fame, or honor that has been built brick by brick. 

Over time, Shubhangi grows fond of Deepak. Learning of her attraction towards him, he gives in to his passion for Shubhangi whilst slightly inebriated and they both indulge in lustful activities while traveling together for their court cases. Riya Singh, Shubhrat’s lover, is a journalist who is always looking for a good story, no matter who it involves. She shares Shubrat’s jealousy and resentment toward Deepak. When she looks for dirt regarding Deepak, the road abruptly bends, and she arrives at an unexpected location.

Deepak and Kitu are good buddies from Jabalpur, a tiny town in Kashmir. Deepak’s parents are still alive and well in their hometown. Deepak pays a visit now and then, but questions about his friend Chintan’s disappearance remain unanswered. The village is haunted by this occurrence, which is the lone blemish on its history. The case of Kashmir’s missing youngster has reached the Supreme Court for retrial, and Deepak is representing Tejinder Bhalla, the accused.

Justice Quaze, Kashaf’s father, is a member of the panel of judges hearing the case. During the case, Deepak’s aide Abhijeet receives a message from an unknown number stating that things are about to change because something concerning Justice Quaze is about to be revealed. Everyone in the court receives the same message from the same unknown number as Abhijeet in the following few seconds, and everyone starts murmuring. Deepak is going to be caught off guard by fresh facts that he may not be prepared to hear, perhaps endangering his firm’s most important client.

‘Guilty Minds’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Can Kashaf Forgive Deepak For What He Did?

Kashaf, Justice Quaze’s most adored daughter, has still been kept in the dark about a family secret. Kashaf, on the other hand, has a secret of her own that she has kept hidden from her father. As time passes, their worlds meet, exposing painful realities that they must face, and neither of them is prepared for the consequences. Both act in the name of the greater good, based on the mistaken assumption that secrets must be kept hidden for the sake of family honor.

Even though he continues to hold the highest position in the judiciary, forces were working to bring him down. If Tejinder Bhalla was also implicated in this case, he stood a chance to lose practically everything. Tejinder, with his political associate, was making a deal with the local inspector who disagreed with his terms and conditions about the selling of illicit booze in the state when Chintan (the child who died drowning) and his brother Ratan were playing in the yard. We’ll go over the events that resulted from this disagreement.

When Shubrat and Riya try to humiliate Deepak, it works a handful of times. When Shubrat puts it to the partner’s panel for a vote on whether Deepak should be fired because of his hidden collaboration with Kashaf on a particular case, the deciding vote helps Deepak reclaim his status in the firm. But this makes Deepak nervous since he knows he can’t afford to lose Kashaf and her aide, Vandhana. If an issue arises that causes a conflict of interest for Deepak’s firm; he merely has to turn to Kashaf for assistance.

When the “Tejinder Bhalla case” goes back to court for a retrial, anxiety grips Tejinder and Justice Quaze. Justice Quaze’s son bought a certain property based on the outcome of a case he knew about before the verdict was made public, ensuring a massive profit in shares if he acquired it at the correct moment. Justice Quaze and the Chief of the Investigation Bureau had had a specific chat regarding covering up his mess. Someone had created a bogus CD regarding this conversation to use as evidence in court, endangering the entire Bhalla case and discrediting Justice Quaze’s judgment in the case. 

Deepak is a quick-witted attorney who employs innovative strategies to win his cases. A very charming South Indian woman named Parvathy, who works as a private investigator, is a part of his strategy. He hired her to track down that same CD. When Parvathy manages to find the CD and hand it over to him, Shubrat happens to see Parvathy in the office, making him curious about her presence there. He steals the CD from Deepak’s office and gives it to Riya, who broadcasts the recording on the CD on her news channel, allowing everyone to learn something new about Justice Quaze. 

Kashaf discovers the CD is a forgery when her man-servant informs her that the conversation resembles one of Justice Quaze’s lectures given at a collegial event. However, she is unaware that in reality, a dialogue has actually taken place. Justice Quaze wanted to keep this secret so he could defend his son, Hassan, which he regrets when a blackmailer threatens him with murder.

Deepak has a growing suspicion that Tejinder Bhalla is the perpetrator behind the blackmailing of the judge once Kashaf confronts him about it, and Deepak asks Kitu if it is true. Kitu is unaware of such activities yet is unconcerned about the serious ramifications of such behavior. Deepak needs to take matters into his own hands and find the one person who can help him solve this case. The only person left to give witness testimony is Ratan, the brother of Chintan. Deepak eventually locates him in a squalid part of a shanty town.

After locating him, he discovers the truth and resolves to pursue a different path of justice. He turns to Riya because Ratan’s witness statement is important in the case. Riya reluctantly accepts Ratan as a source but agrees that Ratan must speak openly about the true events surrounding his brother’s death. When Ratan tells the truth about his brother’s death, it is revealed that Tejinder Bhalla’s political ally killed the police inspector. As this occurred, both Chintan and Ratan were witnesses to the inspector’s death. After the boys were chased by the political Ally’s men, Ratan found himself overseeing his brother’s fall between the rocks resulting in him drowning to death even though Tejinder’s man was standing over him on the rock and could have saved him. 

Kashaf summons the resolve to confront an uncle who raped her as a youngster demanding he leave the house. In doing so, her father finds out. She believes she can love Deepak with all her heart, as he deserves it, now that she has conquered her worries. But the reality is that Deepak has withheld something from Kashaf as well.

Deepak was the first to learn about the CD, and he used a bot messenger to convey the message to everyone in the courtroom, posing as Scamtrails. We notice he was the only one who didn’t receive it, ultimately hinting to us that he was the one who sent it. To have the upper hand all throughout the case, he never informed Kashaf about the things he knew. Towards the end, Kashaf shuts down emotionally and flees after he confesses it to her post a passionate kiss.

Final Words

“Guilty Minds” is the only show that teaches us that we’re all guilty because of the secrets we keep. Deepak Rana, who is portrayed as a high-ranking, moral figure, is shown to have one weakness, which corresponds to the political concept of sacrificing one to save many. He used consequential reasoning with a bias, which gave him a huge advantage in becoming the best lawyer Delhi has ever seen. Many questions arise after watching this.

What would Kashaf have done differently if she had learned about the CD before anyone else? Would the path of justice have been the same if Deepak hadn’t told her about the CD? We might also wonder what Deepak gave up by telling Kashaf that he was the one who sent the CD-related SMS. Will Tejinder Bhalla be imprisoned? Who will be held responsible for Chintan’s death? What, above all, will Kashaf do? “Guilty Minds” Season 2 will be highly anticipated to get answers to these questions.

“Guilty Minds” is a 2022 Indian Drama series directed by Shefali Bhushan and Jayant Digambar.

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