‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Part 2 Theories: Are There Going To Be More Monsters?


Gyeongseong Creature Part 1 ended with Tae Sang’s promise being fulfilled: to find Myeong Ja before the ‘cherry blossoms fall.’ But it is far from the happy ending one could have wanted, and the last three episodes that will be released as Part 2 will show us the fate of the protagonists. Their quest to help the prisoners in the hospital had long stopped being about their personal missions. In fact, finding Myeong Ja was the collateral mission, and this means that everything that the characters do from now on will be for themselves. They don’t have any prisoners to protect anymore, so all of their actions can be for personal safety and feelings, be it revenge or love.

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Are There Going To Be More Monsters?

The scientist has no idea what he has created. He was driven by a mad lust for his experiment, and somehow, he forgot to take into account that no matter how powerful the monster was, there was a long time to go before he could unleash it or depend on its power. Additionally, since he had created the Najin, he should have prepared an antidote as well. But in his own words, he did not want to because the creation needed to be absolute. Essentially, the scientist wasn’t a very smart man.

Myeong Ja seems to be the most likely person to turn into a monster in Gyeongseong Creature Part 2. However, she is pregnant, and we are guessing that the Najin would turn her baby into a monster as well, which would mean that she gives birth to a slew of monsters. The scientist was told to find a way to create more monsters. He hadn’t been successful so far because many of the others were simply dying due to the Najin. But if Myeong Ja turns into a monster capable of giving birth to more, the scientist may try to feed the Najin to more pregnant women. That will put the entire city in danger, and it will truly turn into a patriotic struggle of the Joseon against the Japanese, finally delivering what we were promised in the trailer for the drama. Of course, the other possibility is that Myeong Ja dies, and in her final moments, she reveals the truth about the hospital to Ishikawa, who is forced to stand against his family for revenge. That means that the last few episodes will have some rushed politics. We must also consider the alternative of Tae Sang turning into a monster himself. That would be extremely sad since Chae Ok would find that two of the people she loves the most in the world have suffered a similar fate. But if that happens, perhaps Tae Sang will retain his senses. After all, the monsters have been shown to be capable of doing that. It further leads to the speculation that, in the battle of the monsters, Tae Sang might be the one fighting to protect Joseon while the others are being controlled by the Japanese.

There is a theory that we are considering, though there is no hint of it. What if the scientist himself drinks Najin? It could be in a moment of madness, or perhaps he is forced to do so because of the people he has to answer to. If he retains his sentience, would he be drunk on the power of being the most powerful creature on earth, or would he just seek revenge on everyone around him?

Looking at the events of Gyeongseong Creature Part 1, we are also considering the possibility that one of the protagonists may die in Part 2. Tae Sang has been sustaining injury after injury in Part 1, and he is not in any state to be battling monsters when Part 2 arrives. Imagine being in a dungeon without food or water and suffering blood loss. He is the damsel in distress that Chae Ok has to save. Tae Sang’s motto in Part 1 has been to survive at any cost. He has also said things about wanting to live no matter what happens. This leads us to believe that it is a hint that he is ready to give up his life for the person he loves the most, Chae Ok, or maybe the Independence movement.

What Will Happen In The Personal Lives Of The Protagonists?

If Tae Sang lives, he and Chae Ok will get married and run the Golden House together. If Tae Sang dies, Chae Ok will run it in his place, since we are sure that he would want that. On the other hand, we suspect that Tae Sang’s butler, the old woman, knows something about his mother. Maybe she betrayed her in exchange for her freedom, or something similar happened, which is why she is so insistent that people will choose their lives over others. The secret will be revealed in Gyeongseong Creature Part 2. Jun Taek has some reckoning to do. He was the most ardent supporter of the Independence Movement, but he was also the weakest of the lot. He has a lot to make up for with his friends. Maybe he will come through for the fight in the hospital or save the people at the risk of his own life. Either way, he needs a redemption arc.

Coming to the others, we don’t expect anything other than jail time or death since they are all the villains, who are unfortunately in powerful positions. Maybe in the end, we will see that the scientist is dead, but the experiments are continuing. After all, there are way too many rumors and facts about the Japanese conducting human experiments. The Gyeongseong Creature is likely to be just one of them. Will we be told that they are also dabbling in the occult of some kind to support the result of these experiments?

Essentially, Part 1 was just a long-winded rescue mission. Part 2 is likely going to be the same, with a different subject (Tae Sang). We are not expecting a neat ending. It is all bound to be messy, considering the nature of the plot itself, but we certainly want to be engrossed in the rest of the storytelling. That is what was missing from Part 1, and it should be made up for in Gyeongseong Creature Part 2.

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