‘Harlan Coben’s Shelter’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Bat Lady Dead Or Alive?


Previously, in Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 6, Hannah had confessed her love for Shira, and she had come to know that Shira also reciprocated her feelings. Hannah and Shira had spent the night together when Mickey arrived, and the former had to sneak out of the house. Mickey wanted his father’s body to be exhumed because he had a feeling that Brad was still alive. Even Dylan Shakes had told Mickey that he would find the truth if he exhumed his father’s body, and it made Mickey even more suspicious.

At the end of Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 6, Mrs. Friedman was told that Dylan Shakes was still alive, and she couldn’t stop her tears when she finally met him. Mickey had gone to that club where he had seen Octoface last, and he had fallen into deep trouble. Buddy, the man who was in charge of the girls trapped in the dungeon, caught Mickey and handed him over to Kyle, the boss who was running the entire show. Mickey had somehow managed to escape, though he knew that Ashley was still in their captivity and he needed to act fast if he wanted to save her. So, let’s look back at the events of Episode 7 and see if Mickey, Ema, and Arthur are able to find Ashley.

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What Was Shira Worried About?

Shira was feeling guilty for getting intimate with Hannah, and she didn’t want people to perceive her as a homewrecker. She had come back for her nephew, but because of the distraction caused by the entire Hannah episode, she was not able to take care of him either. Troy had seen the relationship between their parents worsen with every passing day, so much so that now they just couldn’t put up with each other. He had created his own theory, and his thinking was going in an altogether different direction. He thought that Shira was having an affair with his father, as they had been together back in the day. Troy went up to Shira’s house, and he told her upfront to stay away from his family. Shira was taken aback as her worst fears were coming true, and people had started perceiving her as a home wrecker.

Meanwhile, Ken told Troy that Hannah wanted a divorce because things weren’t exactly fine between them. Ken was in a miserable state, and he didn’t know how to get out of that situation or how to convince Hannah not to leave him. In Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 7, Troy found out that it was Hannah who was involved with Shira and not his father. Hannah had come to meet Shira later that night, and Troy, who had been snooping around, had witnessed both of them talking and expressing their towards each other. Shira told Hannah about Troy and how she didn’t want to come between the couple. Hannah pleaded with her to not leave her once again, and she said that in return, she was ready to live with Ken just so that Shira wouldn’t feel the guilt.

Did The Friends Find Ashley?

Ema and Spoon went looking for Mickey, and they found him lying near the water body. They took him to the hospital and came to the conclusion that the bat lady was the only one who could give them some answers and tell them exactly what had happened to Mickey the day before. The bat lady, aka Lizzy Sobek, was having a conversation with Dylan Shakes when the latter asked her to let Mickey be, but she told him upfront that she couldn’t do that. Mickey and his friends were already knee-deep in the mess, and it was too late to take a step back. Lizzy Sobek met Ema and Spoon and told them that she was on Mickey’s team and that she needed them to help their friend out. She told them that she believed that they both were the bravest of them all, and they would need their third partner to go and save Ashley, who was still in Kyle’s captivity.

Ema and Spoon thought that Lizzy was referring to Mickey as their third partner, and they were about to tell her that he was still at the hospital when they saw Rachel arrive out of nowhere. Rachel thought that it was either Ema or Spoon who had asked her to meet there, but they realized that it was the doing of Lizzy Sobek, as she knew that they would require each other’s support. Spoon went inside the club through the air duct while Ema and Rachel waited for him outside. Spoon, as expected, was caught by Buddy’s men, but before he was taken by them, Candy approached him, and he was able to tell her that his friends were waiting outside for him. Candy went and informed Ema and Rachel that they needed to go and save Ashley while she took care of Spoon. The girls managed to enter the VIP area, and they met Buddy there and told him that Ema was Angelica White’s daughter.

Rachel was able to take the code from Buddy’s mobile while pretending to take his picture with Ema. Rachel and Ema were about to enter the room when Buddy arrived, and there was a deadly exchange of blows that ended when Ashley came out from behind and knocked Buddy down. The three girls went out, only to be once again stopped by Kyle, who held a gun to Ema’s head and asked Ashley to go with her buyer, who was also present at the scene and sitting in his car. Just when it felt like Rachel and Ema wouldn’t be able to save Ashley, Mickey arrived in a van out of nowhere, and he hit Kyle. Ashley and Mickey reunited, and both of them were happy and relieved to finally be with each other.

Is Bat Lady dead or alive?

Candy had risked her own life and gone with Spoon to where the man, who worked in the club for Buddy, was taking him. Spoon knew Candy from before, as he had seen her when he used to go to his grandparent’s place. Though they had never talked to each other, they instantly formed a bond and made plans that, when they were free, they would go to the same place where they had seen each other for the first time.

The man took Spoon to the same beach where Mickey had been taken in the previous episode of Harlan Coben’s Shelter. But before he could do anything, Candy attacked him from behind, and in the altercation, she got shot in the belly. Candy couldn’t make it out of there alive, and she died in Spoon’s arms. Spoon came back and reunited with Ema, Mickey, and Rachel. That’s when Octoface also arrived, and Ashley told Mickey that he was on their side. Octoface and his other colleagues started shooting at the security present at the club and asked Mickey and others to take Ashley and escape from there immediately.

Ashley told Mickey that, as much as she wanted to stay with him, she would have to leave. The Abeona group was going to take Ashley to a discreet location where she could make a fresh start, as it was too dangerous for her to stay in Kasselton. Mickey said his goodbyes and told Ashley that one day, he was going to find her no matter what. The Octoface gave a letter to Mickey, which brad had written once, through which he got to know that his father wanted to stop working for Lizzy Sobek and give his time to his family, and that’s when Mickey realized that it was probably Lizzy who had gotten him killed because she didn’t want him to leave.

During Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 7’s ending, Mickey went running to Lizzy’s house and confronted her about the same. Lizzy Sobek was standing in a room where the entire wall was covered with thousands of photographs of children whom the group had rescued over the years. Lizzy told Mickey that she had not killed his father and that he would have to take his legacy forward and rescue others who were in need of help. Just then, Luther, the paramedic with a scar on his face, came from behind and stabbed Lizzy Sobek.

Mickey didn’t know why he wanted to kill him or why he had stabbed the bat lady when she was the one who had rescued him. Also, there was a picture of Spoon on the walls, which meant that he was probably one of the rescued kids, and either he didn’t know about it, or he was intentionally hiding it for some reason. Luther set the house on fire, and Lizzy and Mickey were trapped inside the room. Though we believe that Mickey would somehow manage to come outside the house, we don’t think that the bat lady would make it out alive, considering she had already lost a lot of blood due to being stabbed. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know what Lizzy Sobek wants to tell Mickey about Luther and why he is after his life. Also, it might be possible that Kyle also had a boss above her, who would probably want to take revenge on Mickey and others for ruining his business and exposing his trafficking ring.

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