Did Hades Kill Heron In ‘Blood Of Zeus’ Season 2? Character, Explained


The motivations of a lot of characters in Blood of Zeus season 2 were driven by strong emotions like love, and we saw how Hades and even Seraphim wanted to do things for their loved ones. Hades was Zeus’ brother, and I could never imagine that he could harbor such a strong feeling of enmity within him for his own sibling. Hades always felt Zeus and Hera cheated during the election for the ruler of heaven. Hades’ problem was twofold: firstly, he was given the charge of the Underworld, a realm where nobody wanted to go, as even for the gods and demigods, it was a traumatic place to be in. And secondly, being in the Underworld meant that Hades had limited time in the mortal realm, and he couldn’t be with Persephone for a prolonged period of time.

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Hades knew that he was falling for Persephone, and their relationship wouldn’t be easy because of their roles, but he still couldn’t stop himself, and in the end, they both decided to be with each other. Persephone was Hades’ niece, and the latter felt that his brother would bend some rules in his favor so that he could stay with his lover at all times. Hades started spending a lot of time in the mortal realm, and that’s when everybody noticed what he was up to. Zeus finally had to pitch in and make a decision, and that’s when he said that Persephone would be allowed to stay with Hades for a stipulated period of time, and after that, she would have to keep returning back to the mortal realm for fixed tenures. It was extremely painful for Hades, and he felt even more irritated as, being the ruler of the Underworld, he couldn’t even stay with his lover. That’s when Hades hatched a plan in his mind, and he knew that if he was successful, he would be able to get what he always wanted. 

Hades knew that somebody like Seraphim could prove useful for his cause, and that’s when he decided to use him to get what he desired. It was Hades who told Seraphim to eat the Giant, as he knew that after that, he would become invincible and take charge of things. Hades knew the consequences of doing that, but he was probably ready to do anything to be with Persephone. It was not the most righteous thing to do, as Hades was well aware of the kind of impact it would have on the poor soul, and that’s why even Heron felt that gods were more flawed than mortals. It was a shocking thing to accept for any person that a god could act so selfishly, but such was the reality of the world of Blood of Zeus. Hades told Seraphim about the horrifying creature that was, as of then, held captive in the depths of Mount Etna, and it was said that it was more powerful than the Titans and the Giants combined. Hades guided Seraphim, and the latter went into Gaia’s realm to get the Eleusinian stone. Hades’ plan was very simple: he knew that after Zeus, the position of the ruler of gods was vacant and that if somehow he got hold of the stone, he could assume that role and then stay with Persephone forever. He knew that it was the only option he had, and he was ready to cross his own boundaries if it came to that. Seraphim and Heron went against each other, and things didn’t turn out the way Hades would have wanted. Heron got the stone, and he became the ruler of heaven.

At the end of Blood of Zeus, Hades stabbed Heron as the latter told him that he would have to go back to the Underworld as stability, peace, and order needed to be restored in the realm. At that juncture, the thing that crossed my mind was: could Heron have taken any other decision and made things a little better for Hades? Heron had an idea about how much he craved to be with Persephone, and frankly speaking, if we saw the issue independently, I don’t think he was asking for something that was not fair. Hades deserved to be with Persephone, but the fact that the rules of the heavenly realm had to be changed created all the issues. Hades didn’t want to stab Heron; he had nothing against him personally, and I even sensed that he felt a pang in his heart by doing so. But he did what he felt was right, and that angered Gaia even more. Gaia took the name of the beast Typhon, and in season 3 (if there is one), the gods would have to face its wrath. I strongly believe that in season 3, we could witness a reconciliation of sorts between Zeus and Hades, as everybody knew that defeating the beasts without Zeus would be an impossible task. In all probability, the Lord of the Underworld would have to bring Heron back also because the gods need all the help that they can. It would be interesting to see the choices that Hades ends up making and if he is able to prioritize the safety of the realm more than his own personal agendas.

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