‘Gullak’ Season 4 Ending Explained: Why Did Aman Run Away From His Home?


Gullak Season 4 continues the series’ storytelling style by having an overarching narrative that’s spread across 5 short episodes, with each episode being centered around a self-contained incident that affects the characters in pivotal ways. The first episode of the show deals with the newly established tradition of bulldozing “illegal” homes and how that’s leading to an increase in bribery. The second episode is about chain-snatching and how women are expected to versus how they should react to such situations. The third episode is about throwing away old stuff from one’s house, and how it’s impossible to do so because of the memories attached to them. And the fourth episode is about teen love. Now, since the Mishra household is quite conservative in nature, they react to Aman’s “extracurricular” activities and blatant lies pretty aggressively and dramatically. When they see that their parental actions have dire consequences, they begin to question themselves. What is the ultimate result of said introspection? Let’s talk about it.

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Why Did Aman Run Away From Home?

The overarching narrative of Gullak Season 4 has been about the “corruption” of Aman’s soul. In the first three episodes, we see him talking to Suryanarayan about acquiring money, illegally or legally. He tries to look manly. He has a falling out with his brother over borrowing his jacket. It’s not until the fourth episode that we get to know that he has been conspiring with Suryanarayan to be the third wheel in a date with Shilpi. Since Shilpi brings Aditi along with her, it ends up being a double date and that boosts Aman’s morale a little too much, thereby leading to yet another fallout with Anand. That’s when Anand reminds Santosh and Shanti, for the umpteenth time, that Aman needs to be reined in because he is starting to become rude, that too at the wrong time and in the wrong place. 

The parents don’t take Anand’s words too seriously and chalk it up to his work-related frustration. However, when Aman misbehaves with Santosh at the market, it becomes clear that Aman’s trajectory is going in the wrong direction. Things get worse when Agyani Ji snitches on Aman by telling Shanti about his date. When Santosh raids Aman and Anand’s joint bedroom, all of Aman’s lies, the love letters he has written on Suryanarayan’s behalf, and the spicy book in his possession are exposed. Aman reacts to all of this by knocking the book out of Santosh’s hands, and Santosh reacts by slapping Aman. Soon after that, via an impromptu visit from Bittu ki Mummy, it’s revealed that Aman has broken the titular “gullak” and left the house for good.

Did Anand Find Aman?

A simple shot of Shanti looking at the aforementioned spicy book, which originally belonged to her and was unearthed during the Indian version of a garage sale, shows that every parent, at a certain point in their life, has gone through the phase that Aman is going through. But they forget about it and then they react in a violent way when they see their children acting like normal teenagers. When Aman tore out Shanti’s name from the book, he probably knew about this fact and that’s why he felt emboldened to act out because his parents had done the same when they were his age. By the time Shanti realizes that too, it’s too late. Anand underscores this fact and even points out that, instead of outraging about his lies and romantic activities, they should’ve focused on his writing skills. 

Santosh and Shanti could’ve given the whole thing a positive spin by urging Aman to be the writer that he dreams of becoming by channeling his expertise in the right direction instead of wasting them on Suryanaryan’s love letters. However, they didn’t do that. Hence, Anand has to go around the town looking for Aman. Eventually, he does find him at a bus stop, almost getting tempted to pick up some bad habits by a homeless dude. Now, Anand convinces Aman to come back home by saying that it’s okay to get slapped by your parents if they regret doing so. He says that it builds character, and that’s why Aman shouldn’t hold a grudge against his father. Since Indians have normalized various kinds of domestic abuse to a dizzying extent, this doesn’t sit right with me. However, I guess many Indians will find this “relatable,” and that’s why the writers have used this reasoning to rebuild the bridge between Aman and his family.

How Was The Issue Between Santosh And Aman Resolved?

The first episode of Gullak Season 4 introduced the idea of demolishing the Mishra household and moving to a lavish apartment. In the fourth episode, Santosh inferred that the reason behind the frequent clashes between Aman and Anand is because they share a very small room together; and Aman should be given the prayer room so that all of them can have some semblance of privacy.

In Gullak Season 4’s ending, Santosh floats the idea that they should sell their house and move to an apartment so that Aman gets the privacy he needs and feels comfortable about opening up to his parents. Then he proceeds to reiterate Anand’s point about not being demotivated by a slap. He says that it was a knee-jerk reaction and Aman shouldn’t see it as Santosh’s way of withdrawing his love and support. Santosh is clearly apologetic about reacting like that and Anand is also sorry about being an all-around idiot all this time. When Anand realizes that everyone has reconciled with each other, he reveals the all-expenses-paid vacation to Goa that he has earned by cracking a great deal with Dr. Preeti Singh. Anand says that he and Aman are going to avail this offer. But Aman says that they have their whole lives ahead of them and they can visit Goa any time they want. So, Santosh and Shanti should go on this trip. They immediately start planning about what they’re going to do in Goa, seemingly forgetting about all the ups and downs they’ve faced so far. Gullak Season 4 comes to a close with Santosh, Shanti, Aman, Anand, Bittu ki Mummy, and Lucky having “gajar ka halwa” (a carrot-based sweet pudding usually served as dessert), thereby signifying that all’s well that ends well.

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