‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Season 2 Theories: Is Ho-jae Myeong-ja’s Son?


While Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature might have mixed and divisive reviews, it has surely been a commendable effort in presenting Korean history with a fantastical twist. At its center is the question of who is the real monster—the actual creature who has been forcefully turned, or the human being responsible for such horrible experiments. The test of various bioweapons and experiments on Korean subjects is indeed a true fact from history, and the show finally ends with Korean independence, with the Japanese leaving the country. Along with this historical incident, the show also ends with quite a few teasers and hints for the second season, which Netflix has already confirmed. This short article is an attempt to go over some of the possibilities and developments that we can expect from Gyeongseong Creature season 2.

Spoiler Alert

Is Chae-ok still alive?

Yoon Chae-ok has been quite a beloved protagonist in Gyeongseong Creature, owing to her honest and resolute stance in helping people and also finding her missing mother. As a detective, Chae-ok is quite skilled, but her emotional side of coming to the assistance of anyone in need is what makes her a character to whom the viewers would be sympathetic. A sad ending was perhaps always a big possibility in the K-drama, but when Chae-ok seems to lose her life, it is truly quite an unexpected end. Especially since there had already been a scene, after her assassination of Ichiro, which had created false drama over the fate of the woman, as she seemed to have been shot. While this was only an injury to her head, or perhaps an imaginary scene, the last episode, which shows Chae-ok first injured by Maeda’s goons and then impaled by her mother’s tentacle, is very real.

Chae-ok seems to have died, and Tae-sang also accepts this fate, believing that he will never see his beloved again. However, there is a twist in the tale, as presented right at the end of the episode. Chae-ok’s body seems to have been pulled down inside a water body by the monstrous Seishin, who had realized what she had done in her uncontrollable Najin rage. Thus, Seishin now releases the Najin parasite from her body, ensuring that it enters Chae-ok as an ultimate sacrifice to save her daughter. Since the Najin gives its host the ability to regenerate very quickly, Chae-ok opens her eyes under the water, meaning that she is most definitely alive. However, whether Chae-ok will return in the second season or at least remain a central character is unclear. It is perhaps unlikely because the second season is teased to take place in modern-day Korea. While the setting does seem to wipe out any chance of Chae-ok becoming a central character, she can still be seen making appearances, and the story of her survival might still play some role in the new season’s plot.

Will Tae-sang and Chae-ok reunite?

While Chae-ok’s survival is shrouded in mystery and is revealed as a twist, that of the other protagonist, Jang Tae-sang, is an obvious one. The man comes out of the hospital for the second time, with Chae-ok by his side, and is supposed to board the ferry that would take them away from Gyeongseong. Although Chae-ok argues that only she is wanted by the Japanese authorities, Tae-sang decides to always be by her side, and he also intends to keep Jung-won’s last request to him—to keep his daughter happy and safe. But as things take a very different turn and Tae-sang returns to Gyeongseong City by himself, he gradually tries to bring back normalcy in life, even though the loss of Chae-ok still looms large over him.

Therefore, when Tae-sang spots someone riding a motorcycle similar to Chae-ok on the street outside his pawn shop, it does seem like the man’s wishful fantasy of reuniting with his dead lover. This seems all the more a figment of Tae-sang’s imagination because we are still not made aware of the woman’s survival. Thus, if Gyeongseong Creature season 2 ever returns to the past time period, we might get to see a romantic reunion between the two characters. But based on the general tragic tendencies in the series, it is also very possible that the possibility of any reunion has now passed, with Chae-ok choosing to not return to her beloved, possibly because of the Najin parasite inside her body.

Will we see more of General Kato?

Both General Kato and Lady Maeda ultimately turn out to be the main antagonists in Gyeongseong Creature, and both remain alive at the end of the first season. Maeda’s home is bombed by the Korean freedom fighters upon the wish of Tae-sang, but the woman manages to survive. Even though a side of her body is completely burned and Maeda is also restricted to a wheelchair now, as a result of the incident, she seemingly still maintains her desire to be evil. Kato is seen giving the woman a cup of water, similar to ones he used to put the Najin parasite inside his test subjects’ bodies. This perhaps makes it possible that Maeda might drink the Najin and use it to heal her own injuries.

On the other hand, General Kato does not really face any tough or serious consequences because of his actions and decisions. This, in itself, might be seen as a hint that the man will return in season 2, where he will face the repercussions satisfyingly. But Gyeongseong Creature might also go the more realistic route and let the character remain free, like many villains in history. It is confirmed, though, that Kato will continue his evil and twisted experiments, possibly together with Maeda, and this will, in all probability, serve as the main supernatural plot in season 2 as well.

Who is Ho-jae?

Finally, at the very end of Part 2, in a short mid-credits scene, a young man named Ho-jae is introduced as he looks out of the window towards a modern-day Seoul city. Before this, the man watches a program on TV that summarizes Korea’s history over the past seventy years or more, and this effectively shows the transition in time. The identity of Ho-jae is kept a mystery, but a scar-like mark on his back and neck makes it clear that he has the Najin still living inside him.

Towards the end of season 1, as the Onseong hospital is in flames, General Kato finds the pregnant Myeong-ja in one of the prison cells and decides to conduct one more cruel experiment. He gives birth to the baby, which leads to Myeong-ja’s death, and then makes the newborn baby consume the last Najin parasite that he is carrying. Kato definitely wanted to see how the parasite would react in a human body when inserted right after birth, and if Ho-jae is this very baby grown into a young man, then it seems like the parasite can indeed peacefully exist in a human body. However, Ho-jae will also probably have some resulting powers because of the Najin, and all this will be revealed in season 2. Moreover, the timeline also would be a bit sketchy, since someone born in 1945 will not be as young as Ho-jae is seen to be, unless the Najin has had some effect on his aging, of course.

Another very slight possibility can also be thought of, even though that is definitely a very wishful proposition. If Tae-sang and Chae-ok do manage to reunite, then they might have had a child together, and Ho-jae might be this child. In that case, the young man had the Najin pass through his bloodline, and this is definitely a theory far too stretched. The exact details about Ho-jae and the trouble that will soon appear in Seoul City will all be revealed in Gyeongseong Creature season 2 when it finally arrives in the future.

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