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Bella Thorne’s character Mads suffers from Obsessive love disorder (OLD) in her adventure drama film, Habit. Mads is fanatic about Jesus and wishes to marry the saint one day. As she grows up, her devotion takes the form of toxic love, where Mads tries to find Jesus in every man she likes. Her toxic obsession is an escape to fill the void created by the tragic death of her mother. But if you curiously ask the purpose of all these obsessions and escape, I feel the answer is pretty simple. It is just an extra layer to set a lucrative premise that hardly plays any part in the larger scheme.

Habit is a straightforward narrative about a drug deal gone wrong, and the mob boss hunts down the mishandlers to take “her” revenge. Let’s find out more.

Plot Summary

Mads (Bella Thorne) grows up in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the absence of her mother. Since childhood, Jesus has been her salient companion in thick and thin. Hence, she devoted her life to him, and she hardly has any interest in becoming a nun or serving in the church. Instead, she lives her life pretty wild.

The story begins as Mads loses her sales girl job and moves to the City of Angels, Hollywood, to see her soul sisters, Evie and Addy. They both work in a nightclub and sell drugs to the customers. During her trip to LA, Mads drops by Evie’s dealer, Eric’s house, to pick up a drug package worth 20 grand.

As Mads greets her BFFs and delivers the package, Addy convinces her to work with them in the club. With no other option for her survival, Mads jumps on the crazy ride. However, the following day, a peddler steals their money and drugs package from their house. Mads, Evie, and Addy now owe 20 grand to Eric, just a middle man between the girls and a dangerous drug lord, Queenie. The girls quickly run away and disappear to avoid tragedy. Still, Queenie and her hitman, Tuff, initiate a hunt for revenge, killing everyone on the road ahead.

‘Habit’ Ending Explained

Mads, Evie, and Addy disguised as “sisters of faith” nuns tricked Christian devotees into donating the money to start a convent in Hollywood. Mads believed through donations. They would be able to pay their debts of 20 grand. However, as stupid as it sounds, stupider it was. In short, they had no way out of the mess. Fortunately, they met a wealthy devout Catholic, Maria Ramirez, who gave the sisters shelter inside her luxurious villa. Mads and her BFFs were living a life of luxury, believing one day they would save enough to pay off Queenie.

In the meantime, Queenie and her paid gun, Tuff, killed Eric and abducted Evie. Even in their captivity, Evie fought with valor and injured Queenie and Tuff. She ran away from them, thinking she had killed them, and delivered the same facts to Addy and Mads. They enjoyed their moment of relief and freedom, and Mads perceived it as a rare gift from her man, Jesus. Mads wanted to make use of the clean slate and start afresh, but as she said earlier, “Old Habits Die Hard.

In her escape from Jesus and to deal with the traumatic death of her mother, Mads injects herself with a dose of heroin to forget it all. However, her life is saved by her sister Julie who quickly admits her to the hospital. Mads finally met her creator Lord Jesus in her hallucinating dream, who was not a man but a woman. Mads promised the lord that she would rectify her mistakes and become the kind of person that would make Jesus proud. The sequence acted as an instrument of transformation in Mads’ character.

However, before Mads could commence her journey of rebirth, Queenie and Tuff infiltrated Maria’s house to hunt down the sisters. In combat, Mads dealt with the antagonist in the most gruesome way and thus finally ended their pursuit. Mads parted from Evie and Addy to start fresh as promised to God. Evie and Addy took shelter in Maria’s house. They worked for the church to pay for their wrongdoings of impersonating nuns.

In the end, Mads found out that she was pregnant, and she hadn’t the slightest idea about who the father was. But instead of descending into a pit of despair, Mads looked at the brighter side of things. She believed God might have a purpose for it too, and thus she was off to spread God’s light. Mads obsessiveness with Jesus remained the same, though she overcame the trauma left by her mother’s death.

Habit is a 2021 Drama Film directed by debut director Janell Shirtcliff. It stars Bella Thorne in the lead role.

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