‘Happy Ending’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Luna And Mink End Up Together?


Happy Ending revolves around Luna and Mink, who are passionately in love with each other. Their relationship was almost perfect, but there was a secret Luna was hiding from her man. Luna developed a liking for Mink while working at the bar, and she made it quite obvious. Mink gradually started showing interest in her, and they finally hooked up. While Luna enjoyed Mink’s company, when it came to physical intimacy, she was not satisfied, but she failed to be honest about it with Mink. Luna searched for ways to spice up their bedroom activities, and gradually, their relationship became quite messy. So, what went down between Luna and Mink?

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How Did Eve Change The Dynamics Between The Couple? 

On their first anniversary dinner, Luna proposed that they find a third person to sleep with them to spice up their relationship. Mink was a little hesitant at first. He was happy with the way his relationship with Luna was, and he was not sure if he wanted to make any changes to it. Luna was persistent, and Mink finally gave in. The next problem that the couple had to figure out was finding the third person. Searching on the internet was not the most favorable option, but randomly stumbling across someone appropriate also seemed quite impossible. Luna and Mink went to a bar and approached people they liked, but no one was quite ready for the arrangement they were proposing. Eve was at the same bar, but Luna and Mink did not notice her. Luna had a tendency to make flirty eye contact while cycling, and her eyes caught Eve once. She was mesmerized by her beauty, but she had no intention of approaching her.

One morning, when Mink as John Lennon and Luna as Yoko Ono were cycling to their friend’s house, Eve recognized Luna. All three of them were completely in sync, and Eve was exactly the person they were looking for. But before the realization struck Luna and Mink, Eve cycled away. Luna and Mink searched for Eve for hours, and finally, in the middle of the night, Luna came across her profile. Eve agreed to meet them the moment they introduced themselves, and thus, the twist in Happy Ending began. The three of them hopped bars together to become comfortable around each other. Even though Luna was the one who proposed the idea, she seemed rather hesitant. But Eve was not new to the arrangement, and she made sure that they were all equally comfortable.

When Luna, Mink, and Eve got physically intimate, Luna once again faked the climax. While Mink was convinced by the act, Eve knew that Luna was not done yet. Mink fell asleep on the couch, and Luna had an out-of-this-world experience with Eve. She was happy but, at the same time, a little confused. The next morning, they all had breakfast together and ended things on a friendly note. The night did not affect Mink at all. He had a good time, but he was not in any way emotionally affected, but Luna was. The time that she had spent with Eve alone made her wonder if Eve was someone she wanted to get to know better. She constantly felt the urge to text Eve, and she finally did. Luna kept in touch with Eve but without Mink’s knowledge, and that was what complicated their situation. 

Was Luna In Love With Eve?

We find out in Happy Ending that Luna did not stick to just texting. She decided to meet Eve one morning. While she was feeling extremely guilty for going behind Mink’s back, she did not know any other way to handle the situation. Eve kept the conversation casual, but Luna could not keep her mind off the good time they had together. She wanted to experience it once again, but she was afraid of confessing the truth to Eve.

After Luna received a call from Mink, she changed her mind. She left through the front door as soon as Eve went to grab wine from her kitchen. The guilt overwhelmed her, and she decided not to engage anymore. When Luna disclosed what had transpired that night with her friends, they advised her to confess the truth to Mink. They believed he deserved to know, and it could help him figure out what was missing in their relationship. Luna tried to bring up the topic, but she never succeeded. Instead, she once again knocked on Eve’s door. With a bottle of wine in her hand, Luna apologized to Eve for freaking out and leaving without any notice the last time. Eve was initially upset, but after the heartfelt apology, she agreed to give Luna another chance.

Eve realized that Luna was unsatisfied with her relationship with Mink, and she came in search of experiencing the same joy that she did the night they were together. Luna and Eve made out, and Luna once again enjoyed their time together. But before making any decisions, Luna wanted to give her relationship with Mink another chance. She created a romantic atmosphere to make love with Mink. It was going better than before, but the moment Mink was done, Luna expressed disappointment. She complained about how he never cared about her satisfaction and that she had been pretending all along. It was all too sudden for Mink. He wondered why Luna had never told him about it before, and Luna added how he could have taken more initiative as well. The discussion shifted to their arrangement with Eve, and in a moment of rage, Luna confessed that Eve satisfied her better than Mink ever could. This completely broke Mink’s heart, and he left the apartment.

Did Luna And Mink End Up Together?

Luna reached out to Eve after Mink left. She had started to like Eve, and she expressed her feelings for her. Eve felt the same way for Luna, and she was glad that Luna told Mink the truth. After spending the night together, Eve prepared to make breakfast for Luna. Luna wanted her to leave, fearing that Mink would return home. Eve was a little surprised. She had assumed that Mink knew about Luna taking a liking to her, but she realized that Luna did not share that part with her boyfriend. Eve wanted Luna to be honest about what she wanted, and Eve soon figured out that Luna was not looking for a long-term relationship with her. Mink noticed Eve leaving the apartment, and his faith in his relationship with Luna was completely gone. Luna apologized to Mink, realizing she had made a mistake, but it was too late. Mink ended their relationship, and Luna spent the next few days at Bo’s place. She was devastated after the breakup and could not take her mind off how perfect everything once was.

Mink’s friend, Samir, advised Luna to have a word with Mink if she truly wanted to get back with him. He believed Mink was not over Luna, and maybe a conversation could fix their mess. Luna went to the bar where Mink worked and tried to recreate the first time they met. While Mink was initially averse to the idea, he gradually saw Luna making a real effort to win him back. When Mink asked Luna to pick up her stuff from his apartment, she proposed that they give each other another chance. Mink believed that he would always feel insecure in their relationship, and even though Luna suggested they talk through their discomfort, Mink was not up for it. Later, Luna went to Mink’s apartment to grab all the things she had left behind. They barely exchanged words, but they both realized that they still had feelings for one another.

During Happy Ending‘s ending, when Mink went to the washroom, he found Luna’s self-pleasuring device. He hopped on his bicycle and followed Luna to return it to her. The device led to a healthy conversation between Luna and Mink. Mink was interested in learning how he could improve himself as a lover. Mink perhaps realized that since he was still in love with her, it was important to understand what she wanted from him. He gulped down his ego and tried to focus on improving their relationship. Luna, too, learned the importance of speaking up for herself instead of waiting for her partner to figure out her needs. The arrangement with Eve helped them understand what was missing from their lives. But instead of looking for another option, it was all about improving communication and caring about each other’s desires. The ending of Happy Ending suggests that Luna and Mink will be back together, and this time, their relationship will be healthier and a whole lot more spicy.

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Srijoni Rudra
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